How to Smartly Solve the Online Crossword like a Puzzle Master?

by Carol Lee
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Crosswords have been all-time popular brain game that helps to have fun.

Are you also a crossword solver or word search game lover who is looking for tips to solve the crossword puzzle quiz quickly? If so, this article is for you.

Here you go!

1) Plan strategically

One goal

Pinpoint the issue: When you are solving a problem, you have to understand the issue clearly.

This requires careful reading of the clues and knowing what the crossword constructor is trying to convey.

Know what you don’t know: Sometimes, puzzles use names of popular people, places, historical events that you may either know or don’t know.

Draw a blank from pop culture, sports, and entertainment. This is where you get help from the cross-functional team and then experiment through zones of uncertainty while continuously improving.

2) Establish footholds


How do you play free online crossword puzzles?

Whenever someone starts solving the crossword, they begin from the upper left corner of the grid.

This is logical, of course. But most of them think they have to complete that part before moving ahead. No, that shouldn’t be there.

You are thinking of what to do with the best free puzzle games?

If everything is falling in place perfectly and you are able to complete the grid, that’s good, but if you are struggling, take a quick glance and move forward. Do have a look at the footholds.

3) Identify the main parts of the clue

Identify the main parts of the clue

Pick the definition of the clue in the play and win real money game. Have a close look at the beginning and end of the sentence to know which word within the clue is the definition.

They are usually at the beginning or the end of the sentence.

The definition of the clue is very important as it gives you the literal meaning of the answer that you might be looking for.

4) Identify the wordplay

Words construction

Once you understand the definition, consider that the remaining part of the clue is wordplay.

If the wordplay of the real apps to win money looks misleading, don’t try interpreting the phrase literally.

Instead, pick carefully via the wordplay in order to crack the answer from the clues that are hidden by the crossword constructors.

5) Be careful with double meaning words

Be careful with double meaning words

There are a few clues that take good advantage of English homonyms. For example, if the clue has ‘Pan’, it means it is either a Geek god or to criticize or a cooking utensil or a low lying land or many or “Peter Pan”.

Filling the answer without knowing the meaning way to build a false assumption.

6) Don’t bog down yourself


Once you have completed the scan, begin to work on another foothold area of the crossword, and come back to this part later.

This keeps frustration at bay and a positive attitude.

Seek opportunities rather than wasting your time at a hurdle. When you come back after some time, you look at the clue with fresh eyes, which may see a solution that had eluded you earlier.

7) Eliminate all the unlettered entries

men with multiple task

There are very fewer crossword solvers who are able to fill the answers in the first go. Especially without the assistance of Mr.Google or any other person.

Think about how easy it is to crack the answer of the online game and win prize if the blanks have multiple letters. Now, how will you take advantage of this? We will tell you.

8) Pick the closest choice right away

Words puzzle

You may have an idea of what I’m talking about: those clues that are figured out in the first scan.

All of them have the ability to become the beginning of a new foothold to build on.

9) Guesses-the real bet!

Human networking

A well-known cognitive bias in data-driven clue-solving is actually the base rate fallacy.

When the base rate is ignored, the information about a particular thing is more important than the data about more broadly-based conditions.

Knowing that answers like ‘oreo’ or ‘aeoiudhlrst’ are frequently used English words will help you regardless of the type of puzzle you are solving.

10) Try your ABCs


There are 26 letters in English letters that can go in any box in the fill it in puzzles online grid.

First of all, try the most popular 11 base rate letters. Leave the least common letter clusters till the end.

It doesn’t take that much time that you expect to try different combinations. To complete the three-letter word.

When you are within your knowledge limit, you have to fill in the gaps by permutation and combinations. There might be errors, but you have to give it a shot.

11) Detect cross-check and crowded words


Some start the google crossword puzzle straight from hint 1 and then move ahead as per the sequence.

Some like starting from the across words first, other like Down words. One strategy that consistently works is to cross-reference the guesses for the section of a crossword with different words of 3-5 letters in length.

One five letter word can easily check the down words. Practically, this is akin to cross-checking the info by sequentially arranging it in multiple manners.

12) Grab everything you see

Deep root

Not all plurals have ”s” in the end. So, if you come across a plural clue, it is likely that the answer will also be plural.

They may or may not be an ‘s’ in the answer. This will help you find the cross entry and complete the best browser puzzle games.

13) Grasp all the hints

Brain lock

Always be on the lookout for obvious and not so obvious directional hints that are expected in the clues.

If you look at “abbr.” or “Init.”, it tells you the answer in an abbreviation like TSP or LSD. Or a clue that itself uses more than one abbreviations.

For example:

Clue: Large mil.grp. Answer: DIV (This is the abbreviation of division)

14) Speed the way to the solution

Brain workout

While you feel amazing when solving the complete crossword word, it is effective if you fill in 60% of the words as much as possible.

After some time, you will realize that the answer becomes obvious, and a chain reaction takes place as the correct letters trigger the solutions.

Partially successful experiments give more insight into the sophisticated solutions.

15) Accumulate knowledge broadly

Brain workout

Whatever knowledge you have, it surely helps. Your vocabulary, love for sports, entertainment, history, geography.

No matter what knowledge you have, fill it in puzzles online have different questions from different niches.

Go try daily word games online and win real money.

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