How my father made me a Crossword Enthusiast?

by Carol Lee
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In our living room, in the light of the fireplace, my dad is solving a crossword. Left leg ankle on another leg’s knee. He is calm and relaxed. The window is open and the fragrance of our orchard flowers is drifting in.

crossword puzzles

His reading glasses are on his nose, his face has constant expressions and brown eyes squinting. The only sounds are the chirping of birds and the honks of the vehicles passing by. He is solving a newspaper crossword puzzle.

Since childhood, I have seen him waking all night studying crossword. The flash of the slight smile whenever he solved a clue. I marveled at his skill because he never left a single box and shifted to another.

For me, he was a genius. I think he knew all the answers.

Crossword puzzles embraced my bond with him

My dad had been an amazing guardian for me. Both of us are stubborn and intense. We share a great sense of humor. Crossword puzzles are what embraced our bond as we shared contentment.

When I was a teenager, he taught me all the crossword rules of the game, the tricks, the three-letter responses and more. I have become a crossword lover by mimicking him while sitting by his side and asking for help whenever I got stuck.

I did two to three puzzles a day from the crossword book. Initially, I got frustrated as I didn’t know how to solve the puzzle. But with time, everything became normal and I became a crossword enthusiast.

I got ecstatic when I knew about Wealth Word online crossword game that offered a real cash prize to the winners. Often, I put in all my knowledge and experience into a puzzle. I thought I can never be as good as my dad so I use to take his help as well. The real money game made me more interested in the game and with his help, I have won many cash rewards.

When perseverance pays off

Sometimes you get sad. I often called my dad as I knew he would erase my grief. He was always wonderful and also a great listener. By now I have learned that he didn’t know all the answers of the crossword puzzles but I thought he was a hero.

He instructed me with these tips:

  • To start with simple puzzles

He told me not to begin with cryptic crosswords or complex crossword. So, I started with the very basic: word puzzles. Gradually I moved to mediocre level puzzles and then high-level ones.

  • Learn little of everything

Instead of learning insights of everything and making your brain confused, it is better to know a little bit of everything. This is how it goes, he instructed me.

  • Begin with easy blanks

If you feel you understand the clue and know the answer, fill it quickly and move to another clue. Don’t waste time thinking of an answer for a very long time.

  • Note the frequently repeated words

There are a few common words that are repeated in multiple clues. Take note of those and learn them. They will help you further as well.

  • Be patient

If you are unable to crack the clues, don’t get impatient or irritated. Be calm and move to the next one. Practice makes a man perfect and you have to practice until you understand how to swiftly move ahead.

While solving the online crossword, I’ve learned that there are obstacles in every phase of your life, you just have to be patient and persistence won’t wear you down. Your win is worth savoring. A shortcut is not the key, smart work is.

My favorite crossword game

Wealth Words crossword has become a habit now. Whenever I’m traveling for work, the free time I have, I occupy myself by solving the daily crossword puzzle. Most of the time he outpaces me in solving (well, he is a champion).

Now I live in another city, far from home in my official apartment. Whenever I’m lonely, I think of the home I left behind. Sit on the couch, think of my dad, mimic his posture and start solving the online word puzzle. I simply love doing this.

crossword puzzles

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