How Having a Good Vocabulary with Online Puzzles Helps?

by Carol Lee
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Vocabulary is clearly defined, “the knowledge and effective use of words by an individual during communication.”

A dictionary serves as a function and fundamental tool in order to foster healthy communication and acquiring good knowledge.

Robust technology is the need of the hour. As it fosters an overall personality development. 

Having a good vocabulary helps in moving a long way and creating a unique personality.

It is a way to succeed in this cut-throat competitive world. After all, a good vocabulary gives you the right words to use whenever you are willing to express something.

This is certainly a critical aspect of impeccable communication skills. It also escalates the spoken English skills making a person an effective orator.

Keeping these aspects in mind, what do you think is the most interesting way of building vocabulary? 

Undoubtedly, there is a long list of habits that help in increasing your vocabulary starting from reading newspapers/ books but it may get tedious for many.

However, there is another interesting way to do it- Playing puzzle games online related to crosswords.

This engaging way to learn new words is so much fun. So, this is how free English puzzles can be your thing.

There are millions of wordsmith who are ardent crossword players. Then why can’t you be one of them?

This is why you should make playing real money games online your new habit:

1)  You learn new things every day

Brain working out

Simple puzzle games boil down to puzzles where deciphering of the clues and filling the blank with the right word takes place.

This way you learn new words every day. Isn’t that super easy?

Whenever you don’t know what the word actually means, you can always take help from Google or pickup your dictionary. 

2) Facilitates creative thinking

Human brain with deep tree roots

Well, good vocabulary certainly gives way to a clear thought process.

When you are able to communicate seamlessly with the help of proper words, your thoughts can be expressed in a better way?

And this is something that facilitates creative thinking. 

3) Sharpens the brainpower

Brain running on treadmill

There are a few words that keep repeating when you play an easy crossword game So, the chances are high that you stumble upon the same word.

This helps you in memorizing them and decipher them in the next crossword instantly. 

This certainly gives your memory a great boost, isn’t it?

Let us discuss simple routine activities that can help you to develop an impressive vocabulary.

a) Inculcate the habit of reading


It is rightly said by Rick Holland. “The world belongs to those who read.”  

Reading is a healthy exercise to boost your vocabulary. You can read whatever you want it, whether it is a book, newspaper, articles, blogs or anything else.

While reading, there is a range of new words that you come across.

Once you find the right meaning, you learn them and use them whenever you feel they are required. 

While reading you acknowledge a range of new words and understand their meanings and the correct usage of words.

You can build your reading interest by selecting the book of your choice. 

Boost your confidence, cognitive and communication skills as you read your favorite genre. 

b) Use new words into the routine activities


Make it a habit of embedding new words into your daily lives. Try engaging in conversation with your spouse or friends and help them as well. 

New words can be part of routine activities like having an office meeting, discussion for the weekend, how you plan to spend your vacation or anything that you like. You can even win paypal cash if you start playing money making crosswords.

c) Engage in storytelling activities

Men speaking alphabets

Everyone has an inborn love for interactive stories. Agree? Well, this is true in most cases. 

Storytelling activity is one of the most fascinating activities loved by all regardless of their age. Do you know that today, storytelling is a great way to earn money from home.

Storytelling is a fun and engaging way of learning new words. 

Get in the game for emotional intelligence. The beautiful narration of a story improves vocabulary, comprehension and sequencing skills.

d) Indulge in group activities

Group celebration

Group activities among loved ones are like a blessing in disguise when it comes to boosting vocabulary.

Every individual has a level of creativity and understanding. Communication is the main essence of the group, regardless of the type of activity.

Here, everyone likes to put forward their thoughts, feelings, and ideas in the form of words.

While having fun, there are times when you encounter a range of new words. New words are actually remembered as every word is backed by a meaningful context.

Good mind activity games for adults have the accumulation of the words thereby enriches vocabulary. accumulation of new words enriches their vocabulary.

e) Boosts retention power

A girl enjoying while working

If you are someone who is interested in constructing a puzzle you can also search for “how to make a crossword puzzle online”.

You may not be aware of the fact that word games have a huge impact on the holistic development of vocabulary but it is a fact.

While playing word games ever player frames a few known words and tries to frame new words as per the clue mentioned.

The acknowledgment of known words revises the vocabulary and the formation of new words enriches the vocab.

One of the best online puzzle games for beginners is Wealth Words.

This amazing online game platform not only improves vocab but also gives whooping cash prizes up to $3000 for solving puzzles with the right answers. 

In other words, this fantastic puzzle hub literally showers you with a good amount of wealth and also vocabulary.

All you have to do is to sign up, read the rules and start playing right away!  Pretty simple, isn’t it?

So, what are you waiting for? Just jump in this crossword bandwagon, showcase your word power and become a wordsmith instantly.

Type ‘win real money and prizes’ and you will let a long list of different games.

It is your choice which one you would like to play.

Stay motivated to play word games and puzzles as this has been considered as the greatest learning tool for everyone.  All the Best.

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