Key Skills to Learn From Gaming To Boost Career

by Hanna Norris
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Gaming has always been considered a fool’s errand with no scope for learning and enhancing skills. However, in the last decade or so, things have changed. People have slowly and steadily realized the importance of online games in improving their knowledge and enhancing learning. Besides this, a study conducted by Stanford University shows that digital games can help to acquire skills that can prove valuable in your career development. There is strong evidence that suggests some corporate skills such as problem-solving and leadership can be gained effectively through the medium of games.

The increasing popularity of certain games, such as video games, has reached a certain point. We can say that highlighting some key skills in your resume or curriculum vitae can be a great way to acquire a job. It helps you to stand out from the crowd and emerge as a winner. People spend most of their time on smartphones and other electronic devices. It can be seen that video games and other digital games are there to stay for generations to come.

When you look for a job in any company, the first thing that comes into the recruiters mind is if this candidate has the right qualifications and desired skills to complete the job. Decision making and creative thinking are two key aspects on which you are judged in the first place. Playing video games and other skill-based games such as word games helps you to be more creative and proficient. You come across certain challenges that prepare you for the real world. Furthermore, it helps you to be more productive and confident.

Here we are discussing a few examples of skills that you can use to boost your career and take it to new heights.


In the initial days of online games, the play was restricted to a single player. However, with time, the concept of multiplayer games got popular, especially in video games. This has changed the dynamics of the industry as people now either play with their kith and kin or against them. Moreover, they are also connecting with players all across the world to achieve a common goal, which is to acquire success. This inculcates the significance of teamwork in them. Professionals working in corporations are required to be team players. Online games help them to acquire these skills while doing something they enjoy and have fun doing.


Players spend most of their time playing games where they taste both success and failure, while overcoming obstacles. The consistent failure prepares them to change their strategy. To come up with a solution that helps them to move to the next level. In businesses, those professionals are required who can find a solution quickly and effectively. Word games such as puzzles are considered best to develop problem solving skills. They can be beneficial to elevate your skillset and move to the next level in career development. The proverb “Try, Try, Try Again” fits perfectly in this scenario.


A study carried out in 2017 by some researchers suggests that “online games’’ makes a positive impact on gamers ability to perform and enhance leadership qualities. This prepares them to carry out key management responsibilities in a corporation in a professional manner. Like in any other competitive sport, digital multiplayer console games require gamers to step into s senior profiles and guide the team towards success. These games enable them to enhance corporate and leadership skills while developing self-control and patience that affects the people around you.

Strategic Approach

Playing skill-based games such as word games helps your mind to react instantly and bolsters strategic thinking. It enables you to take real time decisions by assessing all the risks and challenges. In the business world, you are required to adapt according to the situation. There are times when you are required to think out of the box and come up with a solution that can be a game changer. Being engaged in word games requires you to be a multi-tasker, since you have to find the correct words and simultaneously keep an eye on the time. It prepares you to be a skilled professional when you enter the corporate world.


One of the key skills required in the corporate world is determination. You will face failure but how you overcome it and achieve success shows how determined you are towards your goal. Playing online games prepares you for the same, when you play these games. You come across many challenges and sometimes have to stay at one level for a long time, to bounce back with more strength. Being optimistic and staying focused on your target helps to make life easier in both cases. Whether you are playing a game or climbing up the success ladder in your career.


Most businesses want employees to be adaptable to manage workload effectively. With the advancement of technology, it is the need of the hour for every business to be more flexible. To make changes in the work model to stay competitive in the market. Playing digital games is a great way to acquire this key skill. You can learn to adapt according to the company’s requirements. It helps to make a successful career with an organization. In other words, being adaptable is a skill you need to keep your business or job alive, particularly in tough times. It’s like, when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade.


The corporate skills you develop through the medium of digital games can help you become a successful entrepreneur or a professional. Maintaining a balance between acquiring skills and working hard is the key to becoming a winner. Taking time to master these skills is something that you should focus on in this ever-increasing competitive world. With every new research, the association between online games and work productivity becomes clearer. Playing games can develop some valuable skills that can take your career to the next level. With more and more people engaging in digital games, it is vital to make the most of this platform at the earliest. Whatever business skills you have mastered or are looking to master, it is important to give it your best shot.

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