Here’s how to solve the crossword puzzle in lesser time

by Carol Lee
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If you are someone who has solved a few crossword puzzle, you must have experienced that the difficulty level varies. Hey, do not despair-there is a long list of tricks that can help you become a puzzle master. Remember, the higher the difficulty level, the more satisfying it is when you complete the whole puzzle.

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Crosswords are like spider webs, every answer is connected to the other forming a woven network of letters. Tugging on one string of letter affects the other. There are a lot of up and down clues usually having one-word answers.

Keep that in mind and work on the puzzle by solving all the across clues and then all the down clues. This is a really good strategy. Every single word you fill correctly will help you solve the other one.

Here is how to solve the daily crossword puzzle in lesser time:

Start with what you know

This is the most common and popular strategy followed by many. Go through all the clues once and skip the ones you are unable to understand or crack.

Don’t waste too much time tearing your hair out over a clue that is difficult. Filling in the right answer will provide you with a bonus. Yes, you guessed it right. The bonus is you get a letter for the ones you don’t know.

Take a break

Are you stuck in the middle of the crossword? Make sure it doesn’t stress you out. Crosswords are for fun not for over staining. It is absolutely fine if you walk away for a while unless you are competing at a crossword tournament.

Many online crossword games have the pause button so go ahead and press it, come back after some time. This clears your mind and fills it with new energy. You will be surprised that the answers will be solved quickly and efficiently.

Re-check your spellings

Humans are bound to make mistakes. It happens to all. If you keep staring at one word, he starts looking wrong. Even if it is the simplest of a word. So, discovering a misspelled word becomes a challenge, isn’t it?

You may have put an ’E’ before an ‘I’ and when done correctly it can help you solve more. Make sure you double check your spellings before you submit the puzzle.

The question mark clues

Is there a crossword giving you extra trouble? Is there a question mark in the end? Always remember that a question mark clue always requires a second thought.

The question clue is a clear indication that the crossword constructor has played with words demanding a direct answer or a fill-in-the-blank from the solver. Sometimes the most obvious answer is incorrect.

Think for all possible meanings of the clue and there is always a chance to ruminate on it while you try solving the other sections of the clue.

Therefore, the aforementioned techniques will help you in solving the crosswords at a good pace. Enjoy solving!

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