How To Manage Finances & Live A Healthy Life

by Carol Lee
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Finance management is the most critical aspect of a sustainable life. People of all ages struggle with financial stress and are uncertain about the ways to manage funds. Whether you are someone who just lost a job, has debt on your head, is unable to figure out unexpected expenses, or is a mix of all these factors, the financial crisis is the most common concern for individuals.

Like all other sources of stress, financial worry is taking a toll on our mental and physical health. Not just this, but it also impacts our relationships and quality of life. Being unable to meet expenses is among one critical aspects that can adversely affect our sleeping habits and decrease our energy levels. Furthermore, it can upset and be sheepish or can even break us and our self-esteem. There is also a risk of anxiety and depression in some cases.

How do we ensure Financial Stability?

All we want is to be successful humans. We are ready to grind hard to achieve what we aspire to. We have our responsibilities, such as family. We have to take care of them, meeting their needs. Slowly and steadily it puts a burden on our lifestyle, and we are unaware of the outcome of this. We start thinking so much and adopt certain habits that impact our health, such as drinking, abusing, or even gambling. In some extreme situations, we even think about suicide or moving out to a new place & leave our loved ones behind. No matter how hard life is when managing finances, one thing is for sure there is a solution for every problem.

In this article, we will share some key aspects that will help you to overcome your financial burden and live a sustainable life.

Track your expenses to improve your finance

Being aware of your spending helps you to do some financial planning. If you are unaware of your expenses, then there is a clear possibility that you will run out of money at the start of the month. Better finance management starts with awareness. So, next time you think about finance, draft a list highlighting essential and non-essential expenses such as entertainment, dining, etc. When you have good knowledge about your habits, you can create a strategy to improve them.

Manage Your Savings

In many situations we need money, but, we don’t have any. The reason behind this is not keeping an eye on the savings. We should always be ready for unforeseen circumstances and maintain an emergency fund to use when required. Even a small amount towards savings can protect you from unwanted situations where you have to borrow cash from your loved ones or from financial institutions at a high-interest rate. It is better to start some savings today to strengthen your financial stability if needed.

Develop an Investment Plan

You must have heard about compound and interest in your childhood. Now is the time to practice it. Investment is a productive way to put your money to work and increase your capital. Smart investments enable you to use your money during hard times, such as inflation. You can invest in mutual funds and other government-related schemes from where you get the maximum profit. Investing in multiple segments is a money-management skill that will make your life easier and your money more secure. So, start doing it today as they say “The best for a new beginning is now”.

Generate A Second Source of Income

A second source of income enables you to manage your expenses effectively. Knowing that in this money-driven world, you can’t rely on the primary income to live a sustainable life is important. Generating an additional income allows you to pursue your passion and fulfill your dreams. Moreover, it gives you a sense of freedom to take risks without any fear of failure. It prepares you for the real world since you have something to rely on. There are certain things you can do to generate a second source of income, such as freelance work, affiliate marketing, filling out surveys, or even writing a review. This certainly provides an option to increase your wealth, but it is also true that it requires your efforts.

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Increase Knowledge About Taxes

Understanding taxes is the key aspect of financial management. If you want to take control of spending and investment, you need to be aware of the taxes you pay. Before you get your first paycheck, make sure you have knowledge about the fundamentals of taxes and must be aware of the taxes you pay and the reasons behind them. Similarly, when you accept a new job, see if you are receiving what you have been promised. Also, are you able to pay your taxes without making a hole in your pocket?

Being aware of all the taxes you pay also helps you to know how much money you should invest every month. There are different types of taxes available such as direct and indirect taxes. So, it is better to know about them. In addition, you must see how they are being used for the welfare schemes by the government as well.


Financial management is the art of using money effectively and efficiently. To live a sustainable life, it is significant to manage our finances well. We have to ensure that there is a good balance between expenses and spending. Only by doing this, do we allow ourselves to grow and excel in our careers. Whether someone is looking to manage funds to pursue further education or to buy a new property, having some knowledge of money management will put us in a better position.

The road to better finance management begins with changing our norms. Some of them might be easier compared to others, however, if we are determined and ready for this amendment. We will surely end up managing our finances and make our life sustainable.  

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