5 Ways to Make $100 A Day With PayPal

by Max Fragar
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Looking for ways to make quick money online is something we always do. After, conducting a study on this topic, we found millions of other people exploring similar opportunities.

When you think about it, it makes sense that in this money-driven world. It is not just essential, but the need of the hour to earn some extra bucks to live a quality life, considering all expenses.

Why PayPal?

Now the question arises, why just PayPal? Well, the answer to it is quite simple. It is one of the most popular and recognized online payment solutions around the world and is currently accessible in over 200 nations. This makes it the first choice of the people. 

Are you ready to make instant money via Paypal? 

Let’s move further and check some of the most effective ways to make $100 daily with Paypal.

Online Gaming

Playing games is a great way to reduce stress and bring some fun into your life. Millions of people play online games to enhance their knowledge and to kill their leisure time. However, there is one more reason to play such games, and that is to earn real money. At present, there is end number of websites and apps available on the internet where you can earn as much as you want. Playing online games every day enables you to make arrangements for a second source of income. It is something that you must consider for a long time. Computer games, such as word games are ideal for making daily income. You get an opportunity to follow your passion and win some bucks.

Freelance Writing

Talk about earning online money. It is significant to mention freelance writing. It is the primary source to earn real money for people not interested in 9 to 5 jobs. Today, many youngsters work as freelancers, since it gives them the liberty to express their thoughts in words and the flexibility to manage work according to their schedule.

It is possible earning $100 a day with writing if you consider it a career and get enough clients. The good thing about this work is you get paid per word, and earn as much as you write.

There are specific levels of freelance writers, amateur to experienced. Writers charge according to their experience. For example, beginners usually charge between $0.10 to $0.30 advanced writers charge between $0.50 to $1. 

Now, if you start earning per word, you can make enough money to meet your expenses. 

Another crucial aspect is that you are no longer required to give interviews or meet your client face to face. You can update your writing portfolio with a rate card on some freelancing websites where clients will review your work and contact you accordingly.

Though it takes some time to establish your name among clients. If you work towards it, you can surely earn $100 a day.

Sell Stuff Online

There is a saying, “Charity begins at home”. If you change it a bit with “Charity begins from place” you can earn something big. When we consider cleaning our home or workplace during festive seasons, we always come up with some unwanted stuff, we no longer use. Now, here is a chance to convert this into an opportunity. You can sell your things on e-commerce websites or apps to make instant money online.

The concept here is quite simple. There are three easy steps involved in money making. Firstly, collect the unwanted stuff from your place, secondly, list the items online for sale, and lastly, sell them to buyers who are looking to buy that stuff.

Some leading selling websites and apps to sell your items are eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and so on. These platforms make payments via PayPal, you can earn money through them.

Though it might not be considered a daily $100 income, it is among one. Besides this, you can also become an affiliate marketer to keep your doors open for regular income.

Online Training/Mentoring

Knowing something is good, but having expertise is great. If you consider yourself an expert in something and have the required education to support your claim, online training is perfect for you.

Several people are engaged in online coaching because they want to excel in their careers. Some professions where you can earn $100 per day are online education, such as crash courses for both students and working professionals. Furthermore, a few trending ones are digital marketing, art and craft, and culinary classes.

While it is true that not every individual requires training, it is also true to say that many do need some coaching before becoming a master of it. There is no denying the fact that people are ready to pay extra for it.

If you consider it a money-making option, a key piece of advice would be to make a youtube channel, start blogging, do podcasts, and engage in networking.

Once you grow your audience, you can earn $100 daily by assisting them in their career development. It is legitimate and quite popular in most parts of the world, go ahead and give it a chance.

Participate in Surveys

Is it possible to make money by giving feedback about products or services? The answer is yes. You may not believe it, but it is true. You can earn money by taking surveys. There are many platforms where you can take surveys and win gift cards, coupons, or even real money.

Branded Surveys are a great way to earn cash. It is also admired by many. You can earn between $3 to $5 for one survey and can easily make $100 daily, this usually doesn’t take much time.

There are different types of surveys available for you to take. For example, some ask you to answer questions related to your hobby, lifestyle, and behavior while others might ask you to watch a video to earn rewards and later convert them into real cash on hand. Most surveys are based on services you have taken recently or are most likely to take from a brand.

With surveys, an important thing to remember is that you need to figure out which ones you would like to take since you don’t want to compromise your data security.


You might think earning money is a tedious task, but it isn’t. There are numerous ways to win real money online. Many people are doing it, and if you believe, you can do it, too. We believe this list of innovative ideas on how to earn $100 a day with PayPal will help you to start your online expedition.

Whether you are a college-going student, a working professional, a housewife, or even a retired person, you can easily make $100 daily with PayPal. Using online platforms, you can change your fortune and earn a good amount while spending quality time in the comfort of your home with your family and friends.

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