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Wealth Words users are making dollars by playing prize pool and quick pick games. Apart from this, we have some more online crossword puzzles for making money.

There has been a sea change in the digital gaming industry landscape. Even some years back, the concept of online gaming was limited to card games like Solitaire or Poker. But there has been a significant rise in the demand for online crosswords.

Looking back at history, crosswords have always been one of the most loved games from eight to octogenarian. You can either get it in your daily newspaper or get the books from reputed publications which have some of the best online crossword puzzles. But with changing times, people are more inclined to play online crossword games, as it is comparatively more convenient. 

One popular online game in this category is Wealth Words, where you can play, win and earn money. However, traditional newspaper crosswords have been one of the most nostalgic ways to pass lazy times.

The digital development of these games has made them more competitive and rewarding. We call it rewarding because when you are playing with Wealth Words, you can play word games to provide you with financial gain!

The traditional newspaper crossword has seen a considerable change with the technology with the advent of the digital ones as they offer a more immersive experience for the players.

The process is simple. When you are submitting the correct answers, there will be a chance to win cash rewards. Online puzzle games are not just a fad but have several benefits and of course, topping the list is financial benefits.

make money by pool prize

Why choose Wealth Words

The first thing that we told you is it is a platform that lets you play crosswords and win money. If you have questions regarding registering and playing on this platform, go through the entire blog and have your questions answered. 

So, where do you start? It is a very simple method altogether because you have to give the correct answer for the crossword and win money. Even as a beginner, all you have to do is sign up, solve the given crossword, submit the correct answers and win cash prizes.

What makes us different is that it has more than 500 games and offers huge scope to win cash prizes. The real money earning games have a 100% secure payment gateway through PayPal.

You can play anytime and anywhere because the entire process is online. Also, you can refer the puzzles to your friends and family and get rewarded.

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Is it just money?

Online gaming and money are an addictive combination. But if you are looking for intangible benefits alongside, read along with our next segment.

The argument about what kind of online games can help you turn out to be a winner not just in terms of finance but also in terms of self-learning has been there for a long time.

There’s nothing better than challenging puzzle games as they offer a perfect combination of vocabulary and fun. They work as brain teasers and offer you scopes to improve your language and literature skills.

The best puzzle games can be a maverick choice to improve your mental health and utilize your free time for something that can make you smarter without becoming geeky.

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Benefits of the word mind games

We will get to your actual question of how to earn bucks by playing online puzzles but did you ever ask yourself why would you play it in the first place? Here are some of the major benefits which have been established in various studies –

  • Stress relief – proper word games can help to release tension because once you immerse yourself in the game, you will forget everything about your immediate problems. This happens because the brain releases a hormone called dopamine, making you feel optimistic and satisfied.
  • Improved vocabulary – this seems like a no guesser because once you are into word mind games, you will be learning some new complicated terms and also be able to dig into your memory and fill up the gaps that will create a sense of winning. This way of learning and expanding your vocabulary eventually will influence & affect your personal development. Learning anagrams is one of the most important ways of increasing your word base. 
  • More concentration – the word games will help you improve your focus and get better at the various other aspects of life that require concentration.
  • Improve the brain functions – our brain takes care of our memory, creativity, cognition, and problem-solving responses. All of this can be advanced if you are regularly playing word games like a crossword.

With all these advantages, what adds to the fun and interest is when you can earn a little money. Little – did we say so? With Wealth Words, you will be able to win huge instant cash prizes.

Imagine a situation where you are sipping your favourite coffee, relaxing, and playing these online games, and sometime later, you see that you have won a huge cash prize! This dream come true is possible with quick picks.

Play Free Crossword Puzzles Online and Win Unimaginable Dollars

Quick Picks

Quick Picks, as the name suggests, tests your crossword skills against time. You can win real money by playing crossword games and completing them in a limited amount of time.

How to do so? Once you are a registered player of Wealth Words, you can log in and start playing; but for a new player, at first, you need to register with the website, which is free.

Once you sign up, there will be an activation mail sent to your registered id, and you can claim the free tokens, using which you can start playing. 

There are three types of Quick Pick games at the moment, Trojans, Mavericks, and Unicorns. Each is differentiated by the entry fee and the prize money you can earn when you complete the crossword in the stipulated amount of time.

Interestingly, the first game in each category is free, and you can earn up to $100 on winning the game.

Since it is time-based, you need to keep in mind that every second in the game matters and the game will automatically end after 40 seconds.

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Why should you play Quick Picks?

Anyone might ask that when you have several online word games, why should we choose this one to play? One of the most valid reasons for getting into Quick Picks is that you can win $40 against $2! 

What is prize pool?

The prize pool is the cash that is credited to the winners for their correct answers. There are two divisions of the cash prizes in Wealth Words: Division 1 & Division 2. The players who submit all the answers correctly will be awarded the division 1 cash prize.

Those who will be submitting most of the correct answers (maybe 18 or 19 out of 20) win the division 2 cash prize. However, there can be times when there are no division 1 winners; there will be division 2 winners in such a case. 

The Benefits Of Playing Crossword Puzzles

How can you make money with Wealth Words?

With Quick Picks, it is possible to earn real cash real fast. Since these are online games, all you need is a stable internet connection to start playing. The best thing about these online puzzle games is that you do not need to get tensed about any extra expense.

There will definitely be scopes to win real cash prizes. Still, you cannot ignore the fact that improving your verbal comprehension, analytical skills, retention power, and most importantly, word base are also the other benefits of these games.

If you are focusing on the earnings, there is a scope of huge cash prizes with Wealth Words Quick Picks. While it is true that anyone can earn money through these games, but to become better at this, you need to have some qualities.

  • Be focused – online games can be played anytime, anywhere; however, when you plan with the idea to win it, you have to take care of your alertness and precision. 
  • Remain updated – once you are aware of the latest news, facts, and popular factoids, you are already a knowledgeable person; this is why solving online crossword puzzles may not be a big issue. But sometimes, it can be very different from actual words and can be difficult to decide. This is why it is advised to keep a dictionary handy. 
  • Be clear – while in the process, you will be brainstorming to get to the correct answer, which will help you develop analytical skills. If you have a clear sense of reasoning, the winning can be fastened.
  • Choose your puzzle – the current games section has comprehensive options of puzzles for you. Pick the one(s) that suits your acumen.
  • Keep the time limit – with Wealth Words, you need to have an accurate sense of time. You can pause the games, but it will require a game of uninterrupted time. Read the instructions carefully before starting
  • Proper submission – as you start playing, you have to successfully solve the crossword by giving the right answers. If required, you can take help from a dictionary or Google, but that should not interrupt the game. Only when you are confident with the response, click on submit. It is crucial to understand that through every correct answer, you get closer to the winning side. This is why the pro crossword players do not compromise on concentration and precision while playing.
  • Results – Wealth Words will publish the answer one hour after the puzzle has been concluded and no longer active (after a minimum of 24 hours); the results of each puzzle will be published. You can view your results by logging in to your account, clicking on My Games & then click on View Results. The results of your games will be 

Okay, so now that you have won the game, how can you cash out your winnings? 

Firstly, understand that the entire process is safe, and you are not indulging in any form of risk whatsoever. All you need to do is click on ‘MY ACCOUNT’ and then click CASH OUT. It will ask for the PayPal details (such as the first name, last name and email address).

Once you fill up the required fields, click on ‘CASH OUT’. It is necessary to have a PayPal account because that is where your winning amount will be transferred. All the details must be the same as your PayPal Account.

Understand that it is only possible to cash out the funds in your E-wallet, and the tokens cannot be refunded or encashed. The demand for online gaming is high and is here to stay. Depending on the interest of people, you can enrol yourself in your choice of games.

Anyone with a knack for word games will find themselves inclined towards time-bound, exciting crossword puzzles. With Wealth Words, you need to be 18 years and up and must have a PayPal account for the cashout.

Wealth Words is one of the most popular digitally-driven online crossword puzzle platforms. With its easy interface, it has completely transformed the way crosswords are played.

The ease of availability and accessibility of the finest crossword puzzles is what makes it popular amongst all. These crosswords can be played by anyone, anywhere, and at any time.

It is not just for the crossword experts, but anyone who wants to get into the world of word games can delve into it and unwind for a while, getting instant gratification with all the cash prizes!

Go and play your heart out and be a master of the crossword puzzles!

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