Top 5 Road Trip Games to Combat Boredom

by Carol Lee
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For a lot of people, travel time means fun time. Your trip may come in the form of a camping trip, a family vacation, a fan convention or a weekend getaway.

Unless you are one of those who is fortunate, living in the immediate vicinity, your arrival at destinations is preface by spending hours gazing at checking phone and staring at the window.

But when you travel with children, monotonous boredom breeds fidgeting and fighting. Playing an online game eliminates the boredom of sitting idle for a very long time period, waiting to arrive at your destination.


There are certain qualities that go into the ideal travel games:

  • How long can you play the game without getting bored?
  • Can you pause the game in between?
  • How interesting is the game?


Based on the aforementioned ultra-scientific criteria’s, there are many games you may want to play during your trip. Whether played in the car or in the train, the below-mentioned games make time flies quickly:

1. 80 days


80 days is a perfect travel game as it is all about traveling. When you start playing, you realize the game is beautifully illustrated. One of the well-written games available on the App Store is quite popular among the players. Playing the game may take you years back and you start feeling nauseous. Immersing yourself in memories is something that becomes exciting while you are on the move.

2. Wealth Words


source: google images

Online word games never require any supplies. It tests a person’s ability to remember things and think as fast as possible. Many love the free online crossword puzzle game that allows you to win huge cash prizes. Within a given time frame of one hour, you have to think of the answers to the clues, fill the boxes and submit your answers. The game promises to make you a millionaire if you have given the right answers.  If you win, the money earned can help you travel to another new place.

This is simply phenomenal!

3. Lumosity


This one offers a workout for your mind. The game specifically designed for the workout of your brain improves memory power while enhancing problem-solving skills, this game is like an idle teacher. As you start remembering names, instances in terms of routine jobs that you do, Lumosity personalizes the training program in accordance with the performance.

4. Tap 20

It may seem like a simple game as you have to only tap numbers from 1-20 in the correct order within the given time. But there is a lot more to this brain teaser. As the level increase, time reduces. So, take this game as the race against time. Along with the tapping and focusing on numbers, the mind is under the works out mode.

5. Alphabear

Source: Google images

Firstly, the game is free

Secondly, it involves building an array of costume bears giving multiple power-ups and bonuses

Third, every level ends with a bear mad lib. It gives you a few words that you have just played. Depending on how good your vocabulary is, bear mad libs can be entertaining enough in their own way

Try games that challenge your mental skills. If you are lucky to have a good Internet connection while you travel, then it is great when you have a few good games that will keep you busy. Well, it ultimately comes down to whatever that can be fit on your touchscreens.

Have fun!

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