How Word Games Improve Your Writing Skills

by Jean Palabrica
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When we write something or look forward to writing, the first thing that strikes our mind is a pen and paper, or we roll our fingers on the keyboard, filling in a blank page either manually or online on the computer screen. It is one of the most critical skills that requires a great understanding of vocabulary, grammar, and spelling. It’s the combustible that drives communication which serves as a structure for society.

We would love to have a vast collection of vocabulary in our depository to be made available whenever required; particularly when we are writing something such as writing nonfiction, original fiction, journaling, article, and so on. Learning new words and remembering them can be strenuous. However, what if we say that there is an entertaining and fun-loving way to do so? You must be delighted. Right? Well, this is possible in today’s time and the solution is Word Games. They play an integral part in improving your writing skill remarkably without even realizing that you are learning something new and something creative.

Today we want to share with you some reasons why we believe online word games can improve your writing skills. Let’s start.

Exciting Way to Learn

Exploring online word games is a perfect way to get entertained and enhance knowledge about new words and most importantly, gain some knowledge about new words. In these days and age, every individual has one or the other gadgets available, such as a personal computer, laptop, mobile phone or even tablet; it is becoming a norm to carry one of them. This makes it easier to access online information easily. There are a plethora of apps available on the internet that can assist in getting a kick-start. Apart from providing an opportunity to expand vocabulary, one key benefit of playing word games is that they make us sharp-witted. Much research demonstrates that those who play brain games are more likely to have good memory power and have a knack for focusing on every detail of any work they are involved in.

Choosing the Right Game

The internet is flooded with thousands of word games, giving you the freedom to choose one that can help you increase your vocabulary or your writing. While it can be an arduous task to explore all and then finalize one. Let us do this for you. Some games which are full of fun and imperative to enhance learning about new words that you can play are Wealth Wordle, Quick Wordz, Wordoku, Third Wave, and many others. Besides this, you can also go for Scrabble. This is an engaging game where people are required to make the longest words.

Improves Spelling

Some word games prove to be a great resource for spelling improvement. One of them is scrabble. The concept of it makes it handier i.e., to form new words to win. You can swiftly and improve spelling through such games that require you to think out of the box and develop both learning words and spelling skills. One thing about word games is that they become more challenging as you move to the next level and it might not be possible to have a complete focus on learning new words and you may feel monotonous. This is the time you can focus on spelling, since an improvement in spelling will overall improve your writing skills.

Improves Intrapersonal and Thinking Skills

Writing requires certain key skills such as sharp memory, pattern understanding, and utmost attention, especially in the case of fiction writing. Online word games are your buddies who help you to develop and improve intrapersonal skills. Once you start playing, you tend to realize that you are remembering words, effortlessly, understanding patterns, can rearrange words in a quick time. You will be familiar with words and this will certainly go a long way in securing your career as a writer. Besides this, writing is a form of art and requires an innovative thought process. It takes a creative mind to build a story

Improves Imagination

Creativity is the ability to make or create new things using skill or imagination. It is requisite for developing innovative ideas, problem-solving, decision making, strategy implementation, and managing other challenges with a clear mind. It makes it more important for people who are working in the field of content management, such as content writers and marketers. Professionals working in corporate sectors are required to come up with creative writing to make an impact on the audience. Playing word games can efficiently improve your creative skills as you learn many new words which can play a key role in your writing. It helps to improve vocabulary and makes you choose an appropriate word or synonym depending on the sentence structure.

Expand Vocabulary to Boost Writing

Writers are considered the face of society as people acquire information from their writing. They have the power to influence people with words. Besides this, they can encourage them to take action and change the way they are living their lives by buying a certain product or service they are promoting with their writing. It is imperative that the content should be of high quality with a good vocabulary and correct grammar. Writers often face criticism for overusing the same word again and again in their writing. Playing word games enables you to create impeccable content since you are exposed to thousands of new words that can be inculcated in the writing.


Word games not just amuse you, but also help to exercise your brain and make your writing impeccable by increasing your vocabulary, improving grammar and reducing spelling errors. These are quite similar to any other physical activity, like you need to train hard to keep your body fit; similarly you need to play more as they stimulate the brain and make it more efficient. Word games involve word recognition, word building and meaning; these are required by both amateur and experienced writers. They keep you entertained and at the same time, make you smarter in the process.

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