Man proposes to his crossword lover and the way was epic!

by Carol Lee
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Man proposes to his crossword lover and the way was epic-Wealthwords

Every couple wants their love story to be unique, memorable and epic. And why not, when love is considered as a way to express feelings and emotions.

Proposing to the love of your life is certainly an overwhelming experience. Especially when you are planning to be creative, romantic and original of course. Putting the question, you have been dying to ask can certainly be quite frightening. You have already scoured the Internet to look for the best proposal ideas out there. Before you plan to do something elaborated or something low-key, read how a man proposed to his better half and she said “Yes”.

A couple from Norwich found the perfect way and made their proposal story one of the best we have ever heard. If this doesn’t melt your heart, we don’t know what will.

The proposal begins

30-year old Edward Fraser wanted to do something different than the cliched flowers and balloons. Being a social researcher, he wanted to find a creative and unique way to propose his girlfriend so that she can never forget the special day. Rachel, his girlfriend, who is 28 years old, was obsessed with solving daily crossword puzzle games. Her daily routine of solving crosswords is what gave him the perfect idea. Edward created a beautifully cryptic crossword for her to solve. If you think what is so special about a crossword, well, you are about to get goosebumps. He personalized the crossword puzzle to ask her to marry him. All the well-thought and stunningly created clued led to the final question, “will you marry me?” How romantic is that!

It took Edward three months to create the perfect clues to make this crossword memorable, although he was very nervous throughout. He also took help from Rachel’s father Terry, who is another avid lover of crosswords and loves to play crossword puzzle online.

The crossword contained references to things Rachel loves as well as memories both of them created together. One of the clues was “The black prince begins untangling odes and seeks her final response to 27 across”. The clue pointed to the answer “Edward does ask R”. There were clues on the holidays they had taken together as well as many of Rachel’s favourite things. A reference to “Hedwig” was also in it for she loves Harry Potter and is a loyal fan. The last clue to 27 across was “It’s a question of love” and the answer turned out to be the ultimate question- “will you marry me?”

While Rachel was also a dedicated online crossword puzzles player, Edward decided to post the crossword in the local newspaper to make it more special. As the couple often tackled such challenges together, they both sat to do so on their seventh anniversary. Edward showed no reaction and let Rachel solve the puzzle. Once she had revealed the last question, he has the ring ready to be put on her finger. She said yes, well, who wouldn’t!

Edward even ended up apologizing to all the people who were playing and had the initial, “R”. He didn’t want to leave any such couples playing gutted because of the proposal. “I hope we didn’t cause too much heartache among the readers”, he said.

This unique crossword game and proposal earned a lot of attention and Edward and Rachel has to experience quite a bit of the limelight. This crossword proposal was loved not only by the online crossword community but across the globe. This romantic and unique proposal has definitely set the bar quite high for all crossword lovers looking for ideas to propose.

If he can, so can you!

It feels really amazing when there is a storybook proposal or fairy tale proposal, the kind that friends and family members keep asking you again and again. What is more delightful than sharing your own heart-warming love story?

So, you are finally ready to pop the question. You have purchased the ring and it has become difficult to hide it safely as you start to formulate your proposal ideas. This is considered as the most amazing time in the relationship. There is a lot of pressure to get it right. The most important thing is to make sure you are in love with the right person and you are a proposal at the right time.

You too can have this kind of unique puzzle love proposal for your better half because there is nothing that can compete with the feeling of that answer: “Yes”.

Let’s Get Started

First thing, which puzzle do you like creating? You can choose any from the two, newspaper crossword or online crossword puzzle games.

Your crossword will work best as it fits in all the personal clues and answers that you have planned. If you are planning for a newspaper crossword puzzle, never think that it is impossible as there are major newspapers that will help you get your soul mate. Regardless of the type of puzzle you choose, never give everything away at once. Try and make the crossword easy rather than quickly listing the question as the clue. Remember one thing, the more unique and personal your clues will be, the more emotional and memorable will be the proposal. Put all your memories, small jokes and things to reminisce as your future fiancé solves the crossword.

How to frame questions

“How to pop questions”, now this is the exciting part. Your crossword should be like a scavenger hunt so make sure you prepare accordingly. The last clue should lead to the final question: “Will You Marry Me?”

When your loved one is busy solving the crossword, make sure she doesn’t know you have framed the questions. Setup an exciting proposal with lights, balloons, flowers, cake in another room and once she is done with solving the crossword puzzle, surprise her.

Something unique

If you are not getting your puzzle printed officially in the newspaper, paste your crossword into a white sheet. Put that paper and a pen nicely next to the breakfast or dinner table and this will make a more intimate proposal. Your puzzle can also be the romantic word search shaped like hearts and filled with love declarations. The crossword may focus on one aspect of your bond like your favorite vacation together and future plans. Then finally end up with something in-depth and personal.  If you want some money that might help you in proposal setup, play games for cash.

Starting with a great idea and ending with the right question

If you expect someone to spend the rest of their life with you, go out for the best proposal and show them you are worth their time. Make it something that is remembered for eternity.

Everyone’s Favorite: The Scavenger Hunt Game

You might have played this game at least once a lifetime, but do you know that the fun pastime can also be a great way to propose the woman you love? She can never imagine it coming.

A Scavenger Hunt can spin things in an interesting way. You can make the stuff fairly simple outing for the two and exploring hidden clues. On the other hand, you can elaborate your complete love story with maps and artifacts. You know you girl better, you know which one she would like, so the choice is completely yours.

Let’s begin with a sweet and simple version of the treasure hunt proposal idea. There are a few things needed compulsorily. The very first thing is the ring. Haha, this is obvious. Then there should be a beautiful box to hold it.  You have to hide or burry is somewhere so customize it in the perfect way. Go for a treasure chest because rings are pretty small and there is always a possibility of losing them. You can think of a private or public location but make sure that you get the permission to dig if it’s a public place.

You can also call a group on your friends and her friends and tell them the plan. Inform your girl, you are going to have a small get-together with some friends. The only person who shouldn’t know about the plan is your beloved. This way you can flawlessly execute your plan.

Be safe when you pick the spot. You might have heard about proposal stories that ended up in a nightmare.

Here are some potential places to hide your ring and how:

Your backyard

This is probably one of the safest places. You don’t have to worry about people seeing you in this semi-private area. You may also call a professional photographer so that this moment is captured beautifully. Make sure the lighting is right and when you dig, you are not killing too much grass. Take help of a shovel.  Now make 5-10 different clues and place some inside the house and some in the backyard. Every clue card should have the hint for the other. Don’t make it super challenging else she might quit in between. When she starts digging, help her move the dirt. When she finds it, go down your knees to propose her.

The park

This is a challenging one! Make sure you find a secluded place where you get enough privacy. Make a treasure map for her. The coolest way is to download a blank treasure map. With the help of these templates, a few clipart images, make a customized treasure map. If you have previously worked in an IT company, I’m sure you will have friends who can help. Catch hold of another reliable friend and tell him to dig it for you an hour or two before you are going to head that way. If you two met in a park or there is a park that you guys keep visiting, it would be great if you plan your proposal there.

As an added bonus of completing your proposal in the park, set up a picnic for the two of you afterward.

The beach

This one is going to be very romantic as well as unique. It is great if you are good at sand castle art or take help of a friend. Make him create a few romantic sculptures and tell her not to destroy the art while she is digging. Write down clue notes and keep it in different places on the beach. There are plenty of options, let your creative juices flow and your mind run wild. Note: Don’t land up in trouble having alcohol in public if it is prohibited on that beach.

With the help of pets, you can pop the question the perfect way. Scatter your clues perfectly and express what you feel about her, even before you begin the proposal.


A scuba guide service can only help you with this one. They can help you take the treasure chest down and place it safely. There is a lot that goes in the preparations for the underwater proposal. Look for something that is unique and will shine under water.

Go for this option only if both of you are not afraid of water adventure. Take her for a vacation or tell her you are going scuba diving the coming weekend. Telling her this will surely take her by surprise initially (well, she doesn’t know what else awaits). Make cue cards and place some on the ship/boat and the rest underwater. They have to be water resistant of course. The guide you are using will do a great job burying the proposal clues. After the underwater proposal, there can be a romantic setup with a bottle of wine or champagne to celebrate.

Much of what happens after a proposal completely depends on how you planned it and how you managed to pull it off. The people you are taking help from should be trustworthy and helpful, so do make a good choice while deciding on them.

Pop up the surprise message

Always keep collecting the memories of you and your partner and keep it beautifully inside a box whenever you plan to propose. Leave a note behind with each photo and let her immerse in the nostalgic bliss. If you are good a writer, create a short story or a romantic poem that expresses your feelings for her.

So you have the woman of your dreams-lucky you! When you have finally found the one who want to share your life with, the life-changing moment of proposing her should look as if it was designed for the two of you. Special as it is, you certainly want to ensure that the proposal is impressive and unforgettable. Planning is everything and when you are sure about things, the nerves will subside somewhat. If you have talked to her parents, ask them and take permission even before you buy the ring.

Down on your knees with a bouquet of flowers in one hand, ring in the other is a monotonous way nowadays. Plan something unique that will take her by surprise. Go for online crossword puzzle proposal, English word puzzle proposal, scavenger hunt proposal, Pictionary proposal or the blend of them all. Don’t make it too complicated. Think about her liking and try it wind up somewhere in your proposal plan. Proposing someone is a big deal. When you have to enter the next phase of your life, you want to do things in the right manner and want to make it worth the efforts. Nerves are in the full swing but you have to understand that’s normal.

Hey, All the Best!

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