Make This Friendship’s Day Special with These Unique Celebration Ideas!

by Max Fragar
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Friends are the ones who accompany you on life’s journey. They are usually the cheerleaders of the successes and supporters when you fall.

You grow as individuals but there are some things that we only transform as a result of our relationship with others. 

All that strength as individuals basically comes from being part of the whole.

How do friends enter into your life?

Friends however come into your life just like that- without any attachment, expectations, and feeling.

Yet, you love spending time with them, enjoy life moments with them, and most importantly love and care for them.

Well, it is this emotion that springs from the heart that makes friendship a lifelong relationship

Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together. – Woodrow Wilson 

New Year Eve memories are still fresh in our minds. We were ready to celebrate all other occasions with full enthusiasm.

No one ever imagined that within a few months, 2020 will turn out to be the worst year ever.

One thing that has been affected the most due to this pandemic is social circles. This is the reason there is a big No-No when it comes to celebrations and gatherings.

When Friendship’s Day is right around the corner, what are your plans? How will you be celebrating this day?

How and When?

International Friendship’s Day is on the first Sunday of August.

It was invented by the founder of Hallmark, Joyce Hall in 1919. Later United Nations dignitaries adopted them.

The government and activists started promoting peace between countries, nations, and races.

This occasion is now celebrated across the globe. This is the evidence that even borders can’t separate true friendship.

Ways to Celebrate Friendship’s Day 2020:

Don’t lose heart. Don’t let the delay virus dampen your spirit and stop you from celebrating special occasions. 

On this upcoming occasion of Friendship Day, here are ways to make most of the day and surprise your friends while maintaining social distancing: 

1) Plan a Virtual Party

Plan an online party at a particular time and have a blast together. Don’t think because everyone is in their respective houses that you guys should go to a pajama party.

NO. Go for a glam party where you dress like you are actually going out. Wear a dress to kill.

This online party gives you a chance to chat and hang out with a group of friends. What’s more, is you can also arrange in-app activities and a lot more. Eat what you love and dance to music tunes with all your friends virtually. 

2) Have an online tournament

How about this?

You always keep competing with your friends, don’t you? So, why miss a chance today?

Have fun with your friends while playing a game of PUBG or online crossword game challenge.

See who wins and keep a gift aside so that the enthusiasm and motivation are higher. 

3) Send Gifts Online

No worries even if you can’t meet and greet your close friends in person. This can’t keep you away from sending them gifts.

You can go for personalized gifts like chocolates along with a Friendship band. Websites like Ferns & Petals help in doorstep delivery and have a diverse range of gifts so you can choose as to what will suit them best.

Amidst such challenging times, the beautiful gifts will brighten their mood and put a big smile on their faces. 

4) Delight with Digital Gifts

In addition to the aforementioned way of gifting, what you can do is give them technology-enabled gifts that are delivered via emails or conference calls.

Digital caricatures, personalized video messages, personalized APP, and fitness on-call are some of the amazing digital gift ideas to surprise your friends on Friendship Day. 

5) Gift an E-Book

Is your friend a bookworm? If yes, surprise him/her with e-books.

They can simply download the e-book on an e-book reader, tablet or smartphone and can read them whenever they want to. Motivational and inspirational books will help your friend stay optimistic during this challenging situation.

5) Celebrate with a cake

No celebration is complete without a cake.

Don’t let the challenging times of lockdown stop you from spreading love as well as happiness on this special occasion.

Send your friend a cake and order one for yourself. This will definitely brighten up your as well as their day and mood.

You can place an order and this thoughtful gesture will add sweetness in the whole celebration. Order from a place that follows hygiene standards while they prepare the cake. And also encourage contactless delivery.

You can also send them a selection of sweet treats online with a beautiful Happy Friendship Day note. 

6) Digital Caricature

Help your friend beat the lockdown blues with digital caricature.

What you have to do is to provide one front-facing photograph of your friend and we will make a caricature poster out of it and deliver it on the email. This is a unique gift that will certainly lift your friend’s spirit and make them smile instantly.

7) An on-call guitarist

What if a guitarist plays a song for your friend?

Cool, right?

Ask a good guitarist friend of yours to sing for another friend. Ask your guitarist friend to sing the favorite song of your friend. Make a video of the same or you can also go for an online video conference call. This will turn out to be the best surprise ever.

This musical gift will definitely be loved by your friend as it will be heart touching.

8) Plan a movie night

Why Netflix & chill alone when you can do it with the best of your friends?

Netflix Party or any movie party is a savior that gives you the best experience when you know you have friends by your side.

Netflix is an extension that allows you and your friends to simultaneously watch the same TV show or movie by synchronising playback & adding a group chat for discussion.

Well, it is quite similar to watching a movie in the theatre with a group of friends. The only difference is, you will be sitting in your respective homes. Just grab a bowl of popcorn & settle in.

This Friendship Day, celebrate & make memories while maintaining social distancing.

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