How my Depression Journey, Management and Struggle Became Easy!

by Carol Lee
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Everything feels very challenging when you are dealing with depression.

Going out to work, socializing with friends or sometimes even just getting out of bed feels like a struggle.

Dealing with depression is a lifelong journey of combating pain, accepting changes, challenging your thoughts, training your body and engaging in something out of your comfort zone.

To thrive through the harrowing journey you need lifestyle changes and something interesting that adds fun to your life.

Depression is curable and you are not alone if you feel that you are. More than 300 million individuals across the globe who are living with depression.

When you have people and activities that help you combat, they why do you feel you won’t overcome it.

Most of you who are undergoing depression become silent. Although they want to speak their hearts out there is something that restricts them.

If I can make it this far, so can you. The silence of every depressed individual speaks to me and all others who are there to support you.

The dark depression cloud appears monstrous and everlasting but there is always light at the other end of the tunnel.

You will surely find your way through the deadly trenches if you keep on fighting.

One of the major symptoms of depression is having short temperedness and mine wasn’t any different.

When I was a teenager, I used to unleash myself on phones and smashed glasses against the wall.

I wanted the TV episodes should have continued. There are many regrets as well.

I pathetically failed in my class and my depression moved to another level. I started crying from within.

However, I found relief with friendly medical help and after playing simple puzzle games online

My family’s immense love and playing Crossword Puzzles are the two things that helped me recover from the sad state.

My doctors have helped me throughout my journey. I use to get compliments for best behavior in school but during the depression, the tables turned.

My Work-Life Balance

Men performing multitasking

Regardless of what you are suffering from, you have to work well at the office.

The depressed person takes a lot of time to get up out of bed or take a shower and go to work.

It was very challenging for me as well but I had the will to recover and come out of all this.

I had a lot of support from my close ones. During the depression, I felt of ending my life and tried to do so several times.

There were times when I choked and could hardly breathe but somehow God has written something else for me.

My first ever job was as a receptionist. I had to greet everyone with a smile on my face.

From there onwards, I had made many social connections. My life was on the right path and I was moving in the right direction.

After 6 years of working with different companies at different profiles, I started to develop a fear of failure and non-acceptance.

I was not a master of one thing but a Jack of all trades. I had an invisible enemy that never helped me move forward.

Instead of becoming confident that I knew multiple things, I became a coward because I did not have any relevant experience in one thing and had no aim in life.

The feeling of being powerless was very sad.  I finally decided to come out of all that as I didn’t want those moments to lurk over me for long.

To be true, my work obviously got affected because I was unable to concentrate. I had all the negative thoughts running in my mind all the time. 

If there had been more games like Wealth Words: the free online word game, they would have helped me so much to not only the ones who are suffering from depression but also help recover those who have dementia.

I play games for PayPal money and I love them.

Don’t Gain Sympathy, Be Happy in the Situation

A young girl smiling

Although I wished that everyone knew, I never wanted to be mentally ill. Being depressed is not in your hands.

Yes, I’m serious about it. It looks like I’m just like anyone else except for the fact that nature was a bit more generous on me.

Depression turned me into a miserable failure and I have no idea how to cope up with this worst situation.

I feel we as humans should be more understanding of everyone. Instead of giving sympathy to someone it is better to behave normally.

People tend to judge one another but they have no idea that saying negative things to someone hurts a lot.

The two things that helped me combat boredom:

Following a routine

It is very important to follow a strict routine. I started waking up at 6 in the morning and going for a brisk walk.

Then, I  had black coffee with oats and tried solving online crossword games.

The puzzle style game helped me stay fresh throughout the day.

I started playing a best single-player puzzle game and this helped in relaxing my mind.

I made sure I had enough “me time” because now I know that is really important.

I started doing various household chores and all this made me feel less miserable.

Making new friends and spending time with them also made me better.

Counted my Blessings Everyday

Girl doing yoga

Thinking about what you have accomplished in life and how far you have reached in life is very important.

Even when I finish an online puzzle-solving game, I’m happy.

I started paying gratitude for little things helps in appreciating life in general.

I have now started living in my present and have stopped worrying about the future.

Cherish Small Accomplishments

Men enjoying the sunrise

I started patting my back for every small thing I finished regardless of the size of the accomplishment.

Whenever I submitted all the answers to the online puzzle (I didn’t know if they were right or wrong) I became happy.

Whenever I broke my 100m sprint record, there came a smile on my face. 

My Final Advice to All

Don’t ever let your mind control you, instead, you should control it. You are a unique individual who is a warrior.

Face the challenges that come your way but never quit. You will surely be a winner in the end.

I know it is very difficult to deal with mental illness (I know because I have experienced it myself) but you have to hang to the strings of hope and keep moving.

Just don’t let go.

Play mind games for free online and have a lot of fun.

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