16 Life Lessons Taught by Online Crossword Puzzles

by Max Fragar
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Life is a puzzle, isn’t it? Everyone is trying to put together pieces and filling crosswords while hoping for something beautiful.

There are many ways your brain can be given work but solving online crossword puzzles is one of the best.

Do you think playing crossword games is only for improving vocabulary and enhancing cognitive abilities.? 

If so, this article is for you. You must have solved a crossword at least once in your life but did you ever learn anything from it? 

These puzzle games for adults are the best things to try.

Here are the various life lessons taught by online crossword puzzles:

1) Taking the first step is important

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There is a misconception that crosswords are only for the nerds or geeks. This is not at all true. If you keep thinking about this, you can never get started.

Anyone from a high school child to an elderly can try puzzles and successfully solve them.

Take a deep breath and begin the

best puzzle games online.  Know the rules of the game and the terminologies. You will see your small deliberate actions having an impact.

You simply have to dive in and get organized.

2) Facts remain facts

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In this social media influenced world where fake news and misinformation are common, every crossword clue of crossword has a correct answer.

The answer is clearly determined by the number of across and down squares.

The answer could be someone’s name, a historic place, a song or any other thing.

Facts remain facts and all other things fall around in beautifully crafted letters. When you approach life with the same expectation, great things take place.

3) Patience is the Key

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Things don’t happen the way you expect in life. Be it a job, relationship, or time management.

Keep trying until the goal is accomplished. Don’t pursue one thing relentlessly that you ignore and move on to try next.

Everything is linked so never give up. When you are stuck at a clue while solving a puzzle, it is better to take a break and then come back later.

When you then start solving, you’ll realize that the answer is immediately cracked.

There will be a time when you will soon realize that a single character connects everything making the scramble of life clearer.

And if interlinking connects even once you seek in your personal or professional world, you have moved to another level.

4) Random knowledge is priceless

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Maybe you will never forget the name of the place where you lost your phone.

While playing online crossword games did you ever feel if you know the use of knowing the names of boring historic monuments or any other thing? 

There is a possibility that you feel the knowledge you are gaining from crossword is of no use but that is not the case.

The approach of learning new words and terms has amplified the ability to become optimistic, improve vocab and become more logical.

You will need the information at some point or other and then you will feel, this is what you were thinking about.

5) Involving more sense

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Online games like Candy Crush and Subway Surfer don’t require too many technicalities to play.

In online crossword puzzles, you have to think a lot before filling the answer.

Mind, eyes, hands are a few senses of your body that start working immediately.

Some days the answers of the

paying games that are very easy and on other days they elude you.

Every clue and the blank space gives you a hint of the answer.

Therefore, it is mandatory to carefully read the clues so that cracking of the right answer becomes easy.

6) Every Step is Challenging

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Do you sometimes get overwhelmed at work? Did your boss take credit for the work that you did? You get tired of fulfilling your responsibilities and feel like quitting.

Here are the reasons why you may be facing challenges in life:

  • Lack of confidence
  • Fear of failure
  • Low on energy
  • Fewer skills
  • Expensive
  • Lack of support

Do any of the aforementioned obstacles sound familiar? Did you try any

online cash games so far? Depending on who you are, different hurdles are bigger for different people.

It is very easy to get underestimate when life throws challenges at you.

Rather, a better approach is to anticipate what obstacles what hurdles come in the way when you are trying to achieve something.  

When you initially start solving Saturday and Sunday NYT puzzles, you’d realize they are extremely challenging.

Monday has the easiest crosswords and Sunday has the hardest.

But with practice and a positive attitude, you will be able to completely solve it. Different challenges will certainly try to block your way but you have to stay determined.

7) You can’t be #1 all the time

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Everyone loves winning the game. Sometimes you get a roll having the feeling that nothing can now stop you. Other times, it may take more than an hour to solve it.

Well, that’s absolutely okay.

You can try

free online games win real prizes. Whenever you are on a winning streak, you are on an adrenaline rush. Doesn’t matter if it is a crossword puzzle or a business deal. It is like an addiction.

There will be times when you won’t be able to solve and sometimes you will crack all the answers at one go.

You have to accept the fact that life is not the same every day and failure is a part of life’s journey.

8) Success takes place in small steps

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Your to-do list is never-ending and distraction is present 24/7. Sometimes when you look at the bigger picture, you start feeling small thinking so much is yet to be done.

Take one step at a time and move ahead. Deal with the easiest problem first and go forward.  

The same is the case with crossword puzzles. The first thing you should do when starting a puzzle is to read the clues and fill in the easiest answers. Then move from one clue to another.

Read and try figuring out what the clue is trying to say. You become successful when you take small steps.

9) Social connections matter

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One of the most important personal traits that define an individual’s identity is being social. This is a trait practiced everywhere.

It opens heart doors, friendships while playing a crucial role in networking. It has an impact on your happiness, health as well as income.

When you take the help of your friends, peers or family for solving crosswords, you make them also interested in the game. The simple act of working together is amazing.

Not only this, when you are working on a puzzle while sitting coffee at a coffee shop, take help from the stranger on the other side. Isn’t this way more rewarding than a business card? This act of yours makes your bond strong.

Not only this, you have discussed the crossword puzzle with the crossword community that has many puzzle enthusiasts. It is a possibility that you meet influential people and make friends with them. And become a socially active person.

10) Asking for help is good

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Do you remember the popular reality show, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”? The contestants are asked questions and given four options.

Three lifelines are provided to them where they could either ask for audience support or call a friend. The same is the case for puzzles.

Playing crossword games is ultimately about learning things while having fun. Ignore the haters who feel there is simply one way to solve a problem.

Take help from the Internet or a friend if you are having an issue in solving an answer but make sure you don’t make it a habit every time.

11) Commitment is the key

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Think of anyone’s accomplishment in your life that has made you proud. Now rewind and think of the commitment you made when you got started.

Were you actually committed or desiring something? A commitment is a binding pledge that obligates to carry a course of action. They are powerful as they influence your thinking.

Unlike the half-hearted hope, making a commitment clearly depicts that you try harder, look for relevant solutions and quitting becomes a big no-no.

There will be a time when you have filled in an answer with a heavy heart hoping that it will be right. You don’t want to change the answer and have committed it.

It is likely that the answer will be correct. Well, whether it is your personal or professional life, being committed is one of the most fundamental principles of success.

12) Action speaks more than words

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Individuals simply say something and have no intention of keeping them on a daily basis.

Tell someone that you love him infinite times but if your actions don’t coincide with your feelings, nothing will matter. This applies to almost every situation in life.

On solving online crosswords, all you have to do is to act and practice. Start with the simplest one. A 6-8 word crossword would do. Complete one puzzle every day as this will motivate you.

When you get stuck, peep into the hint. Sometimes the answers are not where you may be searching for them. Artists get inspiration from everywhere.

The answer you are searching for may come out of your industry. You have to be willing to find them. Learn and gain knowledge from crosswords.

Your action will matter when you reach a pro-level and will be appreciated by the community.  

Only ideas won’t get you anything unless you act upon them.

You have to stick on them. If that was too easy, someone would certainly be doing it. There are times when you have to walk away and then come back with a clear head.

Did you get an answer while you are taking a shower or freshening up?

Ever wondered, why did that happen? At that point in time your mind is relaxed.

Sometimes it is important to keep your eyes open and sometimes you should stop thinking about something for a while at least.

13) Being original bits of help

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There are many who try to copy the competitor’s ideas, instead of adapting the best from it. It is a possibility that their idea may have been fruitful but they are presently working on something else.

Everyone has a unique way of completing the online crossword. So, it is good you have your own strategy rather than copying someones. Something that works for someone doesn’t mean it will work for you as well. 

Although you may consider tips from the pro but don’t blindly follow anything that anyone says. Use your mind.

14) Try something unique

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At times, you are ready to give up. So much time will be wasted on thinking about the answer and then suddenly you’ll get success. All it took was trying.

Trying is the key. You have to take chances and calculated risks sometimes. Hit & trial is the best way. When you give it your 100% and do something randomly, you’ll feel solving puzzles was way more interesting than you ever expected. And you end up with amazing strategies.

15) Have a clear vision

crossword, games, gaming, hacks, life hacks, Life Lessons, tips

Make a target of when you will be able to complete the puzzle. Set a time frame and start working on it right away.

In life, at work and while solving a game, optimism is a must. You should have an aim as to what has to be accomplished. An end result that you have to visualize. The clearer you see better are your chances of accomplishing it.

16) Celebrate small accomplishments

crossword, games, gaming, hacks, life hacks, Life Lessons, tips

Do you know what is the best way to drive innovative work? Important clues hide in the stories of popular creators. This clearly means you need productivity every day.

Did you experience that ‘aha’ moment when the answer to the crossword is correct? Celebrating small wins is the best way to track incremental achievements working towards comparatively larger goals. Plus, it makes you feel gratified.

Your hunt for the inner work life triggers you to progress. In order to set off the positive domino effect, you should start celebrating small wins.

Wrapping Up

Different experiences and lessons learned to help you in life. You gain perspective and see life in a refreshing way. IT allows you to tackle obstacles with a fresh mind.

Undoubtedly life is messy but there are ways to distress. Crosswords are one of them. Download the best online word game on your iOS and Android devices and have fun.

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