How Online Crossword Helps Me Learn Something New Every Day?

by Carol Lee
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Learning is a lifelong process. It is never as simple as moving from A to B to C straightforwardly.

Most of you have one or two areas of knowledge that you are very good at. This is related to your job or maybe a hobby. Although it is imperative to develop a deep understanding of the things that matter to you the most, it is also important to create a broad understanding of what is going in the world in general.


How many of you feel learning is for schoolchildren or college students? Well, that is not the case.

There is so much to learn and know in the world but who has the time to do so in today’s hectic lifestyle? You will be surprised to know there is a fun and educational way that promises you to teach something new every day. Stop guessing, it is online crossword.

How online crossword puzzles helped me in learning?

Solving a daily crossword puzzle has become a ritual for me. Every night before sleeping, I look for a new crossword on my phone and try nailing it.

Have you ever had that feeling of deep satisfaction that has gone far beyond completing the puzzle by filling that last box of the grid? What I actually love about the online puzzle game is the constant struggle to finish it. Every day, I think of new strategies and keep figuring out how I will be solving them.

How the struggle for crossword answers improved my creativity?

Sometimes, when I read a clue, I feel I know the correct answer, and I’m very confident about it. And later I discover that the crosses don’t work. How can this happen when I was so sure about the answer.

This is the point when I get frustrated because I knew I was right, but that actually turned out to be totally wrong. Here, my struggle is preventing me from making progress in the crossword any further. So, I have to accept that my assumption was incorrect.

It is never easy to accept your mistake. I gain something new unexpectedly, and this keeps making me a better future puzzle solver every day. My creative thinking had improved for the better. I will put it another way, I’m learning every single day.

Right crossword answer-The feeling of accomplishment

Solving an online crossword puzzles game may be a zig-zag journey where I understand things one after the other may be at a slower pace. But I’m happy because it is something productive. I feel playing crossword games is crucial for my sense of growth. Building from my growth I have become an optimistic individual.

Anyone who may have previously solved online puzzle knows how challenging it is to think about the answers and try fitting them in the grid. Several times, I have to step back, re-think what I’m doing and then figure out the right answer. This answer can help the whole puzzle fall into its place. The completed grid gives a lot of pleasure.

The lifelong practice of learning is what makes life worthwhile. Crossword has opened new ways of thinking and perspectives where I have seen myself grow and learn.

This word game has made me a more confident person. Believe me, your mind will expand to whatever you will try to fit into it.

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