What factors make a good online puzzle?

by Carol Lee
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Puzzles are one of the most popular and loved hobbies across the world. A smartly curated puzzle not only generates hours of healthy fun but also boosts your creativity, vocabulary, and memory. It can be used for entertainments, education, social engagement, and much more. Moreover, there are numerous puzzle games in the market that let you play games for money. While the puzzles themselves are significantly fascinating, have you ever wondered about the process behind creating such puzzles? How is the puzzle actually created? What is the first step that puzzle constructors take? We are here to answer all your questions.

What factors make a good online puzzle

Here are all the factors and steps that are followed to create a good and interesting online puzzle.

The first step to designing the puzzle: The Theme

Have you ever wondered what do puzzle makers write first? Are they the words, the clues, or the grids? Well, the answer is neither of them. The first and most crucial factor that starts the progression of designing a good online puzzle is the theme. Once the theme is thought of, only then the writers move on to the next step.

You might wonder why is the theme so important? Shouldn’t writing the clues or designing the grids be the first step? Brendan Emmett Quigley, a crossword creator for The New York Times says that the theme is the “calling card”. It is what will link all the clues and answers in the grid. Whether you are solving the puzzle for education or want to earn money by playing games, it is the theme that guides the entire process and makes it more interesting and fun.

Quigley further pointed out that choosing the theme is quite a critical process. Not only should the theme be something common and basic but should also have a bunch of related questions and answers that one can use. Once the theme is done, it is time to begin the next step.

Designing the grids and slotting the answers

The puzzle creators will design the grid next so that the clues and their answers can be placed effectively. The grid can be as small and as big as they want their puzzle to be. While there are no secret techniques for designing and slotting answers in your grid, experts encourage you to follow the patter of “vowel, consonant, vowel, consonant” while filling the grids.

Writing entertaining clues to make the online money games exciting

Writing fun, interesting, and entertaining clues is the ultimate way to make the puzzle exciting and stimulating. The clues should be basic enough to represent the answer but also complicated enough so that one has to think outside the box. The most interesting puzzles have an equal amount of simple and straightforward clues as well as complex and challenging ones. If you want to design clues for websites that allow to play the game and earn money, then the goal should be to keep the clues challenging, fun, and entertaining.

Designing good puzzles is a talent that not everyone can learn. But if you are interested in designing one, do not constrict yourself. Just keep these points in mind and let your imagination fly. And if you are good at it, you can even design puzzles for websites that offer games for money.

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