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“The world is a complete book and those who do not travel read only a single page,” St. Augustine

Travel makes your life happier and better in several ways. You take a vacation usually when you think you are stuck in a rut in your daily life.

Or when you are yearning for something exciting. It is great to travel as it pushes you outside your comfort zone and tests you.

You must have realized that there have been many hours of your trip where there was nothing to do at all but pass your time on your phone.

Whether you are on a road trip or flying to another place, what do you wish to do? Choose to play same old boring game or look for something interesting while traveling?

No matter where you travel, you can play money making games that can help you earn some extra money. Wondering what makes it possible?

You can earn some extra money while on the go when you play Wealth Words crossword game.

The games offer cash prizes as big as $3000. Wondering what you have to do to win that big? Play the puzzle and submit after answering the clues. Isn’t that cool?

This amazing word game can become your travel buddy. This would be a great companion throughout your journey. Eager to know how? Here is how the game can be your best travel buddy:


The online puzzle game is accessible from the comfort of your place. With the help of devices like laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet, you can play the game anytime when bored on a solo trip or whenever you want to. Only a strong internet connection is mandatory.


Traveling is exhausting at times. This is where crossword can help your mind relax and feel fresh again. The game is so intriguing that it makes you forget the surroundings for some time. You then bounce back as a highly motivated person.


Traveling is fun of course. Having Wealth Words by your side, your fun quotient will go double. Be it at the serene beauty of the sea or the adrenaline rush of the mountain, you can play the game anywhere. Isn’t the online game like your best friend? Staying by your side always.

Grooms your mind

You not only win a lot of cash prizes but you learn a new word every day. This, in turn, makes your vocab stronger helping you communicate with people and express your views in a better manner. Your analytical and cognitive skills also go a level higher when you make puzzling a habit.

Are you ready to try your luck by playing this amazing word game? Register at the website right away. You will certainly fall in love with the game. The free online game is worth a try.

The crossword expedition and the ease of playing which is coupled with cash prize make the game the perfect choice. Now you can shop more when you are traveling because you have earned extra money by winning the puzzles. How good is that?

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