Introducing Instant Cash Quiz – An Easy Way to Earn Money

by Hanna Norris
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Have you ever thought about what we can do instantaneously? Well, let’s take a look at some of the things we can do swiftly. First, we can order our meal instantly within a few clicks. Second, we can run faster, if we are getting late to catch the train or a bus. Third, we can work at a steady rate to meet deadlines. Fourth, we can take a power nap, if we are sleepy. So, we can do numerous things by managing our time, and completing tasks at a good pace. However, what we can’t do instantly is earn money. In this competitive world, we are required to earn money to meet our needs and that too quickly.

We need money for everything, be it a bill coming due, automobile maintenance and repair, food, or some extra cash to plan a fun activity with our loved ones.

You must have heard or been aware of many things which can help you earn some extra money such as freelancing, affiliate marketing and so on; however, these take time, which unfortunately is something which we don’t have with us in this fast-paced world. These can be a great way to earn extra income in the long term, but these can’t be the right ones to earn money faster.

When it comes to earning quick money, you must be wondering what can be done to earn money with minimal effort. Well, there is one way and it is as easy as a cakewalk. Yes, you heard it right. With our newly introduced Instant Cash Quiz Game, you can earn as much as you can within a few minutes. This game has been crafted with the objective to provide you with an easy opportunity to earn extra money.

Why Play the Instant Cash Quiz Game?

Most of you must be contemplating the need or purpose of playing an Instant Cash Quiz Game. Well, the answer is simple. You need some resources to earn extra bucks and we are providing you the same. It is a thrilling, challenging game where you can use your knowledge and earn big. It is a time-bound game, where you need to choose the right answer from the given options. Get all your answers right & you’ll be rewarded instantly!

Problem-solving skills are not an academic thing; it is something that comes with experience. It is something that we learn when we are thrown into certain situations and have to act wisely to make the right decision. There is no guarantee of success; however, the learning is immense. This is what you can learn while playing the Instant Cash Quiz Game. Here, you will come across questions where you have to use your knowledge and provide the right answer. It prepares you to develop other management skills too that will come handy in your professional career. It is a game of knowledge, learning, and earning.

FAQs (Predict and Win)

How to Participate and Play?

  • You need to sign up through Facebook, Gmail or Email
  • Instant Cash Quiz (IQ) is a time bound game where you need to choose the right answer from the options available
  • Select your response
  • The next question will be displayed
  • Once all the responses are given click on submit
  • The responses should be submitted in the time frame else your entry will be forfeited
  • All responses need to be correct to make winnings

In how much time do I need to answer?

You need to submit your responses within 40 seconds

Is it possible to win real money through Instant Cash Quiz Game?

Yes, the Instant Cash Quiz  has been designed to give players a high chance of winning.

How do I cash out my winnings?

  • Click on the Dashboard My Account will open, click on Cash Out
  • Upload your documents for KYC
  • Once your KYC is approved, you will be intimated
  • Enter your PayPal details (first name, last name & email address) & save
  • The winnings will be transferred to your PayPal account (You can only cash out the funds in your E-wallet & not your tokens)

Is Instant Cash Quiz by Wealth Words legit?

Yes. Wealth Words is an online gaming platform with a reputable track record. They offer 100% fair and secure games to their players across the globe.

What should be the age criteria to play this game?

You must be at least 18 years old.

Can I play from anywhere in the world?

Yes, you can play from any corner of the world.

In case of any doubt or query, whom should I contact?

You can write to us at


Instant Cash Quiz Game is a fun and exciting way to earn money. Playing it is a great form of entertainment. If you are looking for a reliable resource to meet the ever-increasing demand for acquiring money in today’s world, then this game is for you. It enables you to consider earning a secondary income and that too without breaking a sweat. You can play this game from anywhere at any given time. It is easy, amusing, and it offers great chances of winning. Furthermore, it is something that can be played with minimal amounts. So, what are you waiting for? Go and take your gaming experience to the next level.

Keep Answering. Keep Winning.

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