Become Crossword Guru: Cook Your Way to $5000 in Prizes!

by Carol Lee
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Crossword puzzles are very popular among all. The 100+ years have proved that the number of individuals who love in the least amount of time span. Those are called champions and work smartly on every crossword.

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One of the most popular crosswords is Wealth Words. Having a ‘play and win real cash’ concept has made the game solver’s favorite. DO you know how much can you win in this online game? Well, it offers you whopping prize money up to $5000. Wow! What a huge amount!

If you wish to win different cash prizes in the online crossword puzzle game, go ahead and start playing. Wondering how to become a crossword expert. Don’t worry, we will help you.

Here is the summarization of a few easy-to-follow tips from crossword experts:

Solving the crossword

Select the right type

The very first step is to choose the right crossword to practice on. Puzzles should be well drafted and of the right difficulty level. You didn’t understand what I mean to say? Ok, let me break it down for you:

Recognizing well-drafted puzzles

Designing a crossword is an art and a very few are actually good at it. Crossword sometimes has a few words that hardly people know. These words are called ‘crosswordese’ and are looked upon by much necessary evil. A good sign of well-drafted crossword is minimum usage of crosswordese.

Finding the right difficulty level

You have to decide what matches your current ability as you move ahead. It is always good to start with puzzles that you can easily solve. This is a great way of learning something new every day.

Become familiar to cluing conventions

Professional crossword editors follow cluing conventions that they always adhere to. They help in solving crosswords. Go ahead and familiarize yourself with them.

Here are the must-follow conventions:

  • The clue and its answer should agree in a grammatical sense.
  • The clue having abbreviation has the same abbreviated solution.
  • If the clue had a foreign word, person or place, the answer is from the same language.

Learn repeaters

Repeaters appear frequently. They have the advantage of having a grid-friendly pattern. Repeaters are common words that make the puzzle more interesting. Repeaters are often clued in obscure ways.

Work on your Brain Power

Here are a few tips to follow to excel in the game and enhance your brain power:

Keep an open mind

If the clue isn’t budging, there may be chances that you have to think about it differently. You might be thinking of it as a noun and at that point, it may be a verb. Be mindful of the ways how words are pronounced and read collectively.

Delete wrong answers

If you are not confident enough about the answer and feel it may be wrong, chances are there it may be wrong. Sometime you may face the challenge of feeling there maybe multiple answers. Make sure you are very confident about the answer.

Keep staring at the clue and the answer

If you feel the answer is gettable, you may be right. Sometimes your brain suddenly spells the right answer. Follow the aforementioned tips to easily win many crossword games and can enjoy the cash money prize being offered.

Have fun!

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