15 games to keep your paypal wallet balance high

by Max Fragar
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One of the easiest methods of earning money would be to do so by doing something you love to do. If it is gaming, well yes, you can earn a few bucks online through legit apps. Following are 15 games to keep your paypal wallet balance high:

15 games to keep your paypal wallet balance high

  1. FeaturePoints

FeaturePoints lets you earn money playing games, along with other options to get you paid such as watching videos, referring new users, taking surveys and also shopping online. This app is acknowledged as the fastest paying app as it instantly pays to your PayPal account. Apart from PayPal it has tons of options for cashing out including gift cards, bitcoin and quick picks. Payment is made within a few hours after completing the task.

  1. AppKarma

This can rightly be called one of the most popular apps, having a 4.2 rating on Google Play and also a free app.. You earn rewards by playing games from their list of apps. You have the liberty to choose your payment option apart from PayPal. On referring a new member, you receive 30% of his earnings.

  1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the best options available to earn real money online by playing games through PayPal. It has a policy of offering $5 or even sometimes $10 bonus on signing up, and an extra $10 referral bonus and a cash out limit of $25. It has a varied range of games; however you can also take surveys or search the internet to earn.

  1. Make Money

With a 4.8 star rating, it is a legit app that pay you through PayPal, by playing their suggested games. It also supports additional services such as surveys, watching videos and referral bonuses, which credit pure cash to your PayPal account.

  1. Wealth Words

If you want to wreck your head a little, join Wealth Words and solve crosswords, you get rewarded on being accurate. Instant payment is done on winning through PayPal. You can choose your level and earn up to $10000 for a puzzle with a word count of 40. However jackpot games offer bigger prices.

  1. CashPirate Buzz

From playing games online, to taking up surveys to referring friends the app, or even participating in quick picks, you get paid real cash. On signing up, you get your own unique referral code and when someone joins through that you make 10% of his earnings. Only available for Android users.

  1. CashOut

CashOut tops the chart with a 4.0 rating from Google, 5000+ installs, gamers across the globe have cashed out more than $200000, who love to play here. The amount earned in in the form of coins which can be redeemable to your PayPal account. Install the app, sign up, and complete the task to claim your rewards. The amount depends on the task, $0.5 being the lowest and $20 the highest.

  1. Bubble Shooter Pro

This is quite a simple and addictive game, and as the name suggests it is a bubble shooting game. All it requires is to match 3 bubbles of the same colour, for them to burst and covert into points. The more bubbles you burst the more you earn through points redeemable as cash

  1. MooCash

MooCash pays you through PayPal. The minimum you can earn per day is $5. However, the minimum to hit for withdrawing cash is $2 – $5.

  1. Solitare Club

All you have to do is stack your cards sorting according to their suits in piles. You earn money by taking in tournaments competing in head-head competitions. An ad free app, requires a minimum age of17 yrs to play as you’ve to deposit some money to get into tournaments and play, and on winning the rewards are deposited in your PayPal account.

  1. Bitstartz Casino

Pays users real money to play. You can also place bet as it also accepts bitcoins among other currencies. This is available in both PC and mobile versions. With tons of games available so much so as 2900+, it currently has 2.7 billion registered players.

  1. Mistplay

The longer you play, the more you earn, that’s Mistplay. Every 2-10 minute of gaming session is worth a cash reward of $0.66, typically one earns usually $2 – $5 per hour. However, the minimum to withdraw cash is $5. The money is emailed to you as a gift card within 48 hrs. It offers multiple choices of games, and also launches a grand prize worth $400 every week.

  1. World Winner

One of the most legit gaming apps is owned by Game Show Network, of Sony Pictures Entertainments. It includes games like Bingo Cash, GSN Casino and Wheel of Fortune. More than 100000 contests take place daily on the platform with prizes amounting $250k daily. The best thing is it allows you to take some free tournaments to understand and brush your skill.

  1. InboxDollars

Just like Swagbucks, this too is an app that pay you through PayPal for playing games, taking surveys, watching videos.  The games include typical arcade games like card and word games. The pay scale available is $5 for creating a profile, $1 per referral and 30% of their lifetime earnings. The limit to get a cash out is $30 for the first time and later on $10.

  1. Dabbl

Dabbl is a great option for making money through gaming. It particularly focuses on trivia games. Apart from the cash out limit is also low $5 to cash out through PayPal. It also hands in a $2 referral bonus.

If gaming is your thing, it is no longer a hazard to make it drive you financially. Thanks to the internet which has huge range of apps which pay through PayPal. Some of which can help you earn up to $10000+ for just a few minutes of play through PayPal. However, the only kick is to find the legit apps among so many apps that offer PayPal games for real money. The above mentioned options, enlist some secure free from scams apps that pay you through PayPal.

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