15 Repeaters that Will Help You Solve Online Crossword Faster

by Carol Lee
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Solving an online crossword puzzle is not just about wits.

You get better the more you practice. And then you are accustomed to common tricks and familiar pattern.

Are you an avid online crossword solver? Have there been times when you have observed there are certain words that repeat?

Well, these words are called repeaters.

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Brush up on your crosswordese with short yet vowel-heavy words that are filled in the puzzle grid and solve crossword at a faster pace.

Here are 15 common repeaters you should know:


This word frequently shows up in a puzzle answer.

Meaning: Term for the practice sword used in competitive dueling, having a protected knob at the end.

Clues: Blades, swords, rapiers, fencing sports or Olympic events.

2. AGA

Meaning: Turkish chief or Ottoman Empire. Can also mean religious leader or anyone having authority

Clues: Turkish general or ruler, Turkish bigwig or Middle Eastern potentate


Meaning: American’s favorite cookie.

Clues: Referring to a diet version of the cookie, lo-cal, twistable treat, calorie conscious food or anything that refers to crème, cookie filling, black and white or dip-ability in milk.


Meaning: A noun having several definitions beyond obvious. A surface using, afield of study.

Clues: Space, zone or land measure. Sometimes you will have to think out of the box because it can be clued as “strength” or “realm.”


Meaning: A Pennsylvania port town and a lake

Clues: Location, canal, river, lake or area. Also, one of the great quintet.

Note: When you read the clues, do it very carefully. Reading will make you realize whether or not it is a proper noun.


Solving a crossword puzzle game becomes easy when you know the meaning of the word and have a hint about the clue.

Meaning: Opposite to ‘aweather’ or withdrawn position, especially on a ship. The lee side is sheltered away from the storm.

Clues: Related to nautical weather or oriented weather. It can also refer to shelter, protection, ‘on the safe side’ and ‘away from the storm.


Meaning: An African antelope popular for its spiraled horns.

Clues: African mammal, Serengeti location or zoos. Carefully read clues related to horn descriptions, creatures like gazelles and impalas.


Meaning: Word for butter or margarine that you may have observed in recipes.

Clues: Referring to butter, margarine or cooking oil.  ‘Maybe on a roll’, ‘sub in a tub’, ‘toast spread’, or ‘butter alternative’ will have the same answer.


A word having three vowels with two common consonants.

Meaning: Northern sea duck having soft feather

Clues: Down pillows, pillow stuffing, types of ducks, waterfowl, ‘pond denizen’ or ‘where to get down’. (Actually, pillows are filled with her feathers)

10. ETUI

Have you heard of the French word for ‘shut up’ or ‘keep”, as in encase?

Meaning: Etui is a small case for cosmetics or sewing needles. Any portable small case that is ornamental.

Clues: Thread holder, sewing case, toiletry case or carrier for notions.

11. SMEE

Meaning: Smee is a pirate who is Captain Hook’s gentler sidekick.

Clues: Referring to Hook, Peter Pan or J.M. Barrie as they wrote that novel. Can also refer to little duck or water bird clues.

12. OTT

Well-known Baseball Hall of Famer who played for the New York Giants.

Clues: He is clued in different ways. Take note when there are mentions of Cooperstown, New York and team references like Giant among AGiants. There will also be straight clues like ‘slugger me’.

13. ANTE

Meaning: A stake put up by the player in poker or games related to poker before receiving cards.

Clues: Tossed in a penny, cost to play, gambling or betting stake, poker stake, player’s fixed contribution.

14. ARIA

Meaning: A long song for a solo voice either in an opera or oratorio.

Clues: Opera song, elaborate melody, what fat lady sings, oratorio highlight or met solo.

15. ERE

Meaning: English word that means ‘before’.

Clues: Before in poetry, before to Emerson, a poet’s previously and before to a bard.

We hope the list has added something to your knowledge. Play and solve online free crosswords and challenge your brain with the best puzzles.

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