5 Reasons You Should Try Crossword Puzzles

by Carol Lee
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In this busy world like the one we live in today, almost everyone is isolated in the laptop world, and mobile phone screens, mental and physical health problems are on the rise. Our daily life is full of busy and demanding appointments. At the same time, we may not follow healthy eating habits or pay attention to our physical and mental health, but there are still some simple and exciting activities that can help us stay focused and sharp when socializing and having fun, like having fun with family or friends.

One of the activities is to play crosswords, which can be played individually or in groups. Now you can also play crossword puzzles online

Why Should You Try Crossword Puzzles?

Crossword Puzzles or Crossword Games are more than just a pastime. They can relieve boredom and are suitable for our physical and mental health. Surprisingly, these word search puzzles are so helpful to your brain that you may not have noticed. Let’s look at the purpose of crossword puzzles and how these black and white mobile entertainment networks can add value to your life.

  1. Increases vocabulary

The foundation of every language is its words. You can quickly determine a person’s education level, occupation, and social status based on how they speak. Learning a language or understanding its vocabulary is not difficult, but all you have to do is use it and practice. Most of the students are absent. When communicating, you may find it difficult to remember words, and some people may forget them, but that’s okay.

It doesn’t matter how many times you use the correct word and end the conversation. Forgetting is not a problem, and the situation ends where you started. Maybe you think that online crosswords will improve your vocabulary? Solving crossword puzzles will help improve your vocabulary. You will communicate better, and people will understand you more quickly, learning new words will not be a tedious task. It will enhance your personality, and you will be one step ahead of everyone.

  1. Reduces Stress

Many of us face financial problems and stress; some may have health problems; others may only have dissatisfaction, which leads to stress in life. With everything happening around us, it is necessary to turn off the noise and relax. Playing crossword puzzles is a great way. It’s like meditation. You have only one goal: to solve the mystery. You avoid the world, drown out the noise and focus on completing tasks. It can finally relieve stress. Everything in your mind will be erased. Once you solve the word search problem, the sense of accomplishment cannot be expressed in words.

  1. Helps In Better Socializing

Research shows that doing crossword puzzles in small groups is very beneficial to your brain. Solving complex problems in small groups will increase your speed of thinking and speaking. It also strengthens social connections and resolves any disputes. There is a famous saying: “Two plus two-four.” So next time when you are stuck somewhere, call someone you love and start fiddling.

  1. Promotes Better Mental Health

Today, people are very busy building muscle, which is good, but how many of you are focused on staying sane? What do you mean by mental health? It refers to a person’s social, emotional, and psychological betterment. It affects how a person thinks, feels, and reacts in different situations.

Why is mental health important?

  • Each of us is striving for a happy life.
  • How mental health affects your entire lifestyle:
  1. Strengthen interpersonal relationships.
  2. Promote positive thinking.
  3. Increase productivity.

So when we get rid of depression, stress and anxiety, we can live a happier life. Now we come to our main goal: how do we improve our mental health through crosswords? Many researchers have discovered the beneficial effects of word search puzzles. When your brain continues to work, the cells are activated. An essential element of adult board games is the ability to think creatively. This is the activity that devours the brain and cognitive skills.

  1. Reduces Brain Diseases

Studies have revealed that playing crossword puzzles even at least once a week can have a beneficial effect on the brain by reducing the risk of dementia, improving the memory and brain function of the elderly, reducing damage to brain cells, and promoting new growth. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, playing crossword puzzles every day keeps the brain active. Performing demanding activities and tasks in the early and middle years is essential to prevent the accumulation of β-amyloid plaques, affecting the occurrence and progression of the disease. Alzheimer’s disease: Crossword puzzles are also considered a way to relieve stress and anxiety because they can divert your attention from surrounding stressors.

How Does Playing Crossword Puzzles Help In Better Health?

“Crossword puzzles help the human brain function.” Many people believe this statement but cannot support it with reliable research and sources; I mean until now! However, the health benefits of crosswords are not limited to cognitive function. Here are the top five but surprising health benefits of crosswords.

Crossword puzzles are good for brain health, and you may be wondering if crossword puzzles help improving memory. This study shows that solving crossword puzzles in later life can delay memory loss in people with dementia by 2.5 years. In related studies, researchers have found that these benefits are most beneficial to people already at risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. If you are at risk of Alzheimer’s or dementia, doing crossword puzzles regularly can help.
  2. Crosswords preserve memory, cognitive function, and general brain performance. In another study, researchers found that people who often do crossword puzzles have the power of people ten years younger than them. Scientists and researchers have also discovered that the solver has the most significant cognitive advantage. The crossword puzzle keeps challenging you. You can make solving crossword puzzles more difficult by regularly increasing the size and difficulty of the puzzle.
  3. Crossword puzzles can help enhance your vocabulary and spelling skills. Crossword puzzles can improve the vocabulary and spelling skills of students and adults. In turn, more vocabulary can increase processing speed and abstract thinking. This kind of intellectual development can lead to tremendous professional success. Crosswords by themselves do not help.
  4. Develop vocabulary and spelling. Solving crossword puzzles can also improve your understanding of small things, which has similar cognitive benefits.
  5. Solving crossword puzzles with friends and family will strengthen your social bonds through entertainment and communication. Social networking can help you extend your life and improve your quality of life. More importantly, compared with these problems, lack of social connection is more harmful to health. Such as obesity and smoking. In other words, inviting friends to a puzzle party is just as damaging to your health as exercise.
  6. There are also ways to improve emotional health by solving crossword puzzles alone. For example, more mental stimulation exercises can reduce anxiety. A study found that people with anxiety disorders are more successful at tasks that require concentration, such as solving crossword puzzles, which most people think are “more relaxed.” This finding is related to the idea that stress overcomes anxiety by redirecting nerve energy to tasks that require problem-solving.

Not all scientists agree that crossword puzzles or crossword games are good for health. To a certain extent, it supports human health and brain function. Even if an apple a day does not necessarily make the doctor eat it every day, it does no harm. So why not do crossword puzzles every day? Or better yet, do crossword puzzles to learn more about the health benefits of crossword puzzles.

How Can Crossword Puzzles Be A Cure For Alzheimer’s?

Reading, writing, doing crossword puzzles, and solving challenging puzzles can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. New research shows how mental stimulation protects the brain.

The research study, published in the Neurology Archives, included 65 healthy elderly volunteers with an average age of 76 years. A ten-year-old man with Alzheimer’s disease. The control group consisted of 10 adolescents between the ages of 20 and 30. They engage in challenging activities such as reading books or newspapers, writing letters or e-mails, going to the library, and playing games. Therefore, they were asked to rate how often they performed these activities (from once a day or almost every day to a year or less) at five different stages of life (6, 12, 18, 40, and today).

Researchers have found that the more people are involved in mental activities, the less beta-amyloid protein accumulates in the brain. Researchers have found that focusing on challenging tasks in early and middle age is particularly important to prevent the formation of β-amyloid plaques. The brains of older adults who are more likely to participate in mental stimulation are comparable to younger controls. On the other hand, the brains of the elderly with minor cognitive stimulation look more like the brains of Alzheimer’s patients.

Study participants were also asked how often they did physical activities such as cycling, waking up, dancing or yoga in the past two weeks. Other studies have shown an association between physical activity and mental acuity in old age, although there is an association. However, those who are more physically active tend to perform mentally challenging tasks. The author pointed out that Alzheimer’s disease is a complex disease, and its occurrence and course are affected by many factors. They concluded:

“Cognitive activity is only one part of a series of complex life practices related to the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, which can be studied in the future.”

How Can Crossword Puzzles Help Your Kids?

Crosswords and puzzles are fun ways to keep your child busy. This is a great way to improve your vocabulary and your sanity by making time for yourself. No problem with the phone. But over time, it will become a habit, and this habit has its drawbacks. Familiarize children with puzzles as early as possible is a good thinking exercise. This makes them active and efficient and helps you manage them better.

It will help kids to have a rich vocabulary and spellings

Introduce simple crossword puzzles to your children to improve their vocabulary in a fun way. They learn new words by learning words in puzzles. These words invade your growing subconscious. You can also encourage your child to use the dictionary and look up the meaning of words. This helps to understand the importance of words in a more practical way. Solving word puzzles is also an excellent way to learn to spell.

Increases their problem-solving skills

Many word puzzles can be tricky. They require you to think a lot about multiple solutions to how words interact with others. Puzzles like this will make your child think strategically and logically. Solving the most straightforward puzzles will make you feel like you have achieved your goals.

Help your child think and develop strategies to solve the words in a given grid. When children solve complex problems, it will bring them great satisfaction and enhanced confidence. Improve skills in reasoning, problem-solving, and solution development. These skills will come in handy later in life. Crosswords can also help you develop problem-solving skills and make tasks easier.

Crossword will bring persistence in them

Solving these problems requires perseverance. Not giving up is a good habit that accompanies solving problems. This is a healthy way to keep them mentally active. Trying to solve a few vocabulary puzzles often instills perseverance in children. A vital learning feature because children may suffer and experience setbacks.

At some point in their lives, solving the crossword puzzle will help them learn and understand failure, but it is okay not to give up. It is best to try again and again until you succeed.

It helps your kid to achieve a better IQ

Studies have shown that puzzles that keep the mind active by solving problems can reduce brain cell damage and mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. On the contrary, it can enhance thinking and promote the growth of new cells.

The above points illustrate the interrelationship and impact of puzzle-solving in the short and long term. In addition to the mental benefits mentioned above, children’s crosswords also have many health benefits, such as relaxation, stress relief, etc., and can be quickly taken anywhere. You do not need any additional media or chargers.


We have seen the many benefits of solving crossword puzzles, and now this becomes so much easy with online crossword puzzles as you have access to them anytime, anywhere.  All you need is an internet-connected device like a computer or a mobile phone and you can play crossword games from the many websites that offer these. Some of them like Wealth Words also pay your money for playing these.

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