Tips That Will Help You Master Crossword Puzzles to Win at Wealth Words

by Max Fragar
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Is your life topsy-turvy just because you still have those half-finished crossword puzzles left?

Well, you need some techniques, some tips that can help. No matter if you are a neophyte or a sophomore, you can solve those tricky crosswords effortlessly. 

Follow these handy tips to solve those ‘pretending to be knotty’ crosswords, and keep your resentment of not solving those half-finished different types of word puzzles at bay. 

a) Solve Monday Crossword Puzzles, First 


That’s the trick – start with solving the simplest crossword puzzles at first.

The easiest comes on Monday. Crossword’s difficulty progresses with every weekday.

Even Sunday puzzles are somewhat similar to Thursday puzzles; somewhat average. 

But amidst solving all those tricky puzzles, have you ever thought that you are not good enough for solving crosswords? 

Well, let’s spill the beans for you, solving a crossword puzzle is not that tough, as it seems.

Crossword puzzles test intelligence, and it’s barely about testing your vocabulary size.

Figure out what clues are asking you to do. Everyone can do that with simple learning. 

Hence, focus on solving easy crosswords first like ‘Monday Puzzles.’

b) The hint is in Same Speech


Out of all the adult online games, the crossword is seemed to be the toughest. However, that’s not the case, it is way simpler than you believe. 

For instance, the part of the speech is the noun, the clue will be a noun as well. Also, if it’s a verb, the answer you will be found should be a verb too. 

Hence, finding the answer is not a chore; it’s easy. All you need to find in the clue is the part of the speech for figuring out the answer. 

For instance, if the hint is ‘seats around the table,’ the answer will be chairs. Besides, if the clue is a verb, let’s say, engrossed, then the answer would be riveted. 

“Good crosswords connect to everything in life.” – Will Shortz

c) Get the Hold of the Theme

When searching for ‘free adult games’ online, crossword puzzles reign the list. So, once you are on this game filling the puzzle, try to get a hold of the overall theme. 

Figuring out the theme will help in hinting at the extended words. However, that wouldn’t be the case, every time. 

Not every crossword puzzle will rely on themes, but mostly these puzzles do.

Lengthy answers are multiple-word phrases involving some kind of wordplay, which you need to figure out in the puzzle. 

d) Question Mark = Wordplay Involved

Noticed that question mark at the end of the hint/clue? Well, that’s a hint that some sort of wordplay is involved in the crossword puzzle. 

A question mark is a sign of a quip involved in the crossword. The statement in the hint points towards the answer somehow. And, that (maybe idiomatic, sometimes) in some unexpected way. 

The instances would make it simpler for you:

Double over? Means ‘Fold’

Processed Food? Means ‘Ate’

And, so on. 

The question mark indicates a sort of jibe in the answer. 

e) Look out for your Gimmes 

Looking for another tip to crack those complex crossword puzzles? Well, it is to figure out your Gimmes. 

When you are solving the puzzle – start by getting relaxed first. Keep your mind calm, sip on your favorite drink, and voila, you are ready to solve the crosswords. 

Finding Gimmes decodes figuring out what looks easiest to you on the crossword. Tackle them first!

There would be absolutely something you know the answers for – solve them first. 

Do you know what’s the simplest? FILL IN THE BLANKS! 

Now, why is FITBs easier? Well, because they have explicit answers. 

Skeptical about it? Why don’t you try a few yourself here!

f) Mellow Out, When Stuck

Even the brain gets exhausted, and when it does, it is advisable to mellow out. Take a break, chill, and then get back to solving the puzzle.  

The brain will be refreshed once you mellow out. Once it is functioning again, you can get back to solving the crossword puzzle. 

Giving time for brains to relax can do wonders! Try the trick. 

g) Keep Your Mind Uncluttered 

In crossword puzzles, the most common reads will not necessarily be the easy ones.  Some words look similar, and the crossword creator might have deliberately put them there to confuse the puzzle solvers. 

Some will be cryptic hints, and you will have to keep your mind open to answer them. 

The crosswords are tricky – it will test your observing power the whole time. 

Avoid getting locked into one meaning – reassess the answers again and again after a thorough analysis of the hint/clue.  

You can even consult the crossword puzzle dictionary. 

Keep your mind uncluttered, figure out the easiest trick, and answer 

h) Search for What You Don’t Know

Don’t feel guilty about what you don’t know in the crossword. It will eventually help you learn and become a pro in solving crossword puzzles. Little steps lead to better results and improvements. 

Looking up for what you don’t know in the puzzles will improve your ‘crossword-solving’ skills. 

i) What Words Appear Over and Over?

Crossword puzzle solving is easy! Just look for the words that appear again and again.

Maybe some particular words will irritate you at the beginning. However, with continuous practice, you will start to notice these words. 

Wondering how to recognize these words? 

Well, you will have to solve enough crosswords and notice these words appearing in puzzles, one after another. 

The best trick is to find out these words? It is a combination of short words that use common letters and some infrequent ratio of vowels to consonants. 

That’s how you can notice these words in the crossword puzzles. 

This comes with practice – and you will have to solve as many crossword puzzles for that. 

The Takeaway Message 

Don’t worry about the types of word puzzles, these tips will make your ‘crossword solving’ time fun. 

Get ready to play special crossword games at to bring out the puzzler within you. Play, enjoy, laugh to unleash your inner puzzler now.


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