6 Fun Things to do While on a long-haul flight

by Max Fragar
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Booked a long-haul flight for your holidays? 


You have possibly found the perfect time along with the best fare for your trip to a renowned exotic location.

A dream holiday is perfect to take you on an all-inclusive resort somewhere in Bali or Orlando, or to the breathtaking beaches in Sri Lanka. 

Or wait… Perhaps you are traveling for some work!!

Whatever the reason be, you are definitely in for a long flight. Plus, if you are traveling with your little ones, you are probably going to dread the long trip to your destination and back!

We feel your pain- you are not alone in this!! After all, kids are less patient while traveling. 

But if you think about it, when was the last time you had quality time with your family? With sound planning, you can turn your long-haul into a time worth remembering.

On the other hand, if you are traveling alone and you feel trapped in a small hard seat, a simple change in mindset is something all you need. 

And, what if we say that you can earn while traveling as well!!

Yes, that’s true!!

Well, there are various free games to play to win real money such as Wealth World’s Crossword puzzles. So, if you are curious to know about it.

This article is for you. Below are a few traveling tips that will help you to get through your long-haul flight easily. 

Let’s start

1) Play Games at Wealth Words

Many flights have in-flight offers Wifi these days, which makes your long-haul travel a breeze. Wealth Words provides you with top interactive games.

These games are the best for the ones traveling alone or with their kids. Apart from playing games, you can also earn a handful of instant cash through the platform- All you need is to know how to play crossword games.

Easy right?

The good thing about Wealth Words is that all the games available on the platform require no extra preparation.

However, if you like to plan things, you can work a little on your problem-solving skills to make a win-win. 

Now, you must be thinking about what after solving puzzles? Let’s see what else you can do!!

2) Catch up on Super- Long Movies

Life is busy-very busy, and a long flight is an excellent time to catch up on long movies (we know…you don’t have time to do so). Some of the movies you can watch on a long-haul flight are:

  • Lord Of The Rings 
  • Twilight
  • Harry Potter- Series
  • The Hobbit
  • The Hunger Games, and more

Also, if you are traveling with your kids, partners, or even a friend, you can all watch the movies at the same time.        

3) Learn a Language

Learning a new language is an amazing exercise to scale up your skills. It keeps your brain nimble, enhances your problem-solving skills, sharpens your memory, and more. 

What is more?

When you finally reach your destination, knowing the basics of a foreign language will help you interact with locals in the best way possible. 

How to do so?

There are many guidebooks available that come with an additional language section that helps you to learn the basics. You can also download the language apps like Memrise, or Duolingo. 

4) Talk to Your Seat-Mate

Not heard of it? 

Psshh… What messages are for?

Maybe you are traveling to the same place, or maybe they are flying to a place for the weekend for fun. Maybe you are looking for opportunities, escaping for a new life, and more. So, go out have some fun, you will never see your seatmate again.

It is great if you both are on a connecting flight because you will have someone else to pass your time with, even at the airport. 

5) Read, Read & Read

Many people love this pastime during long-haul flights. Remember, that book you bought a few months back, but you are too busy to read it? Well, a long-flight is the best place to finally read the book. 

You can also read magazines, as it is one of the most popular options with various passengers.

There are a bunch of magazines lying around in your home. Why not use the flight to finally read all those articles you left somewhere in between?

6) Create a Playlist 

Love old-mixtape? It is a great form of self-expression, which is used in many old romantic teen movies.  Collect them and create a playlist. 

Online music apps provide you with a huge variety of playlists including collections from the 50s, Rock, Jazz, and more. The collection is so vast, but you never have enough time to explore. 

  What else can you do?     

  • Count  the snowflakes on the plane’s window.
  • Eat, Sleep, & Repeat
  • Find shapes in the cloud- Horse, dolphin, ooooo a dragon, and watch out- its an airplane!!
  • Take photos- just pose and click it!!   
  • Surf the internet
  • Play cards with your family
  • Medidate
  • Snack up!!!
  • Have a few drinks with your fellow seatmate    

Lastly, Long-haul flights generally come with long layovers, delays, or even cancellations.

So, our suggestion is: if you face any of such disruption, know your rights as a traveler and check whether you are eligible for compensation or not. 

Feeling confident and well-prepared for your travel?

We certainly hope so! Leave your tight deadlines at home and enjoy the bonding time with your family and friends or even the me-time (if you are traveling alone)- You deserve it!!

Happy travels!                                                

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