Why should you play story driven games?

by Carol Lee
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The gaming industry has evolved nowadays as an industry with various forms and shapes. The medium of the gaming industry has taken a leap in terms of storytelling and interactivity. The developers of these good story games focus on two concepts “player involvement” and “the illusion of choice”. A story driven game allows the player to visualize himself as a part of the game. The advancement of the story is altered and affected by the choices entered by the player.

story-driven games

The latest study suggests that interactive games that are story driven have prosocial benefits. This medium of interaction and communication makes the player to experience the game rather than just playing it. This enhances the well-being and satisfaction level of the players. Story-driven games have a strong initiative factor and motivational factor. This story-driven game fosters immersion which motivates the player to play till the end. These games with rich storyline also help to fight clinical disorder like autism.

Let us discuss a few more benefits of playing story-driven games.

Creativity is cultivated

Creativity is considered as the bread and butter of interactive story games. The player has the freedom and ability to advance the story forward. The player processes the dialogues identifies the causes and realizes the consequences.  This motivates the player to narrate his own story and experiment with his interactive inputs. This story-driven game is a powerful medium to keep our brain’s fit and active.

Boost your Social Skills

Interactive games which are story-driven are 100% social. The story game allows the player to interact and communicate with the characters and objects of the game. This also allows the player to communicate with other players and express your feelings for the game. This interaction boosts social skill and helps to accumulate ideas from different sources.

The Game teaches us Teamwork

The interactive story-driven games are designed and developed to be cooperative. These games are created with a plot which is required to be played in a team. This requires proper coordination and understanding among players. Playing in a team towards the attainment of a common goal teaches the basic lessons of teamwork and cooperation. The learning the essence of teamwork is beneficial for the players in their real-life implementations.

Problem Solving Skills gets improved

Story-driven games revolve around a series of problems which gets exposed layer-wise. The player learns how to provide solutions to typical problems. During the course of interaction with the problem, the player develops improvisation skill. The player then develops critical thinking. This guides the player how to approach a problem with a perfect mindset. This way the player starts to examine problems from different perspectives. These interactive storytelling games play a vital role in making the player great problem solvers in real life too.

Improves Hand-eye coordination

A game that requires the player to observe the screen and move the mouse simultaneously develops better hand-eye coordination. The player has to look at the action on the monitor and use the controlling keys of the remote at the same time. The players of this story-driven have better sensory and motor skills. They have the advantage of examining and understanding the learning patterns easily.

Start thinking strategically

The free interactive story games require the player to think quickly. During this course of quick thinking, they develop a logical understanding of the game. They start visualizing the game and prepare themselves for future choices and consequences. This makes the players great logical thinkers who have the ability to think accurately in and out of the box.

The above mentioned are the beautiful benefits that have the ability to convince a player of why to go for story-driven games.

So we should change the negative portrayal of interactive story-driven games. Choose an interactive story game online with great captivating and immersive power. This will help you to realize the various benefits of story-driven games.

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