How to Earn Real Money Online with Jumbled Words?

by Amelia Miller
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Are you into intellectual games? If so, you can try out word games such as Jumbled words or unjumble words?

They are fun to play and allow you to sharpen up your mind.

Moreover, they are a great way to pass your time while building vocabulary in a better way.

Playing is one thing, but did you know you can earn money while playing online word games?

Not only word games, but there are several types of online games that allow players to make real money. Isn’t that a great thing? 

It’s excellent in a way that you can play all you want and earn money depending on the game you are playing.

When it comes to such amazing games, unjumble words are one of the best games to play.

They are engaging, fun, and enjoyable to play. Several platforms allow you to play jumble puzzles.

At Wealth Words, Quick Wordz will enable you to earn more compared to other platforms.

You can earn up to $20 for each game in 40 seconds if you submit correct words.

Let’s check out the unjumble word game and how you can play it and earn money every day!

What are unjumble words?

Basically, it’s a word scramble game. Jumbled words are a combination of letters from which you can create words that make sense. You will have to look at the combination of letters and you have to create original words from them.

Cna you ader sith eentsnce? If you could understand this sentence,  you will find it easy to unscramble jumble words.

Such jumble puzzles allow you to sharpen up your mind since you will think about what words you can make out of the combination.

The jumbled words can also come in the form of sentences to make the playing session more challenging and fun.

You have to reconstruct such terms and correctly place them to create words and sentences that have meaning. 

The jumbled words can also come in the form of sentences to make the playing session more challenging and fun.

You have to reconstruct such terms and correctly place them to create words and sentences that have meaning. 

After getting an idea of what jumble word games are, we can get going with some examples of word unjumble games and ways to play them. 

Let’s take a look on some examples of Jumble Puzzles 

Simple words defining jumbled words is not enough to understand what it is.

Instead of that, good examples will allow you to understand it better.

That’s why we have gathered up some examples along with the pictures to help you out on this. Let’s get started!

Example 1:

This example is from Quick Wordz. As you can see, there are a total of 8 letters, out of which we have to create 5 words to earn. The letters are JKLAQERS.

Let’s see what five terms we can prepare from this jumbled word.

  1. Lake
  2. Rake
  3. Raker
  4. Real
  5. Seal

Example 2:


Hope the above example gives you an idea. If not, then let’s take a look at this example.

It’s simpler to understand. You can also unscramble jumble words and practice with such a small group of letters. Let’s see what we can create with hwit:

  1. With
  2. Hit
  3. Wit
  4. It

Example 3:

Take a look at another example from a picture taken from wordwall. As you can see, this is also a simple jumbled word.

Let’s check out what we can create:

  1. Same
  2. Me
  3. Seam

Example 4:


Here, we can see a box of jumbled words. Let’s check out what to create from them.

  1. Set
  2. Top
  3. Rot
  4. Store
  5. Pots
  6. Stop
  7. Trees
  8. Steep
  9. Port
  10. Pore

Example 5:


Let’s try to unjumble the words in the picture.

  1. You
  2. Young
  3. Nog
  4. Gun

Hope these examples are good enough to help you understand the concept of unscrambling jumbled words.

Let’s move on to how you can earn from solving these jumbled words.

Play Jumble Puzzles and Earn

Yes, you got it right! It’s your time to earn a passive income by playing your favorite unjumble word games.

It seems pretty simple, right? Well, it is simple! 

However, you do need to practice because, as you would’ve heard, “Practice Makes A Man Perfect.”

The earning part is relatively easy.

You have to find the right platform for money where you play and win the jumble puzzles.

Quick Wordz is such a game too. Let’s talk about how to play Quick Wordz!

How to Play Quick Wordz? An Unscramble Jumble Words Game

As it’s visible in the above picture, Quick Wordz allows you to play an unscramble jumble words game to earn instant cashout.

If you submit 5 correct jumble words in 40 seconds from the given unjumble words then you can win up to $20, which is quite a good deal.

Even, you can earn something with single correct word if you submit the game within game time i.e. 40 seconds.

There are similar games out there that allow you to unscramble jumble words and earn.

However, Quick Wordz offers better options to make more. 

Moreover, the rewards of this game (the money you earn) differ based on the difficulty of the game/level.

Even if you aren’t a pro, why not start practicing now?

Where to Play Word Games to Earn Money Online?

You might be wondering where you can play word games and earn real money.

Several platforms offer money while playing games endlessly.The game mentioned below might not give you huge money instantly to make you rich, but you can earn extra cash in the process. Let’s get to it then!

Wealth Words

Source: Wealth Words

Are you into puzzles, trivia, and other brain-challenging games? If so, WealthWords is the best choice for you. It’s at the top of the list as it offers exceptional rewards for playing and winning the word games present in it. You can also play Quick Wordz here, where you have to unjumble words and earn real money. 

Furthermore, the first try of the game is free. You can earn $20 in one go if you unjumble the words and come up with 5 new words. All the other word games on this platform are also incredible, allowing you to earn more than other rewarding games.

Eaze Games

Ease Games is another excellent platform that allows players to play different games and earn money. You can also play trivia, puzzles, and other strategic games on Eaze games. There are contests on the platform where the one making the highest score wins and earns more money. You can compete for cash prizes on the platform and cash out your winnings at any time without any hassle.

World Winner

World winner allows players to earn cash rewards for playing and winning the games. There are several games you can select from, including interesting word games. You can participate in tournaments and play games such as casino, trivia, word games, arcade, game shows, card games, etc. It’s a skilled community offering rewards to the winners. 

You can use this platform on your PC or mobile since it has both web and mobile versions. The first try at the games will be free, but afterward, you need to make a deposit fee and earn more. 

Paid Game Player

You can now earn free money with this platform. You can choose from 600 different games. The game’s participants are supposed to be eligible for a $250,000 cash prize.

There are two kinds of memberships to choose from. You can play a limited number of games with a free or premium subscription. When you upgrade to premium membership, you’ll get access to the whole game as well as a 2x multiplier. You will receive 1000 points when you sign up for the premium version.

You can also compete with other users for extra cash by reviewing online games, referring friends, trying brand-name products, and completing surveys.

How to Play Jumble Puzzles at Wealth Words and Earn Money?

Jumble puzzles come in different combinations each time you play.

You have to create a set of words from those jumbled words.

You have to think more and put the right combination of words, as we have already seen in the examples above.

Let’s check out how you can start with solving jumbled word puzzles and earn. 

  • Register/Login

First, create an account on Wealth Words to play Quick Wordz and earn.

To create an account, you can click on the sign-in button, add details, including your mail id and create a password.

After that, you will be logged in to your account. 

  • Apply Discount Code

Then, you can apply the discount code.

Applying the discount code will enable you to try playing it for free for the first time. It’s good if you want to get a live idea of the game first. 

  • Start Game

Then, you can select the Quick Wordz game that you want to play, and it will start.

You will see a set of words from which you will have to create 5 words within 40 seconds.

  • Earning

You can earn more depending on how many words you are creating.

As discussed above, creating 5 words will provide you $20, and the fewer words you create, the less money you will gain.

For creating 1 word, you will get $0.25. Then you will run out of time and will have to play again.

Benefits of playing word games

Besides the fun and entertaining part, word scramble games have more to them.

They are a great way to pass the time and are indeed an amusing hobby.

However, the benefits of word games such as unjumble word games are more than that.

Let’s check out some of the notable benefits below.

Better Vocabulary

The primary benefit of word scramble games is that it exposes players to a new list of vocabulary that was unknown to them before.

This allows a player’s performance and vocabulary skills to improve over time.

Furthermore, better vocabulary allows better expression of thoughts and understanding of what others want to say in general. 

Activates Willingness to Learn More

Word scramble games such as jumbled words, crosswords, etc., prompt an active learning process.

Players will have to keep studying and making their vocabulary better to get better at these games.

Hence, without any pressure, they will be willing to learn more, and thus the term “activates willingness to learn more.” 

Enhancing Concentration Skills

Not everyone is great at staying focused and concentrated.

However, these skills are crucial in life. All the word games require the full attention and concentration of the player.

It’s like a practice for players to stay focused. Regularly playing such games serves as a way to train their concentration skills. 

Improves Memory

When playing such word scramble games, players need to remember words that make sense.

They start remembering the spellings and different words they didn’t know about before.

Unknowingly, players will begin learning new terms and studying more. 

Allows to earn passive income

Some platforms provide opportunities to earn money for playing word games.

Hence, it’s a win-win situation for players to play word scramble games to sharpen their minds, learn effectively and earn for the same.

So, it’s one of the most fun and shortest ways to learn and earn!

Summing it up

Excited to play word scramble games and earn money?

Such games where you have to unscramble jumble words are interesting.

Furthermore, the learning part makes Quick Wordz even better.

Quick Wordz allows you to play unjumble words and earn money.

So, what’s the wait? Start your journey of sharpening your mind and earning passive income now!

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