Spending Time with Friends. These are the Ways to Do it Better!

by Carol Lee
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Life is very unpredictable. Everything happens suddenly and unexpectedly.

You don’t know what will be there tomorrow, you don’t know who you will meet the next very moment.

Deep down you believe that great things will happen. The happiness multiplies and sorrows disappear.

Although alone time is important to bring out the creativity which is within you but spending quality time with your friends is equally important.

Friends… all of you must have them right?

Sharing good times together with friends is priceless. This makes your life richer. It is also great to have a good circle of healthy friendships.

Real friends share laughs together, memories and inside jokes.

Spending time with friends without spending a lot of money is the best way to rejuvenate.

No matter where you live, you can go for a night out with a friend’s place and call a few more friends.

Researches have proved that spending time with friends makes a huge difference when it comes to happiness.

Having a social life is very important, especially for introverts.

As you get older, life gets faster and busier. The time you once had with friends now becomes lesser.

You may not realize it in the beginning but your coffee dates are replaced by school or college reunion.

Your carefree mornings are now always in a hurry. Your friends call have now turned into business meeting conference calls.

Taking out time for your friends is sadly become the last thing on the list may be because life gets hectic.

Take out time on weekends if you can’t do that otherwise. Try brain games word puzzles and work collaboratively to solve them.

Spending good times with a bunch of your favorite buddies is one of the few pleasures in life that can cost you very little. 

It is another great way to combat boredom and stress. You should break the monotony of life, the 9-5 work hour life and go out somewhere with your friends for a day or two.

Do carve out time for your friends by scheduling it in. One of the best ways is to look for common goals you may have.

Join a swimming class or workout together in a gym. 

Go for the easiest thing-an online gameplay win cash.

Play any real money game and win money. You can also try social occasions but it is not necessary that they have to be huge social events.

Friends are well-being

There are plenty of studies which have highlighted the importance of friendship and good relationship.

Friends are the one who can boost you and help achieve your weight and fitness goals.

Encouragement goes a long way in enhancing the willpower and who can do that better than a friend?

Time is a precious commodity that people worry about too often.

The time you have outside your workplace is too polluted as you have so many responsibilities like grocery shopping, sleeping and the again preparing for the upcoming day.

With all of this, finding time for yourself is a tough call and taking out for your friends is off course even harder.

Taking out time to nourish your friendship balances your overall health.

Throw an inbox zero party

You may have thousands of emails in your Gmail regarding job change, ecommerce, challenging puzzle games etc. Organizing, deleting, categorizing with friends is something very funny.

Reminisce about your past and read your ex’s hangout messages while being in the company of your best friend.

Cook dinner together

What is better than enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal? Have a lot of leftovers over the week?

Don’t worry! Open YouTube and you will get something or the other to cook. Plana cooking night and come up with a delicious dish.

Solve a game of online crossword

Don’t think you guys have to be a nerd to solve crossword puzzles. This is a myth. Most crosswords are easy to solve.

What you need is precision and good concentration. The online pay and win app is making various players happy.

There are many free online word search games that you can solve. Read the rules carefully and then the clues one at a time.

Try to understand what the clue is trying to depict. Even if you get hints, it will be very easy to solve.

Most importantly, identify the theme. It will make it easier for you to completely solve the grid.

Give a shot to the best puzzle mobile games and have the best time of your life.

Clothes swap

You may surely have piles of clothes that you want to get rid of so organizing a house party for the exchange.

Make it interactive and funny. You can donate the remaining clothes to the local shelter or a charitable organization that is actually in need of clothes.

Read together

You always wish you had time to read. Schedule a night for it. Look for a common book that both of you will like.

Find a cozy spot in either of the houses and carry the book along once you purchase it. Read together both of you and keep imagining the characters.

Take a halt and then discuss what you feel will happen next. Have you ever tried any puzzle game?

If you are not a book lover, go for a daily puzzle quiz as per your theme choice.

Gardening together

This can only happen if both of you are plant lovers. Who has an orchard, balcony garden or terrace garden.

Out of the two, whosoever has, the other person can just come over on weekends and then cut off the weeds and water the plants.

Grab a trash bag and some gloves and focus on the beautification of the place.

You can paint the pots and do anything creative that comes to your mind at that point in time.

Take pictures of the trees and flowers and upload it on social media while having a good time together.

Become a volunteer

Another great thing to do is to become a volunteer and get associated with a social cause. Ask your friends to do the same.

You will not only feel happy while being a part of the NGO but also realize that the satisfaction level goes too high.

Last but not least, don’t forget to write a surprise letter and handover to them. A letter that says, what importance they hold in your life.

You can make a video of your childhood pictures or you can also say everything verbally.

Pay attention to what is going on in their lives and take out time to listen to their grievances. Play free simple crossword puzzles and enjoy the time.

Everything will be fun and it will have the quality of life in all aspects.

How many more reasons do you need to spend a good time with your friends?

Start spending a good time with them today!

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