Top 10 tips to clear a job interview.

by Carol Lee
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Job interviews are tough to crack. Especially if you are a fresher with no prior experience. But there’s nothing to worry about. After all, there is always a first time. All you need to do is be dedicated and confident in whatever you do. And if you are feeling anxious or nervous before your interview, try diverting your mind. Well, online crossword puzzles can come handy in such situations. It doesn’t only burst your stress but, also enhances your confidence level.


In fact, it even sharpens your vocabulary and communication skills. Isn’t this what you need to ace your job interview? So, try playing these word games online and see how it motivates you to give your best shot at the interview. Already confident? Now, look at these 10 interview tips. It will escalate your confidence a level up and help you land your dream job for sure.

1. Be positive: It is the first and foremost step for cracking an interview. Having a positive attitude is necessary. You should be self-confident. Forget the fact that you need this job. Instead, focus on putting your best foot forward. Thinking about results beforehand can instill fear in you. The fear of rejection. It is not good for your confidence. So, face an interview by putting your all efforts into it. Remember, when you are positive about yourself, it reflects your personality. And that’s what recruiters want from their employee.

2. Get hold of the job requirement: Before proceeding to an interview, make sure you fit in the job requirements. So, go through the job description and analyze the job profile. Do you meet its criteria? Do you have the necessary skills to cater to the needs of that particular organization? Having a thorough understanding of all these aspects will help you have a clear and precise approach during the whole interview process.

3. Present yourself well: Apart from your knowledge and skills, it is the way you present yourself that can help you get your dream job. Remember, the first impression is the last impression. So make sure you are able to portray your skills and talent in the best possible way. It will help the interviewers decide what value you will bring to their organization. And, trust me; it is the best way of getting an edge over your competitors.

4. Go through the probable questions and answers: A little research goes a long way in paving new avenues of success. So, preparing a list of the questions that the interviewer can ask from you is a good idea. You can either search for it on the internet or ask a friend to help you out.

5. Keep your CV real: Portray yourself as you are. And the first step in doing so is creating an honest CV. Never include any false information in it. Remember, the recruiters have years of hiring experience. If there is anything fabricated in your CV, they will find it in seconds. It wouldn’t only tarnish your reputation but spoil your career too.

6. Have an honest approach: It might sound clich√© but honestly still is the best policy. If you don’t know an answer, accept it rather than giving irrelevant or ambiguous answers. Recruiters appreciate candidates who come with an honest approach and have the zeal to learn from scratch.

7. Arguing is a complete no: Make it your life mantra. Never argue with the interviewer. Accept the fact that they have more experience than you. So if they tell you something that you don’t agree with, don’t indulge in the unnecessary argument. Yes, you can put forward your point but only in a light and positive way.

8. Always ask for the feedback: No matter how your interview went, always ask for the feedback. It brings your positive personality out. And gives the recruiters a good impression about you. They feel that you are willing to improve and take corrective measures through the feedback.

9. Don’t have unrealistic expectations: Be it salary or your job position, you won’t touch the peak overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day after all. So, have realistic expectations about everything. Especially when it comes to salary negotiations. Ask what you deserve but don’t go over the top. Remember, a good organization will give you the best package according to your skills and experience. And of course, with time, you can get appraisals. It all depends on your hard work.

10. Follow ethics and be professional: Every company has its specified rules and regulations. So, make sure you follow it if you get the job. Don’t ditch the company after signing up the offer letter. Companies put a lot of effort, time and resources in hiring employees. If you ditch them, they will suffer loss. And in the long run, it will hamper your career too. The world is a small place after all, isn’t it?

These are a few of the many tips that can help you handle your interview like a pro. So, what are you waiting for? Start preparing now. You might get an interview call anytime soon. And for the times when you feel anxious or are tired of all the hard work, play word games online. That’s the only thing you need to uplift your mood. Good luck, folks.

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