Top 7 games that you can play at your workplace.

by Max Fragar
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Workplace boredom is a real thing. We all have been there and felt that. There are times when our productivity hits rock bottom. Maybe because of the constant pressure or the monotonous routine of work. Well, whatever might be the reason it often creates an atmosphere of boredom all around. So, you must find ways to kill boredom and bring back your productive streak. Wondering how can you do that? There are a variety of games to help you out. To start with, you can try to play crossword puzzle game.


Trust me it is one of the best ways of putting boredom to rest. In fact, it is good for your mental stimulation too. Sounds interesting? Well, there are a lot more interesting games you can indulge in. Want to know about them? Here you go.

1. Daymare town series: If you love everything horror and mysterious, this is the game for you. It looks creepy but is fun to play. Designed by Mateusz Skutnik, this game requires the players to find their way out of the town they are trapped in. The horror background score and the creepy artwork are going to give you all the goosebumps and feels. Well, it is the right dose of entertainment to kill boredom at the office.

2. Karoshi Suicide Salaryman: It is a hilarious game for sure. While everyone tries to find ways to live in this world, this game needs you to find ways to kill yourself. Yes, you heard that right. The game requires you to play the character of Karoshi. He is a dissatisfied and angry employee who wants to commit suicide. Sounds weird? But this is where the fun begins. Because you have 50 lives and you need to kill yourself in the most creative ways possible. Try it once. Who knows it might kill your stress for once and for all.

3. Wealth Words: If you love words, Wealth Words is the game for you. I already told you how playing crosswords can help you kill boredom with ease. But you know what’s more amazing? It’s the fact that you can play and win cash at this online crossword puzzle. Yes, all you need to do is grasp the clues and fill in the right answer for each puzzle. Remember all those times when you wanted to quit your job? Well, Wealth Words can help you do that too. Because cash prizes here are as high as $2288. Now, that’s huge.

4. Crash planning: Designed in the form of an Office Excel sheet, you can play this game in front of your boss too. Yes, the game has a clever layout for sure. Nobody would know that you aren’t working but playing. How cool is that? So, start crash planning right way. All you need to do is align boxes with similar color and make them disappear. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

5. Type racer: We are a generation who are always typing. Be it office or anywhere. From making official projects to chatting on Whatsapp, we can never stop typing. So, why not leverage your typing skills for a game? Yes, Type racer is a game that tests your typing speed. It will give you a passage to type. And you need to complete it in the shortest time possible. There are other players who will compete with you in this typing race. Now that’s enough to give you that adrenaline even while sitting in the office.

6. Gold panic: It is another fun puzzle game. Designed in a maze type format, you need to extract gold from a mine and collect it in your cart. For that, you will have to dig your path through the mine. It is a great pass time and real mood uplifter.

7. Trivia machine: How’s your trivia knowledge? An easy of checking it is playing the game Trivia machine. It has a lot of trivia quizzes on a variety of topics ranging from movie music, history etc. It comes with three difficulty levels – elementary, scholar and genius. It’s high time to find your trivia potential while killing boredom at office.

No matter how cliché it sounds but the truth remains the same and that’s “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” You don’t want to be one, right? So, make work fun with these amazing games. Choose the one you love and get going. Don’t forget to share your gaming experience in the comments below. Play hard, work harder.

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