10 Smart Ways To Stay Calm During Game

by Jean Palabrica
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In this competitive world, staying calm and focused is the key to success. Whether preparing for the upcoming exams, a sports competition, or a corporate meeting, one thing that motivates you is how you react to the situation. Some people prefer to isolate themselves while others prefer to connect with music, these actions help them to concentrate on their target. While everyone has their way of managing agitation, it is vital to understand which one works best for you.

Let us take a look at some of the ways that can help you to stay calm during the game:

Concentrate on the Present 

We are always in a hurry to jump straight to the outcome without enjoying the present moment. The best approach to overcome your nervousness and give your best shot is to focus on the “current”. Be it an action that you perform instantly or your next move. Make sure that you are ready to stay in the moment and concentrate on how you can achieve success in it. By doing this, you allow yourself to win.

Change the Approach

Sometimes it is better to forget about the rewards. Play games to relax and have some fun, not just to win. Keeping yourself out of the competition enables you to put your best foot forward, and that ultimately results in a win. So, it is advisable to be a player who plays to get entertained, not just win. Another thing to consider is to let yourself indulge in the spirit of the game. Things like these will surely help you to change your attitude toward the game.

Focus On Things You Can Control

One basic rule of the game is to focus on things you can control rather than those not in your hands. To win a game, you don’t need to pay attention to everything. Doing this enables you to build confidence and play the game like a pro. Not just this, but it also gives you a chance to stand out in the crowd. Always remember that those who focus on the things at hand are the ones who succeed.

Learn Quickly From Mistakes

We all try to achieve excellence in any task assigned to us. We tend to avoid mistakes since we see them as a mark of negativity. Being aware and understanding the value of making mistakes helps you to use them to your advantage. Committing mistakes enables you to highlight your key skills. Instead of staying away from your errors, you are learning from them. As Neil Gaiman said, “I hope that you make mistakes, if you are making mistakes, it means you are out there doing something”

Don’t Get Disheartened

In games, you either compete with yourself or your competitors. There is a possibility that they try to distract you, or you might get distracted by certain things. Make sure that you do not fall into such a trap. It is better to keep your mind calm and concentrate on the game. The ideal way to stay focused is to practice it in the first place so that you should be prepared to face the actual match and not bothered by these things.

Always Believe in Yourself. No Matter What Happens.

Self-belief is a vital element of accomplishing a specific task. It is about having confidence in your abilities. It means believing what you are doing and looking to do in the future will yield desired results. When we believe in our capabilities, we are more likely to stay optimistic and committed to our goals. As a result, we are ready to accept our failures and never have any fear of staying behind. It is about changing your attitude from will I be able to do this to I am going to do this, irrespective of the outcome.

Think Positive

There are a plethora of reasons to think positively. A positive mindset helps you remove any stress before you play a game. It helps you to achieve your dreams and objectives, and you enjoy what you do. Furthermore, being happy and thinking positively enhance your confidence and give you the courage to fight it out. Your mind has a firm effect on your body, so when you think positively, your body recuperates accordingly. On the other hand, people with a negative approach are more likely to lack self-esteem and, this results in their downfall. 

Control Your Breathe

When you tend to feel that you are not focused on your goal and need some motivation to stay in a game. It is advisable to take a deep breath, recollect your thoughts, and, then come back more determined and committed than ever. According to a recent study conducted by Stanford University, around 60 percent of people in the world feel stress when put in a challenging situation, yet only 3 percent agree with it. Deep breathing allows your body to relax, helps manage depression and anxiety, and improves the quality of life.

Trust Your Preparation

The mantra of success in the current environment is preparation. It is observed that those who are preparing well are more likely to do well. You should trust your learning and be ready to give your best when put to test. You must realize that you have done what you can. You will remain the same, whatever the outcome of the game. The journey is what should matter to you instead of the destination. So, be ready to grind and make better preparation that can help you produce some positive results. Have faith in yourself that you can win in any situation since you have prepared yourself for it.

Make a Plan

Once you completely understand what you are going to face, you can come up with a step-by-step strategy that can assist you to achieve your objective. One approach that successful people take is back-casting. They think about the goal they are working for and recognize every step; they follow the path and assess how they will achieve success. With this approach, it is easy to be resolute when every step needs to be completed to stay on course. There is no adequate method to achieve success than making a plan and working towards it.


People often when asked about the most vital thing in their life besides money, the answer is always peace. We all want to stay calm and think positively. Both these qualities are required during the game to outsmart our opponents. So, the next time you decide to play a game, you can keep these 10 smart tricks in your mind to get the desired result. Thinking about success and working towards it is two different things. Only those people become successful who are adaptable and ready to accept any challenge thrown at them.

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