Top 22 Most Popular Online Adult Games of 2021

by Max Fragar
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Are you willing to have some fun? Enjoy by playing the best free online games for adults when you get bored.

You can choose from a variety of online games like puzzles, and more to challenge yourself and have some fun at the same time.

Not only will these games keep you glued to your screens, but they will give your brain much-needed relaxation as well.

And, this is what makes playing these interactive adult games online a great idea!

Mentioned below are 20 of the top fun online games for adults that you will certainly enjoy playing.

Let’s explore and play adult computer games online

1. Wealth Words

Online games for adults

One of the best fun online games for adults, Wealth Words is now compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS.

The game gives the flexibility of answering the puzzle clues and winning real cash rewards if all the filled-in answers are correct.

This online crossword for adults is designed intricately to gratify crossword lovers and is loved by people from around the world.

Not just one, you get a wide range of word mind games to play, all of which offer cash rewards to the players.

It’s because of all these reasons, this real money making game has emerged as one of the most popular interactive games for adults available out there.

Don’t forget to play The Third Wave at Wealth Words!
A guaranteed chance to win, even a single correct clue can makes you winner.

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2. Cribbage

Cribbage is a card game that may not be as well-known among casual players, but fans of the card-playing scene will recognize it instantly. The goal of this two-player game is to get to 121 points by the end of the round through strategic play. 

If you’re playing cribbage physically, you’ll need both a cribbage board to keep track of the score and a deck of cards. Luckily, there are a lot of digital versions of this game if you don’t want to go out and spend money. For example, Cribbage Online hosts a free game that doesn’t require any breaking of the bank to play.

3. Jigsaw puzzle world 

games for adults

The Jigsaw Puzzle World is one of the adult online games.

The game is compatible with the Android operating system. You can select from the option of 9, 25, 100, and 225 piece options of the game.

As a player, you get the option to rotate pieces of the puzzle in any direction you want and make the arrangement as per your liking. Another great feature of this game is that you can upload pictures taken from your device to the game as well.

The game also supports Real-time multi-play. You also have the option to track scores on the leaderboard. Therefore, you can easily keep a record of your achievements and compare them to other players.

4. Solitaire

Who doesn’t like solitaire? That’s right – there’s not a single solitary person! Solitaire is an old card game where you try to sort all the cards in a given deck by their suit, while looking for those four treasured Ace cards that’ll let you win the round.

Like with Cribbage, if you want to play a physical game of Solitaire, you’ll need a 52-card deck. But if you don’t want to get one or fear losing the cards, don’t worry – there are many renditions of this fun puzzle online. 

For example, Solitaire Bliss is a free site that will let you play Classic Solitaire, FreeCell, and even Spider Solitaire. Moreover, the site will sort your cards at the beginning of the round such that a win is guaranteed with the right plays, if you’re looking for that. It’s really the best option for people looking for more convenient ways to play this game.



solitaire bliss

solitaire bliss

5. Jailbreak

jailbreak online adult games

Jailbreak is one of the best Roblox free online adult games worth checking.

This is an exciting game, in which you have the option to either become a cop or a criminal. If you choose to become a criminal, you have to take on the mission of escaping the prison by breaking through it. 

Well, the primary mission for the cop is to catch hold of the prisoner and put him back in jail.

What makes Jailbreak an amazing game is the fact that this free Roblox game also has a number of side missions. Plus, you get an experience quite similar to that of playing -Grand Theft Auto.

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6. Theme Park Tycoon 2

Theme Park Tycoon 2

This one is also a popular Roblox game for adultsIn this interactive adult game, as a player, you get a piece of land in which you have to make your theme park.

A well-organized theme park is expected to attract more visitors. Later, the total amount of revenue that is generated from the visitors is used to expand the park.

There are innumerable challenges and a lot to explore in Theme Park Tycoon 2. 

7. Phantom Forces 

Online games for adults

If you prefer playing FPS games, the Phantom Forces will certainly impress you.

One of the most loved fun online games for adults that involves shooting, you get to experience some great gameplay in Phantom Forces.

Gather rewards by winning and increase your ranking as you kill other players in this fun, interactive game.

Another great thing about Phantom Forces is that you get to pick from a wide range of weapon options, which you can easily improvise during the game. 

Phantom Forces have a wide range of weapons that can be improvised during the game.

In fact, some people even consider it similar to the sensational PUBG game! Won’t you like to try it out?

8. Roll the Ball

Online games for adults

Are you looking for a classic brain puzzle? Wondering which is one of the best free online adult games with a modern twist? If yes, then Roll the Ball is just the option you are looking for.

It is an intriguing game, which makes it one of the best ways to kill time when you have nothing to do.

What you have to do is to slide the tiles to make the way for the ball to the destination.

It is easy to understand the gameplay but at the same time, very tough to become a pro.

With challenging levels exceeding 3000 in number, this thoughtful, and proactive word adult game will improve your thinking ability. Not just this, in this multiplayer game, you will also get the option to win unlimited bonuses and rewards throughout your journey.

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9. Love Poly

Online games for adults

Are you a lover of puzzle games? If yes, then this newly launched classic puzzle game Love Poly is a must-try.

In love poly, you will experience a traditional puzzle game with some great modern features. The gameplay is fairly simple, which means you will have no difficulty in understanding out to play.

This is the reason that it has gone on to become one of the most interesting free online adults games in the market today.

Some of the great things about Love Poly are that there is no time limit; you can take help of hints to solve the game. Plus, there are some wonderful themes and backgrounds and uncountable levels.

Play it whenever you have some free time and you are certainly going to love this interactive adult game. 

10. Block! Hexa Puzzle

Online games for adults

Check out this completely refurbished puzzle game for adults that will remind you of classic games that you used to play in the past.

Say hello to another newly refurbished old-fashioned puzzle game for adults. If you are looking for one of the best puzzle games for Android, then Block! Hexa is just the perfect option.

When you are waiting at the airport or for a doctor’s appointment, you can enjoy the game.

Hexagonal diamonds and jewels have to be used to complete all the rows.

As there has to be quick brainstorming, it should improve spatial intelligence and thinking ability. 

11. Frozen Free Fall

Online games for adults

Are you a diehard Disney fan? If so, Frozen Free Fall is a great option for you. This stunning puzzle-matching game finds its inspiration from the frozen series by Disney.

Here’s how you play the game – match three icy things (at least) to justify the matching idea, and move forward.

There will be a lot of Frozen characters in the game and it is important to deal with various situations. 

There are more than 1000 exciting levels that you can enjoy. You can have fun by earning coins and rewards. 

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12. Unblock me Free

Online games for adults

Another great adventure online adult online game is Unblock Me. It is a classic puzzle game where you have to unblock the market block.

The game is so amazing that you will get addicted to it in no time. The best thing about this simple game is that it has many exciting features that will make you fall in love with it.

Now, you might find the game small, but the great thing is that you get to experience more than 18000 exciting puzzles, with four different modes. The first one is relaxing, then there is the challenging mode, multiplayer mode, and so on. Not just this, the player also gets several hints during the game.

13. Puzzledom

Online games for adults

Are you looking to try a ‘connect the dot’ game for adults that are a little different from the ordinary games? Try Puzzledom. It is one of the best puzzle games available out there for Android users. The best thing about this game is that it can easily transform your monotonous life into an exciting one.

What you have to do is to connect the dots of the same color. The free kids and adult game online is based on the total number of dots, you get a bonus.

Here, you can find various other features of the game. Enjoy more than 8000 exciting levels in this multiplayer logic puzzle games for adults online.

The simple and heartwarming art design is used to create the background. An exciting soundtrack will certainly appeal to you.

14. Bounce and Bang

Online games for adults

If you are looking for a shooting game with a unique concept, then Bounce and Bang is just the game you need to check out.

If you are too stressed with your work, take a break and play this simple game. It is not just a fun online game for adults, it can be played by anyone.

You can anytime join the savior league to save the unfortunate villagers from the doom.

Make sure you help them get their land, resources, and people back. Having gorgeous graphics, there are many in-game features. 

Use the canon to shoot cannonballs, destroy the enemy’s infrastructure and do a lot more. But you have to cleverly use your mind to become successful. Aim to get gold coins and star rated wins for a good win.

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15. Triple Town

Online games for adults

One of the rarest free grown-up puzzle-based city building games is Triple Town.

This tricky game is full of adventure where you will have to build your city to get a good score. An easy and simple game interface has smooth gameplay. 

The logic building puzzle game allows you to build your desired city in its various levels.

By making a one-time in-game purchase, you can enjoy unlimited turns. Plus, there are various gameplay modes like time attack, race against the clock, and more.

Things like daily events, occasional prizes and a lot more make it highly interactive, and as a user, you keep coming back to claim your prizes.

16. Doodle God

Online games for adults

Doodle God is an amazing free online  adult game where you have to match elements and combine them to create new words.

To start, you get some basic elements. You need to try different combinations with these basic words to figure out which elements come together to build new ones.

Using these new elements you can continue further in the interactive puzzle games for adults. The key is to keep mixing new elements with the basic ones and continue to progress.

With more than 115 combinations approximately, it becomes important for you to bring your creative side out to succeed in this game.

You can always check the progress you have made in the game by going to the inventory. Plus, in case you get stuck somewhere in the game, you can always resort to the hint tool.

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17. Super Stacker 2

Online games for adults

Everyone’s favorite adult games online are now back with the new version.

Get ready to challenge the stacking skills you have with 40 new levels and 4 difficulty levels.

Play with shapes to build the tallest stack, and have all the fun you want!

Make strong squares, mischievous circles, and tricky triangles. Look for corners that are sharp. Start a complete building by making it symmetrical, inline shape.

The ultimate goal of every player in this game is to complete different levels by building towers using the shapes provided.

When you start playing, you have to choose the difficulty level. Initially, easy stacks are available. The rest get unlocked by playing the game and completing the levels. 

18. Monument valley

Online games for adults

Monument Valley is a puzzle mind game for adults where you help the character reach the destination.

Having surreal exploration, amazing architecture, and unique geometry, it gives a beautiful experience altogether. 

Inspired by minimalist 3D design, optical illusion and palaces across the globe are unique in these online puzzles for adults.

To help the character explore more, as a player you need to drag, reform, and sometimes even twist the world.

19. NEO Scavenger

Online games for adults

Want to play a super adventurous, action-packed internet scavenger hunt for adults? Try New Scavenger.

This is a free grown-up game in which you have to survive in the wasteland and identify who you are.

As a player, you need to decide at every turn the direction in which you have to move forward and find ways to hunt for your supplies. As time passes, you notice that the pit continues to grow, with your muscles getting tired because of dehydration in these free computer games for adults.

A key thing to remember here is to carefully identify the abilities at the starting. You are certainly going to enjoy the realistic environment and the atmosphere that this game offers overall.

20. Word Type Go

Online games for adults

Want to test how fast you can write? This game will help you become a pro at typing. One of the fun, easy, and interesting free adult games to play, you are surely going to love it.

To play this game, you have to just type the word that comes on your screen before it manages to touch the bottom of the screen.

There are two-Time & Survival Mode. All you need is focus and concentration in this online brain puzzles for adults.

If you enjoy free word puzzle games and have been searching for a game to enhance your vocabulary, then go for Word Type Go. We can say with complete confidence that you are going to love this amazing, fun game!

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21. Colorfy

Online games for adults

A complete free coloring by numbers game for adults, Colorfy is simply a great option for you to try. Start having endless fun with Colorfy –the adult coloring book that’s designed just for you. Mandala pictures, flowers, animals, and various other patterns, the game has it all!

Add some colors to your day and relish the time. Colorfy is a mandala coloring book game that has helped millions relax their mind.

Want to know what’s the best part of this adult coloring game? Well, it’s the option to color pages online as well as offline. So, are you up for have fun with this amazing color therapy for free?

22. Brilliant

Online games for adults

Brilliant is a problem-solving game for adults online that creates an inspiring, interactive learning experience.

This award-winning game is specially designed for professionals such as teachers, researchers, and everyone else who enjoys math, science, and computer science.

Whether you wish to hone your quantitative skills, amplify your knowledge of science and technology or become a smart individual, these free math games for adults online help you grow into a curious and ambitious person.

With these free online physics games for adults, you also get to explore the free course library, which is equally entertaining and educational. Not just for beginners, but there are materials available for intermediate and advanced topics for professionals.

In short, these online game types are the best way to improve your thinking ability unconventionally.

So, there you have it – our list of best online games for adults that you must try!

Ever wondered what’s the reason for mobile games gaining so much popularity over the recent few years? 

You can find several of these games in the App Store and Google Play Store. I am sure that you would have never given serious thought as to why we play these games?

Before answer this question, I would like to tell you that I’m a passionate gamer who enjoys solving complex online crosswords for adults.

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Free games for adults – Words Games

You may already know why you are addicted to your game but I’m here to tell you why I’m so engrossed in online word games.

1) Portability-Play anywhere anytime

money making games for adults

A big reason behind the popularity of these online word games is their easy accessibility.

Everyone uses a smartphone in today’s world. No matter what age group, anyone can play the game at any point in time, without any difficulty no matter where they are. What else could you have asked for?

I simply love Wealth Words. That’s because my grandfather loves to play it and I have him enjoying this game so much. I asked him, is this interesting?

He said, very much. That was the time I came to realize that it is a game designed for everyone, and not only for young people.

From that day onward till today, my grandfather plays the game not just once or twice, but more than 5 times a day. He has won plenty of cash rewards as well. It won’t surprise me to find out if he has won more than me.

2) No download-simply play

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Every time you download a game from App Store or Google play store, it occupies your phone’s space.

However, with Wealth Word adult online games it’s not the case. Whenever you feel like playing the game, simply type “Wealth Words” and click on

Once you are there, all you have to do is just tap crosswords on the website, and register. Pick the game you want to play and that’s about it!

3) Easy gameplay

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There are several games out there, which stress your mind instead of relaxing it. That’s because you have to brainstorm to understand them. With Wealth Words you don’t have to face any such scenario.

The gameplay is easy, you don’t have to break a sweat to understand the games. Just read the cues provided and you can become a pro at it.

What can be as simple as this?

The developers are always focused on building something that can be played on the go so that they don’t take much of your time.

Wealth Words is one such game. Even at times when you are in a rush, you can simply put the game on pause and play it whenever you have time.

What else can you ask for?

4) Free games are always fun

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Online word game for adults is free. That’s just one more reason to be completely involved in the game.

I can say I’m completely hooked up in a game because there’s so much going on. You can find a plethora of paid games, but my first love is always free online words games!

I don’t think there will be anyone who does not like playing free online games and get a chance to win money at the same time.

Did you ever think that you can have fun playing games online, and win cash in return?

Well if not, then now is your time to play adult computer games and win cash rewards today with online crosswords for adults.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with these free adult online games, and see for yourself!


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