The Relation Between Online Gaming & Mental Health

by Carol Lee
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In this modernized world, stress is one of the most common causes of depression, anxiety, and other serious mental health conditions. People living in this century are well versed with its repercussions. It seems tougher to maintain a good work-life balance and spare some time to indulge in something that we love, something that helps us to stay healthy and something to take care of our physical and mental exertion.

There are a plethora of activities that prove valuable to relieve stress and maintain a healthy body and mind. Though, these activities depend on the lifestyle and choices of the people. Many individuals like to explore something creative in their leisure time such as painting, pot making, whereas others pursue meditation, yoga to calm their minds. Besides this, some like to go out and spend time watching movies, partying and so on.

How Online Games Positively Impact People

While all these are key elements of relieving stress, one of the most significant ones is playing online games. The reason behind this is that in this competitive world, people usually don’t get much time to travel from one destination to another. It takes a toll on their bodies as well as their minds. Online games allow you to engage in some activity that leaves a positive impact on your overall development from anywhere at any given time.

According to a survey carried out by Standard University, 60% of people benefit from the above-mentioned notion, they gained immensely and that paved the way for a better lifestyle. Playing digital games, be it on an online portal, mobile app, or on a gaming console, helps to reduce mental pressure and makes people more cheerful and delighted.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways online gaming makes an impact on our minds and bodies.

  • Playing certain digital games such as video games enables the brain to release a substance recognized as dopamine, which cools the body or hormones that act in other parts of the body
  • Keeping a calm mind and coming up with an effective strategy, conquer challenges and gaining victory helps boost self-confidence as well as self-esteem
  • Acquiring the instant rewards given by online games assist to reduce the stress levels and provide instant gratification needed at the particular time
  • Playing online games enables us to make strong relationships with kith and kin and this also helps to keep us calm and delighted
  • Online gaming act as a medium of stress reduction that manages your state of mind and keeps you healthy

Digital Gaming & Stress Reduction

There was a time when people used to believe that exposing kids to online games is not an ideal option, since there is a high chance that they can imitate the actions of the games and can move towards violence. A recent study reveals that there is no link between people who play aggressive games such as video games and skill-based games such as word games. It all depends on the individual. The best games are those that require players to play with freedom rather than being competitive.

Puzzle is one game that helps to manage stress as it acts as a stress-relieving activity and helps to come out of an otherwise arduous day. Players experience relaxation when they solve the puzzle and this helps them to maintain a balance between mind and body.

Online Games Strengthen Creativity

Looking for creative opportunities is a great way to manage stress. Being creative increases dopamine secretions, relieves stress, depression, anxiety, helps manage troublesome conditions, and boosts the immune system. Spending around 45 minutes playing online games results in tremendously reducing the stress hormones and calms you after experiencing a stressful situation.

Any creative work such as designing, crafting or painting helps to focus and engage your mind in one place; this gives calming effects to the brain and body. A study conducted by some nutritional experts shows that practicing creativity is similar to exercise, a balanced diet and a stable work routine. Some of the activities that enable us to feel positive and cultivate a sense of achievement are drawing or painting, dance, story telling, and so on. The more we get in touch with creativity, the better our mental health.

Socialize With Digital Games

Socialization is a key aspect to stave-off stress-related concerns such as depression and anxiety. When we are connected with our loved ones, we are less likely to be downhearted. Playing digital games among groups and communities helps to feel valued and this plays a significant role in managing depression and anxiety. Many online gaming platforms are adding an element to socialize these days, where players can interact with each other and build a community of gamers.

One such example of it is Bingo. In this game, players can now connect with their counterparts in a separate chat room on the website to make the game more fun and entertaining. This proves to be a game breaker technique for game developers as people now recognize it as a social entertainment game.

Build Confidence in Stressful Times

People who struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance due to social apprehension, shyness, or mental health issues usually build a connection with online games as they find it easier and something to relate with. This acts as the first step in their way to come out of their world and face the real one. This makes them feel good,  since this builds their self-esteem and instills confidence which plays a significant role in their success. 

Those who are confident generally overcome all the challenges and barriers. They think positively and never hesitate to accept failures. In contrast, people with low confidence or no confidence often doubt their skills and abilities; this stops them from achieving their goals. To put it simply, confidence is the key to success, be it a professional career or a business.


Considering all the key aspects, without any degree of doubt, it can be deduced that online games are a perfect resource for stress busters and can be beneficial in setting the tone of the individual’s mood. But it entirely depends on people how to maintain equipoise and equilibrium between them so that impairment is minimal gain, and profit is optimum.

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