Reasons People Love To Play Games

by Max Fragar
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People of all ages play games for several reasons. Some play to kill leisure time and get entertained, whereas others play to create a secondary source of income and earn real money. Everyone has their own reasons to play games and expressing their love for the same. Games have been played for a very long time. They give people a reason to forget their concerns and indulge in joy and happiness. Remember those childhood memories when we used to play games for hours from dusk to dawn? We used to do so because we loved them so much.

While many experts have researched the concerns of possible negative effects of playing games, there is no info regarding the positive effects. We need to think positively and be smart in our choices. What is so special about games, why are we so much into them? There are numerous studies conducted to highlight the reasons for the same, but there is no concrete answer. Through this article, we will analyze some key factors that inspire us to play games especially online.

Let’s see them and understand how games are an integral part of our lives.

  • Novelty keeps life more exciting, adventurous, and engaging. Digital games provide us with an opportunity to do something unique. With over 10 million games available in the market, there are countless options for a gamer to choose for the best gaming experience.
  • The sense of achievement is another key factor that entices us to play online games. We want to succeed and advance in our lives, the interest in understanding the rules and regulations of the games and the desire to be a winner gives us a zest, we need to play.
  • The social component is also in this list. People want to compete and win. They are more likely to throw themselves into a challenge where they are up against their kith and kin. They want to form new connections and interact with other gamers to see how they are achieving success, take some tips, and succeed.
  • Immersion is one more element that gives us a fist to play games. In today’s competitive environment, we hardly get any time to do something we love. We want to escape from the prison of real life and spend some time in the world of reel life. The desire to break stereotypes and stay away from our monotonous work routine sway us to take a break and play games.
  • Determination is another theory that has been found in one of the studies conducted by experts. It says a lot about human behavior. We want accomplishment, independence, and affinity. If these are met, then we feel delighted and full of energy. Accomplishment is something that allows us to focus completely on the game. We come across certain games which are quite challenging and hard but we still want to play them. Independence is met because we have access to games and we play them by choice. Last but not least, affinity is achieved when we communicate with others in a world that is a bit different from our real world.
  • In today’s world, games are designed with high-quality UI/UX designs. The elements of games are something that attracts players. The key elements that engage gamers are enjoyment and pleasure acquired from gaming. We have so much to experience that sometimes, we think of ourselves as one the characters of the game when we play them. One such example is Super Mario Bros where we are so much into the game that we start thinking as we are the ones who have to save the princess.

What Else We Need To Know?

We have discussed many reasons above why people love to play games. But, we also need to discuss why they continue to do so. The need and the desire to come out of the stressful life of the real world play a major role in it. The skill can be acquired later but the will to play and relive the childhood memories should top the list.

A study has revealed that those who play games have better hand-eye coordination, creative thinking, and concentration level. Besides this, recently there has been a trend observed where it has been seen that people are playing games not just for the sake of entertainment but for many other purposes. Despite, receiving objection from our elders, we can say that games help us to learn the real meaning of life which we might not be able to acquire from any book. They not only provide us with entertainment and fun but also allow us to change our world and sometimes look beyond it.

A fascinating thing about digital games is anonymity. They enable us to create a space for ourselves and discover new personalities in a secure environment without anyone identifying us in the actual world. This gives us comfort to express our thoughts and experience the other side of our lives which we might be unaware of or unwilling to explore.


The above list provides details about the inspiration behind playing games. The reasons highlighted above are justifiable. They are mostly needs and desires which games try to fill. However, gaming could be concerning if we explore just one segment of digital games. One must play a variety of games available such as skill-based games, luck-based games, and so on.

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