How the Interactive Story Game Shaped my Life?

by Carol Lee
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Do you love reading?

Well, it is said that –

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.

The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R.R. Martin

So, no matter whatever you are reading, you get into that zone and your mind dive into the pool of thoughts.

I have grown up listening stories from my granny and then eventually that became my hobby. They say time invested in something good is never wasted. Indeed, that’s true.

But who knew that one day my favorite hobby can let me win real cash money! Yay! You read that right.


It all happened last year when one of my friends recommended me to play story puzzle game. I was really curious to know which website is publishing story games. 

To my amaze, it actually existed and the name was Wealth Words.

Being a story lover I thought to give it a shot! 

It took me a few seconds to go through their registration process. After filling up my details, I was all set to test my knowledge through these amazing story puzzle games.

In the first attempt, I didn’t understand how to play. So, I read the rules carefully and began again.

The experience I had playing that interesting game left a mark.

Since then, I have been playing this interactive story game and have won a lot of money. The best thing is, the game helped me combat boredom. I start with one puzzle and then always end up playing more than one. 

My heart & soul is totally inclined towards this game. And somehow I revive my childhood days through these amazing puzzles.

All the office stress gets wiped away.

Coming back from the office, I enjoy spending my time, solving story games.

Each one of us sometimes feel stressed. Trust me, if you have some hobby, indulge yourself in that. Invest your leisure time in something that makes you happy.

For me, it’s playing Wealth Words.

I love playing these puzzles. The moment I enter the puzzle and sink into it, I escape into the puzzling world.

You wanna try? Let me tell you how to begin.

The puzzle games are quite simple, where you have to fill in the blanks from the multiple-choice questions that are already provided to you.

Easy right? Of course, it is. But if you want to start with the top story crossword clues of the game, they are actually tricky.

Tip to crack the answer: Read the clues carefully, understand what it indicates and soon you will get the answer.  

I believe you should always know how to make money even when you are sitting idle at home. 

And to begin with online money making, Wealth Words has proven to be a boon for me.  

So, start your puzzling journey today and you will surely add a few bucks in your bank account.

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