8 Best Word Game Apps to Explore in 2023

by Max Fragar
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Word games are a great source of fun and entertainment. They provide a perfect way to pass time. Besides this, they are also educational and a right resource for self-development. They help kids concentrate on sounds and letters and develop certain skills such as reading and writing. People love playing online word games as they are a perfect combination of fun and vocabulary. Word puzzles offer some mental challenges while testing our critical thinking.

Why we should play Word Games?

In the last few years, one word that has taken the world by storm in the online word game sector is Wordle. This game has gained popularity over night as it registered the maximum number of downloads for the word game apps. While it is true that it is the most recognized word game among players, it is also true to say that there exists a great collection of online word games that one can play. Each one of them has its appeal and audience with some specific rules, but all work towards giving us a way to enhance our knowledge, and skills.

The aim of these word games is to provide you with an opportunity to learn and earn in an entertaining way. Whether you prefer to opt for something traditional such as scribble or are ready to experience something new, they can entertain you for hours. In these days and age, there are a plethora of word game apps that can be downloaded for Android or iOS. What’s more amazing is that some of these are free whereas others are paid. They allow you to connect with your family and friends all across the world.

Let’s take a look at some of the best word game apps that you should download discover in 2023:

Wealth Words

This is an online gaming platform that offers a wide variety of word games such as wealth wordle, wealth wordoku, quick wordz, and much more. The app is available for both Android and iPhone users and can be downloaded without any inconvenience. You just need to register and then start playing. The exciting aspect of this app is that here you get an opportunity to earn real money instantly. Most of the games are time-based, which tests your critical thinking as to how soon you can solve the puzzle. Wealth Words is recognized as the most trusted online portal among players, since thousands of premium members are associated with it. You can cash out the winnings as soon as you reach the threshold amount of $20. So, go ahead and start exploring.


Wordscapes is another exciting online word game. It has been available since 2017. It is quite similar to a crossword puzzle; however there is a difference as there are no clues in it. You are required to connect letters to form words. The objective here is to ensure that the board is filled with correct words, though if the word does not appear on the board then it can be used at a later stage as it becomes a bonus word. The rules are pretty simple and can be easily understood by people of all ages. There may be times when you feel monotonous, but the fun and exciting aspect of this app-based game is that there are some picturesque visuals of nature that ensure a pleasant gaming experience. You can play it without even thinking twice, as this is going to leave you spell bound.


Letterpress is another exciting app-based word game that has been designed with a vision and that is to give a great gaming experience. It is considered as the most competitive online word game where players are required to form words from the available letters on the board. The size of the board is 5×5 block letters and those playing can find as many words as they would want or think about. The rules are quite clear. You are required to make maximum points by playing and the one who achieves this feat is considered a winner immediately. The key aspect of this game is that it provides an opportunity to do some practice before entering the real world.


WordJong is one game which has gained popularity in recent times. In this app game, players are required to solve daily word puzzles. It is somewhat similar to Wordle, which is considered as a revolution in the online word game industry; however, there are challenges that come with it every day. You are required to solve a present day’s word and then can go ahead and play previous days games and try to solve the unsolved ones. The rules are easy to understand and can be learned easily when you start playing. There are also seven distinct zodiac characters with a unique style and challenging levels which you can explore. All you are required to do is just complete challenges as they come and earn gold coins. You can evaluate your chances of winning.


WordConnect is the most loved online app-based word game among players. It has been designed with an objective i.e. to do some brain exercise while learning new words in a fun way. If you are someone who enjoys the excitement of playing classic word games, then this game is for you. The rules are simple, it can be played easily without any challenge. In this, you are required to swipe the letter blocks and build words to collect coins. You have to find certain clues to solve crossword puzzles. With a rating of 4.8 out of 5, it can be said that there is something special about it which you should discover by playing.

Word Collect

WordCollect is an exciting word game designed specifically for online gamers. The concept of this game is easy to understand. Most people prefer to play it on their mobile phones as it provides them with an opportunity to play games from anywhere, anytime. There are multiple levels in it where you start with an easy word and things get harder as you move up. It can be downloaded for free as available for Android and iOS versions. It is similar to wordscapes; however there is always a surprising element in every word game. You can connect letters in any possible direction to form the hidden word. It is something to play for. Just go ahead and start playing. 

Word Yard – Fun with Words!

People who love to play crossword games will surely connect with Word Yard. In this, you are required to place the letters in a crossword-like structure. It is something that can keep anyone interested, be it a kid or an adult. It is an ideal game for travelers as it can be played even in offline mode. This makes it stand apart from other word games. Besides this, there is an option available to skip or remove ads by taking premium subscription and get rewarded too. It can be accessed from the PlayStore and App Store easily. You can discover hidden words, slide your fingers across the letters to form a word. This is something that you have been craving for a long time. So, you must give it a try.


Wordsmyth is a daily word game for people of all genres. It is similar to boggle and crossword. With over 18 years of presence, it promises to provide a peaceful, meditative puzzling experience. The most unique aspect of this game is that there is no time limit, no multiple levels and no ads. The concept is quite crisp and clear where you are required to make a word from the available 9 letters. Since, there is no pressure on time and levels, you can just sit back and take all the time in the world to solve a puzzle. Those who play this game love the concept of dictionary feedback. If you are able to find a word that is not recognized by wordsmyth, you can submit it for approval to be added for future gamers. Another exciting aspect of it is that, it allows you to share your progress with your kith and kin as well as can share it on social media too. So, let’s get started.


This concludes the list of 8 best word games to discover in 2023. Hopefully, this will help you to spend your time wisely and enhance your learning at the same time. If there is anything you want to be added to the above list, feel free to let us know in the comments section. Remember, whether you are looking to play games on your mobile phone, tablet or any other gadget, we offer a variety of online skill-based games that can add some fun and excitement to your monotonous life. 

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