Top 5 Online Games to Play at Home

by Max Fragar
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In the past decade, online gaming industry has acquired huge popularity.

This boost has mainly been driven by the increase in the number of mobile users and their craze for online games, which includes novices as well as experienced players.

If you are also an online game lover and looking for games that will provide you with thrills and spills, and also let you make some money, then you must check the list below.

We have jotted down the best five online games that can let you earn some extra bucks! 

1) Wealth words

Crosswords have really been revitalized over the past few years. Wealth Words is a full entertainment package for all those who love to play crosswords.

The game is available in three different categories: crosswords, story & poem (you can play either on desktop or app), so you won’t have to buy a newspaper and send off your answers. The clues are set by the best crossword constructors and are interesting to solve.

The game is played by thousands of players across the globe. Solve the latest puzzles daily and get to earn real money online.

Discover everything you need to know about how to play Wealth Words through this video. 


2) Online Blackjack

At the turn of the millennium, a group of savvy entrepreneurs were working on technology that would revolutionize the world of gambling.

The British government was busy formulating plans to turn a number of English cities into mini-Vegas’.

Those aforementioned savvy entrepreneurs paid to the government plans by bringing the glitz, glamour, and revenues of Las Vegas to the internet.

Now in 2020 online gambling stands on the brink of outdoing land-based gambling in terms of revenues.

Excellent mobile apps have made great casino games available to anybody and everybody, all with the tap of a screen.

One of the best mobile casino games for new players is good old fashioned 21.

Unlike other games such as poker and baccarat, blackjack is incredibly easy to pick up, even to the most uninitiated players.

Whilst making a profit is never guaranteed, this game does offer even the most inexperienced players a good opportunity to make some cash.

So if you’re looking for a game that enables you to have fun and make some extra coins open your phone, go to a 888 Casino and play online blackjack for real money

3) Swagbucks

Find out how you can earn hundreds of dollars a month with Swagbucks.

Twelve years ago a California based company called Prodege launched Swagbucks, a site which was at the time a bit hard to explain.

In essence, Swagbucks offered financial rewards to users in order to complete market research surveys.

The data gained from those surveys would then be sold on by Swagbucks to the highest bidder. But back in 2008, the highest bidder didn’t have very large pockets.

However, within just a few years of its launch, Swagbucks customers began to stand up and take notice of the company’s useful customer insights.

This resulted in huge revenues which led the company to touch $57 million by 2013. With this new financial leap, Swagbucks began to expand beyond surveys into television, movies and even games.

The company has a number of partnerships with high-profile mobile games which allows Swagbucks users to earn cashback on in-app purchases.

In addition to this, Swagbucks has a number of own-brand games that users can enjoy and play whilst earning financial rewards.

In some cases your gameplay will be rewarded with actual cash withdrawals, however, more often than not you will be reimbursed with Amazon vouchers.

If you play games regularly, you can sign up on Swagbucks and earn some financial recompense for your gaming output.

4) My Score Play

Do you have a passion for sports? Does that passion sometimes feel like an obsession that you just can’t resist?

If you do then you’re not alone, millions of people worldwide have a near forensic knowledge of their favorite sport.

Sometimes that knowledge feels like it is going to waste. Unlike academic understanding, there’s no real way to monetize your knowledge of sports stats, head-to-heads and form tables. Until now!

There are many sport prediction games out there that allow you to pitch your predictions against other fans and win money as a result.

On sites such as My Score Play, you can make money by placing predictions for a number of different sports games and win big.

5) Corporation Master

If you’ve ever dreamed of following the American Dream and setting up your own thriving business, then Corporation Master is the game for you.

This simulation game, based on an up-to-date real-life economy perfectly mirrors the economic challenges and hurdles that a new business owner would face today.

If you lack the confidence to start your own business or feel you’re low on experience, this game is the perfect training tool.

As an added bonus, money that you make in the game can be converted into real-life money.

So, if your idea takes off, after playing Corporation Master you will not only have a better understanding of running your own business, but you will have some extra cash to help you in any new ventures.

By playing each of these five games you can really up to your chances of winning big and who knows where a big win could lead!

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