Why are Metapuzzles so Interesting?

by Carol Lee
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Crossword puzzle games have dominated the puzzle world for as long as it can be remembered. People love them, for they offer a thrill and a challenge that is likable. The entire process of decoding the clues, brainstorming the puns and remembering the trivial details is an adventure for them.  They love the rush of dopamine that comes with solving these challenging puzzle pieces.


But once you have mastered the art, it can lose its magic. It is not as challenging for you can solve them all. Now, what do you do? How do you get your dopamine rush? Well, there is another kind of puzzle in the market. Metapuzzles have made a banging entry that has shaken the puzzle world to its very core. These online puzzle games are offering the challenge, the thrill that most cruciverbalists crave. Hardcore crossword lovers are going gaga and they are not wrong.

A unique and unforgettable experience

A meta-puzzle encompasses several puzzles into one, making its design quite unique and eccentric. The structure is very different and even allows you to make educated guesses if you have a level of certainty about it. This makes the solving process so much more interesting and captivating.

Matt Gaffney, a renowned crossword constructor who publishes a meta-puzzle every week, has a lot to say. “It’s a completely different experience,” he says. You can either take seconds in solving them or hours, there is no guarantee. But when you do, you get a huge adrenaline rush. Matt calls this rush the “aha moment” which is quite common in the world of online crossword puzzles. This is an experience you won’t be able to forget. Maybe that is why meta puzzles are soaring to new heights of popularity every day.

The complexity makes it more interesting

One of the things that make metapuzzles unique, is its complexity. It is quite different than your basic crosswords online. They do not have any theme. Rather you get the clues from the question itself. The solution has a hint in the puzzle, adding more layers of intrigue and complexity. But then again, it’s the reason why it is much more satisfying to solve a meta-puzzle.

When it comes to crossword puzzles online, you can a set structure, some basic rules, and definite sets to follow. You get the clues that you need to decode, to fill in the grid. With metapuzzles, there is no such structure. You do not even know what you are looking for until and unless you find it. It makes the process so much more challenging, interesting, and fun.

Metapuzzles take you towards a number of dead ends. You will find numerous answers that you think are unrelated. But the fun part is, they all are related some way or the other. Once you have solved all the problems, you will clearly see the connection. This is what makes it fun and entertaining.

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