How Can You Get Better at Solving Daily Crossword Puzzles Online?

by Carol Lee
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You don’t have to be a crossword expert to solve different types of puzzles. Ever thought what strategy do the pros follow while solving puzzles? They are not in-born nerds. Practice, practice, and practice have made them what they are today.

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There are a few strategies that they follow. Below are some of them:

Be loyal to the same online crossword game

When you plan to go for crosswords, stick to the same puzzle online source. Doing so makes you familiar with what to expect from the puzzle editor. This familiarity will certainly simply puzzles for you.

Focus on the theme

If the puzzle has some title, it depicts the theme of those puzzles. Some puzzles are poem based or story based puzzles so there is always a theme related to the same. Generally, the themes are related to a few clues, especially which have longer answers.

Fill the maximum boxes quickly

Explore the clues and start filling the easy online crossword puzzle boxes. Fill in the easy answers first. There is no rule that you have to follow the symmetry. You can move randomly and conveniently as per your wish. The main aim is to complete the puzzle with the correct answers.

Follow instructions carefully

Before you start the puzzle, it is very important to read all the instructions very carefully. Note down the time required, if you can pause in between, the submitting process and more. There are different rules for different games so make sure you read them before you start.

Think differently

Most of you think of common words but you have to stretch your mind when you are solving the puzzles. It won’t be that simple of course. Tricky, I know. But this kind of mental dexterity will make your mind sharp.

Puzzle within a puzzle

There are a few crosswords that have several long answers. The four or five large clues become a puzzle of their own. This means you have to think about both: the bigger and small picture simultaneously.

Take a calculated risk

If you do a crossword online, you have to be very careful about the letters that you choose. One wrong ‘A’ or ‘E’ and you will be throwing an entire puzzle.

Crossword is an amazing game that helps you think ahead, visualize other letters and analyze how everything fits perfectly before you make another move.

Preparation and patience is the key, whether you are solving Monday crossword or Saturday crossword. The more you plan, the better it will be.

The joy of completion

With every correct answer comes a smile on your face. And what about when you realize you have finished the complete crossword within the given time?

The sense of accomplishment is limitless when you know all your answers were correct. Make sure you stay calm throughout the puzzle.

If you remain to be persistent, not willing to quit and squeeze every ounce of your energy from your brain, you will certainly cross the finish line with flying colors.

So the next time when you sit down to play online crossword grid, you will certainly enjoy if you keep the aforementioned tips in mind.

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