Powerful Ways To Improve Your Writing Skills

by Carol Lee
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Writing is part of our lives.

Did you text someone today?

Did you write an email?

Have you written something on a friend’s Facebook wall or a note to a professor?

If you study, you might have written assignments and if you work you may have reports or notes.

Speaking is way simpler but what about writing? Writing is difficult, isn’t it?

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The Internet age

Every time you feel you have written a word-perfect piece, some are there to point out the mistakes. What will you achieve if your writing skill improves?

  • Writing helps you remember better
  • Practice new skills
  • Expresses yourself better

Here are some simple techniques that will help improve your written skills and impress everyone:

Story mode game crossword

Try solving story based game online. Basically, there are many story crosswords that you should try solving. Wealth Words offers the best online story based puzzle where you have to fill in the blanks having different options.

What makes the game more exciting is the prize pool that it offers. Submit your answers in the given time frame of one hour. You can win real cash in this English story game if all your answers are correct. The amount is directly transferred into your PayPal account from where you can encash it.

What you will learn: New words, enhance vocabulary and formation of sentences.

Picture story

Grab a magazine and choose a random picture. Make a story out of it and describe it as beautifully as you can. Don’t just write what you see. Dive into another imaginative world and think anything real or make a fiction character. It’s your story, it is all up to you.

What you will learn: Adjectives, feelings, and perceptions.

Structured Summary

Think about the last movie or web series you watched. Summarize it.

Have no idea how to get started? Let me give a hint:


Describe the lead characters of the story. And how they are interrelated.


What does the character want? What is he/she looking/searching for or aiming at?


What stands in the way?


What does the character do to overcome the hurdle?


What happens when the character overcomes the hurdle?

What you will learn: This will help you summarize anything and everything. It may be difficult for you to explain the complete story. You will learn how to explain a complex idea in a simpler manner.

Vocabulary story

Do you learn one new English word every day or every week? If you do, great and if you don’t then stress not.

Make a list of approximately 15-20 new words with their exact meaning. Write a story aiming to include a maximum amount of words from your list. Have fun as you try to finish the story that makes some sense.

When you are done with the story, ask someone to point out mistakes and try not to repeat them ever.

What you will learn: You will understand how to use words in a sentence. And you will know new words.

Idioms and phrases

Idioms and phrases do not actually mean what they say. For example the idiom, ‘it is raining cats and dogs’ doesn’t mean cats and dogs are falling from the sky. It simply means it is raining heavily.

Phrase a story fitting many idioms and phrases.

What you will learn: Whenever you hear idioms and phrases you know what the other person exactly wants to say.

Story of your life

Write and share your life experience with something. Make sure the writing starts in the past and ends in the future.

What you learn: Who doesn’t love talking about themselves? This activity will help you speak about your personal experience. Practicing correct verb tenses also becomes easy.

The job interview story

Imagine attending a walk in interview. You are polite and nervous. You badly want this job. Write a dialogue conversation between you and the interviewer.

What will you learn: If you have already experienced a job interview, you know how challenging it is to crack it. This will help you focus on how people speak.

The aforementioned are easy ways to enhance your English writing ability. What are you waiting for? Go for it!

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