Lost my job, lost my savings still survived!

by Max Fragar
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It was a long and tiring day at the office. Taking a sip of coffee, I was wondering where my life was heading. There was no point to continue a job that I wasn’t interested in.

I finished my coffee, paid the bill and walked towards the car parking. I opened the door of my car, wore my seat belt and started driving. While driving also my mind wasn’t empty. Thoughts were continuously disturbing my instincts.

Lost my job, lost my savings still survived-Wealthwords

I reached home. Put on the lights and switched on the TV. Suddenly my phone rang. It was John, my colleague. Uninterestingly, I picked the call.

“Hi John, how are you?”

“I am good Nick, but why are you sounding so low?”

“Nothing just had a bad day at work,” I replied taking a deep breath.

“Is everything ok? Why Mr. Wilson was screaming at you today?” He asked as if he was concerned, but I knew that he was only rubbing salt into my wounds. He knew that I was fired.

Controlling my anger, I said, “We just had different opinions on our current project, nothing else.”

I ended the conversation and hang up the phone. But, whatever happened today wasn’t going out of my mind. I had pending bills to pay, my credit card payment was due, I had applied for my home loan and alas! I had no job.

To distract me from all the thoughts I started surfing the Internet on my cell phone. This was when I noticed this strange ad which said –“Win real money by playing the game of Words.” Curiously I clicked the ad which directed me towards the website – www.wealthwords.com

It took another 5 minutes to understand that the website was an online crossword puzzle game. A user has to play the crossword game and if he completes the game with all the correct answers within a time limit of an hour then he stands a chance to win real money. Without wasting a second I clicked on “Play Now.”

First game, Second game and that night turned out to be a life-changing experience. I won almost $3000! That moment was so good.

I was on cloud nine! From that day, the only thing I did was playing crosswords (apart from searching for jobs)! It took a month for me to get pro in that game.

Daily I applied for a number of jobs, went for interviews, got rejections but one thing that was with me through this tough phase of my life was Wealth Words.

Even without having any job, I was able to lead a normal life. I felt as if I am devoting the precious hours of my life by making money online.

After three months of my struggle, I finally got the job. Though I am not a daily player now, every weekend I go on the Wealth Words website to play the Sunday Super Puzzle.

And trust me, the Prize Pool is so high that I can’t resist playing this game even on my off days.

Well, this game helped me in the worst days of my life. The time when I was shattered these crossword puzzles became the painkiller and refrained my mind from all negative thoughts.

Guys, do play this game if you also want a change in your life. Also, don’t forget to leave your comments. Let me know if this game has added value to your life.

Good luck and start puzzling today!

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