WW Sprint – Win or Lose, Earn Daily

by Max Fragar
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People say life is a race, if you don’t go fast, you will lose. The fear of failure is one thing that stops us from doing something that we love. We start thinking about the repercussions of failing, how we will face society, and so on. In this fast-paced world, it is significant to stay calm and composed. A strong mindset makes tasks relatively easy and helps to give our best and win in every situation.

Winning is vital to stay motivated and inspired to work towards our goals. During childhood, we always heard from our elders that “we should not worry about winning, and what matters is how we play the contest. Participation is important and not the final result. But the question that arises here is if this is still true in today’s time.

When we compete in any sport, there is a clear possibility of winning or losing. We should be prepared to accept both. Though, our subconscious mind does not allow us to accept defeat gracefully. We believe there is nothing that can replace winning and we should always be a winner. As quoted by Great Vince Lombardi “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”.

We at Wealth Words want to provide you with an opportunity to win in every situation, whether you win or lose, you earn daily. We were looking to come up with a competition with a win-win situation where you should receive rewards for sure. We want you to enjoy, have fun, and get entertained while playing Sprint and have the feeling of a winner. We want you to indulge in the spirit of joy without being concerned if you are able to win or lose. We believe that we can do so and have achieved that with our newly launched tournament, i.e. WW Sprint.

The concept of it is quite simple which is irrespective of the result of the play, “You Win or You Lose, You Earn Money Daily”. Now, you must be wondering how this is possible as every competition has two sides sometimes, either we win or lose. This makes it unique, here you just come, play and win no matter what the result is.

Why Should I Play WW Sprint?

There are many reasons to play WW Sprint. The most significant one is an opportunity to earn daily, whether you win or lose. Let’s dive in to understand more about it and see how it is perfect for your next entertainment.

As the name suggests, WW Sprint is a bit similar to Sprint Race. You are required to play any cash game regularly and maintain a streak. The higher the streak, the higher the amount you win. You can win up to $100. Just like a sprint race, there are some rules and regulations in order to participate and win.

Rules of WW Sprint

  • Play Any Cash Game
  • You win or you lose but you earn daily
  • Play every single day & plan your earnings
  • Levels : Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 | Level 4
  • Play Every Single Day & Move to The Next Level. If You Miss It, We Would Restart The Sprint
  • Once completed your winnings need to be transferred to your Winning Wallet. Click on the button which appears on completion of a level in the dashboard under WW Sprint, if you plan to cash them out.
  • Let’s get started


There are four different levels in WW Sprint each allowing you to get assured earnings. You can play every day, and move to the next level. If you miss a day, restart the sprint.

Level 1

Play Any Cash Game For 10 Days

Earn $8

Level 2

Play Any Cash Game For 20 Days

Earn $20

Level 3

Play Any Cash Game For 30 Days

Earn $40

Level 4

Play Any Cash Game For 60 Days

Earn $100

How To Earn

Step 1

Play Cash Games Daily, Win or Lose, But Earn Daily

Step 2

Play 60 Cash Games For 60 Days & Earn $100

Step 3

Play Every Day, Move To The Next Level, Miss A Day Restart The Sprint

Step 4

Get Your Earnings In The Winning Wallet

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WW Sprint?

WW Sprint is a great way to get assured earnings. All you need to do is play cash games daily, you win or lose but you earn daily. Wait no more play every single day & plan your earnings

How much can I earn with WW Sprint?

You can earn $100 when you participate in the 60-day WW Sprint.

Choose your level & plan your earnings

Level 1 – Play 10 Cash Games for 10 days and Earn $8

Level 2 – Play 20 Cash Games for 20 days and Earn $20

Level 3 – Play 30 Cash Games for 30 days and Earn $40

Level 4 – Play 60 Cash Games for 60 days and Earn $100

What if I miss a day in between while participating in the WW Sprint?

If you miss it, we would restart the sprint.

How can I get my earnings on completion of a milestone in WW Sprint?

To receive your earnings on completion of a milestone, you need to click on the dashboard. Click on WW Sprint, a button will appear. You will have to click on it to move your earnings to the winning wallet. The winnings need to be transferred in 5 days else they will lapse

What should be the age criteria to play this?

 You must be at least 18 years old.

Can I play from anywhere in the world?

Yes, you can play from any corner of the world.


WW Sprint is a unique and exciting way to earn real money. It is an opportunity where “You Win or You Lose, You Earn Daily”. If you are someone looking for a passive source of income without taking any risk, then this one is for you. It allows you to earn a good amount, and that too without taking any stress. You can play it from any corner of the world, be it on your desktop or mobile. It offers a 100% guarantee of winning. Besides this, the most crucial aspect of it is an opportunity to plan your earning. You can play every single day and win daily. So, what are you waiting for? Play Daily. Win Daily. Assured Earning.

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