The Top Online Crossword Puzzle: My Life Changing Game

by Carol Lee
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Wealth Words, this is an online crossword game that changed my life forever.

There are so many things that I have learnt from this game like improving my communication skills, teamwork, and problem-solving. My parents also love the game, and they never say why you are always involved in it.

They know I’m doing something productive that will help me in the long run. And I’m someone who already has benefited tremendously from gaming. This gaming experience not only changed my life forever, but it helped in living life at high standards.

This online crossword game never judged the way I looked

I’m a bit dark skin tone boy. I have always been bullied in school for my skin color. Mates made fun of it and said you are not fit for this school. This declined my morale and made me a low esteemed person. So, started playing video games in which I could change the skin color of my leading character. Doing this made me happy

When I started playing this word puzzle games, I was happy because no one could see me, so there is no one who would judge me. I feel I’m an above-average student who has good logical thinking skills. So, my indulgence in the world of words had to happen.

I made meaningful relationships online

Many of my close friends never understood why I played online crossword game. They thought it was a boring game, having very simple gameplay. Initially, even I didn’t know why I liked the word game so much, but today I do.

I also made online friends without getting made fun of. With the help of the puzzle game, I now know many intelligent winners and diverse wonderful group of gamers. Games is a platform where I felt confident enough to forge meaningful relationships with others.

A sense of belonging to communities

The days that I spend playing are my happiest days as I interact with others without any inhibitions. Although the interactions take place online, but I have got the experience, what it is like to be a part of a community.

I met a group of like-minded people who had a similar passion for online word games, helped one another with our problems. I felt a sense of belonging to the same space and most importantly, genuinely liked one another. There, I was never judged by my appearance. What mattered the most is my skills and passion for the game.

Opportunity to explore

Many people feel that games are only for fun, but this particular daily crossword game is much more than that. It improves vocabulary, cognitive skills, retention power, analytical skills, logical reasoning skills, and whatnot. Not only this, I have won many cash rewards when all my submitted answers were correct.

Wealth Words has given me something that I can never forget. Most importantly, it has boosted my morale to a great level. I have become an optimistic and confident man now. And, I want to remain like this always.

Thank you so much Wealth Words!

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