Crossword Puzzles are good for Brain Fitness: Reality or Myth?

by Carol Lee
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Do you know that your brain is like a muscle?

You use it or you lose it.

Crossword is fun games where you have to crack the clues to complete the puzzle. A lot of people solve them with the belief that it helps keep the brain young, preventing Dementia and enhances mind power. Some feel it isn’t true and is only a myth. Well, that is not the case.

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Crossword is not a new concept. They have been here since 1913 and have evolved from newspaper crossword to online puzzles targeting children, adults and elderly alike. They have managed to stand the test of time. Studies have shown that this activity has lasting benefits both to health and basic well-being.

Whenever you think deep while solving crosswords, more blood is flowing through the brain area (capillaries). This additional supply of blood brings oxygen along with it and hence removes toxins. After some time, the tissues become healthier as there is deposition of nutrients and oxygen.

Here is the list of best things for Brain Fitness you should do to make your mind sharp

  • Manage your time wisely
  • Read a little every day
  • Review and revise learn information every day
  • Play crossword brain games
  • Practice deep listening
  • Eat smart
  • Meditate

“Memory is the dairy that we carry with us’.-Oscar Wilde

How this simple game manages to accomplish amazing things?

Basically, it is because of the simultaneous use of both sides of the brain. In exercising both the brain sides together, actual connections between brain cells are stimulated.

They help you to learn, comprehend and remember. In addition, when you complete the crossword or even when you fill a blank, it encourages the production of dopamine that enhances the memory power.  

Many consider puzzles to be only a pastime of an intelligent person but anyone can try and solve them. As a novice, you should try for easy crossword games and then, later on, navigate to higher levels.

Do you know about the hidden benefits that you can reap as you play puzzles? First of all, it makes you alert and expands creativity. Secondly, it induces calmness and peace in the mind. More importantly, playing these games legitimately improves your vocabulary.

‘The energy of the mind is the essence of life’.-Aristotle

The theory of why people love crosswords

Crosswords are not only entertaining but they have the satisfying factor as every clue has only one perfect solution-the feeling of perfection that is somewhere missed in your everyday lives.

Recall the last ‘aha’ moment when you solved the hint and filled in the grid box. Moments like these are great making you feel knowledgeable and well-informed.  

Suppose you are unable to recall something or you don’t know the word linked with a particular clue that has been given. You are trying to figure out the answer by searching for it on the Internet or elsewhere.

Once the answer is found, the best part is you will tend to remember it for a long time.

Do you know you can play different types of crosswords:

  • Cryptic crosswords
  • Mechanical puzzles
  • Logic puzzles
  • Word crossword
  • Sudoku
  • Trivia

You can play the one every day as per your choice.

The Challenge

The key to a vibrant brain includes challenge and novelty. Doing daily crossword online will help you become a smart personality. Develop the learning skill to concentrate, develop systematic work and deal with various problems in a better manner.

Play crosswords, make your brain stronger and become smarter. You will yourself feel the significant improvement in your brain. It not only enhances the brainpower but also helps retain things into long term memory with predictable and reliable permanence.

So, are you in?

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