Life Lessons to Learn from Gaming

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Have you ever thought of life as a pieces of puzzles? It comes with its own challenges and surprises. We have to be ready for everything it throws at us. Like in a game of puzzle, we have to put all the pieces together. Likewise, in life, we come across many ups and downs, however the important thing is to get up every time and face all concerns with a smile.

What is Important?

Every individual looks at it with a different perspective. For some, it can be a piece of cake where they might achieve success with little struggle, though for others it can be a whole new experience as it might take more time than expected.

People who have a clear idea of their goals are more likely to find solutions in an effective manner . They are well aware of their struggles and are prepared to overcome them with their determination. For those who are still struggling to understand the real meaning of life, it can be a tricky affair.

Let’s look at some gaming quotes that can help us to understand the gist of life and how we can implement them in our lives.

Not all of the puzzle pieces of life seem to fit together at first, but in time you’ll realize they do, perfectly

Life is a circle of wax and wane where we are required to stay determined towards our goal. We should not be afraid of the failures. There will be instances where we feel stressed and feel like giving up. Though, this is the time when we have to realize that we are most likely forcing pieces in the wrong space. Finding the right puzzle and climbing the next ladder of success should be the ultimate objective. Keep trying until we achieve what we desire. Make mistakes, learn from them and move on. These are proof that we are trying.

Life is like a puzzle, never waste time trying to place people where they don’t fit – Thabang Gideon Magaola

Time has a way of showing what actually matters to us in our life. There are certain occasions when we are unable to accept the fact that some people are not meant to be a part of our game of puzzle. We tend to stay away from such circumstances which ultimately result in our downfall. It is significant to realize that it might not be possible to accommodate every individual in our life. The best way to go forward is to place all the right puzzles at the first instance. It is important to left behind the wrong ones and work towards our next move.

Each one of us fulfils a piece of a large puzzle – Eric McCormack

When we play a game of puzzle or any other game, we tend to make so many errors which helps us to realize what is right and what is wrong. We become more mindful of our choices and learn which pieces fit together. We have to comprehend that all of us are required to complete the bigger picture. We all are pieces of a large puzzle without which it might not be possible to get the desired success.

Not every puzzle is intended to be solved. Some are in place to test your limits. Others are in fact, not puzzles at all… – Vera Nazarian

To understand the concept of life, it is crucial to understand the concept of puzzles. The moment we rethink as what should be our next move in our journey to success, we tend to take the wrong route. We have to take a decision whether we should keep moving on the same road or we should start from point zero.

The good thing is that now we have experience to take the right call, so it won’t be that arduous for us. By this time, we have grabbed the idea of life that has been signified as a unique puzzle that is required to be solved by us. We are well aware of our limitations and therefore we are ready for some changes in our life.

Life isn’t a puzzle to be solved. It’s an adventure to be savored – Sherrilyn Kenyon

Remember the famous quote of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Life is a journey, not a destination”.  By saying this, he meant to say that we should focus on the expedition rather being worried about the destination. Life is meant for adventures, make every chapter of it, a story to be read, a moment to be cherished and a learning to be taken. When we start living our life to its full potential, it is the time when we realize the true value of ourselves. So, keep walking, take risks and make it worth living, since every day is a new adventure.

The Art of Simplicity is a puzzle of complexity – Douglas Horton

What is the formula to live a happy life? The answer to this question might vary according to the individual preference. Besides this, what actually matters is how easy or complicated, we made it. Life is a reflection of our choices and decisions. We get what we choose. The more you complicate the things, the more the chances of making it a mess. One right way is to keep it simple, don’t expect too much. Be content with what we have and then get rid of everything that affect our mental peace. In other words, keep it simple yet significant.

Our whole life is solving puzzles. – Erno Rubik

To solve any problem, it is vital that we should focus on the solution. Similarly, life is a journey with problems to solve and lessons to learn. Most of the times, we tend to ignore the problems as we don’t want to deal with it, still what we don’t realize is that it doesn’t make them go away. We have to handle them at any phase our life.

As great Albert Einstein said, the easiest way to solve a problem is to participate in it. Be creative to look for the solutions, working through them as this makes us strong and mature enough to take the right decision.

The Nice thing about doing a crossword puzzle is, you know that there is a solution – Stephen Sondheim

Every problem has a solution. All we need is patience and composure to overcome them. Like in a game crossword puzzle, every time we play, we know that we can solve it with creative mind and innovative approach. Likewise, people with positive mindset have a solution for every challenge that comes in the way to success, whereas on the other side those with negative thinking can create a problem with a solution.  


We always regret the chances that we didn’t take in our journey when we reach our destination. Life is meant to be lived. It is a game which we have to play and win. Play it well, take risks, because in the end you only live once, so live it to the fullest, make every moment count, set your goals, make your plans, work hard and chase your dreams.

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