Thinking Inside The Box: Journey to the World of Wealth Words

by Max Fragar
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Crossword Puzzles are the best for players who love to play with words, general knowledge, and test their problem-solving abilities. WealthWords is a platform that comes with the best selection of high-quality crossword puzzles.

We have got the best word games for the ones who are looking for quick and gentle that help you win real money online instantly.

The platform also serves as the best option for gamers who wish to put their hands on complex problems to solve.

Our game allows you to play games for real money. You can track down the performance that is the must to develop skills and challenge yourself during the play.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join thousands of people and get into the race to make a win-win situation.

Let’s know a little more about Wealth Words!!

What is -Wealth Words?

Wealth Words is a famous gaming platform that is loved by countless gamers around the world.

It offers various crossword puzzles that you can play at any point in time from anywhere.

With more than 100 free crossword puzzles, the platform is known to bring in a full packet of entertainment.

The games you can play are as follow:

  • Quick Games
  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Event Games
  • Story Games
  • Poems Games

Let’s take a deep dig

  • Quick Games:

Wealth Words offers a variety of word-based puzzles that fall under the categories of Quick Games.

People love playing these quick yet easy to play games every now and then. The crosswords-Quick Games are divided into the following categories:

  • Mavericks
  • Trojans
  • Unicorns

You just have to choose one and play the real money earning games to win cash.

Isn’t it the easiest way to earn money guys?

Of course, it is!!

  • Crossword Puzzles:

Crossword puzzles are the best way to put your vocabulary skills to the test. At Wealth Word, you will be asked to reach out for your word bank, link the words, and decipher the clues.

Don’t forget to buy the tokens before you start playing the crossword puzzles.

The crossword puzzles are real money earning games that can help you win oodles of money.

However, it is recommended to go through the terms and conditions of the platform- As the professionals at Wealth Words, work really hard to keep your expectations real!!

Being a player, you need to register and use the tokens to play the games and avail yourself the cash prize (upon winning).

You encash the cash prize via PayPal. No… you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home- What else to ask for?

  • Event Games:

Some of our crosswords are event-based that are altered weekly. After you make a selection, you can start playing the games. To play the Event games, you just need to read the clues and fill in the puzzle.

Play through a broad collection of crossword puzzles that are based on various National and International events.

  • Story Games:

You can play free story-based puzzles using this category. So, if you like playing interactive story games.

The good news is that to play the story games, you do not require any token! Just register on the website and start earning. You can play various story-based games and can win real cash.

  • Poem Games:

Play poetry puzzles and avail the best earning rewards. The Poem games is the category designed for those who want to enhance their literary skills. Just other games on Wealth Words, buy tokens, play poetry games, and earn cash!

How to Play Games on Wealth Words?

Crossword puzzles are the best games to improve your logical thinking. As we said earlier, you must know how to decipher the clues to master the game.

However, if you are new to crossword puzzles, you need to spend some time learning about Wealth Words.

Keep your calm and plan out your ways to play cash winning games. 

You can also start by following these simple steps and complete the online crossword puzzles in the given time.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Understand Wealth Words to know-how crossword games work.
  2. Learn the techniques to decipher the clues of crossword puzzles.
  3. Know the difference between various types of crossword games.
  4. Differentiate between various game apps that pay you real money to get the insights of Wealth Words in a better way.

Tips to Crosswords With Wealth Words

Playing crossword with Wealth Words is very easy. All you need to do is to start by selecting through the category.

Then buy the tokens to play. Some of our crossword puzzles are updated on a daily basis, whereas, others are updated on a weekly basis.

Read the clues and then fill in the answers into the crossword puzzle. The only thing you need to worry about is the time limit the platform provides you with.

Solve the puzzle within the limit and get a chance to win around $100 (do read the terms and conditions!!).

Isn’t it easy?

How does the CrossWord Puzzles Work at Wealth Words?

Whether you are trying a newspaper puzzle or testing your skills through Wealth Words’ online crossword puzzle, each one here is a mystery.

Also, the game works in the same classic ways- you answer the questions to win money.

Your dashboard comes with a series of white and black squares. Here, your goal is to fill the white boxes by solving the questions using the clues within the time limit.

One of the things you must consider is that the squares and the queries are marked with numbers. It is to help you match them on your puzzle.

Understanding the Clues to Play Games for Real Money

So, the fun part of an online crossword puzzle is by identifying the clues. However, it might turn into a nightmare for some, especially if you are not sure of how the clues work.

Here, to simplify the identification process, you need to understand which category the clues fall into. The categories are:

  • The Direct Clues:

These are simple yet straightforward that hint at a direct answer. The various types of these clues are:

  • Abbreviations:

You just need to fill the boxes with abbreviated answers.

  • Colloquial Terms:

It means that you must convert your phrase into a colloquial phrase.

  • Metonyms:

Simply answer using the synonyms.

  • The Indirect Clues:

Such clues are little tricky ones, which means that they are not easy to catch-up with. Also, there can be a single word or a phrase having multiple meanings. For instance – CRANE may refer to a:

  • Bird
  • Machinery
  • Moving the neck

Types of Crosswords on Wealth Words

Crossword puzzles are generally a mixture of things in a proposed theme. It can be expanded into a standard Q&A format.

Let’s understand it in a better way. Following are the main types of crosswords you will find to see online at Wealth words:

  • Cryptical Puzzled:

In these types of crossword puzzles, clues are not literal. Instead, it comes with hints to solve the puzzle.

  • Blocked Columns & Grids:

It is the classic crossword puzzle that comes with the grid and columns for your answers.

  • Quotations:

This crossword comes with famous quotations to decipher. If you know the quotes and phrases well, you will answer all of them in no time.

  • Addition & Subtraction:

The puzzle allows you to add or subtract the letters or even words to answer.

  • Barred Boxes:

Here, the endings of your answers and divisions are generally marked with the bars than the classic grids.

  • The Tribute-based puzzle:

These puzzles come with questions themed on famous events, persons, or important days.

  • The Codeword:

In these types of crossword puzzles, you get no hints or clues to answer. It comes in the codeword form. For example, the alphabet can be replaced by a number or a symbol.

  • Compound Matrix:

The answers in this type of crossword needs you to follow or preface other answers to be accurate or make sense.

  • The Rebus:

You can either use a letter or symbol once or more than once in an answer.

  • Homophones or Synonyms:

Here, you need to remember that all the answers are either the homophones or synonyms of the word or phrase.

Try Crossword Puzzles with Wealth Words

With various types of online crossword puzzles, Wealth Words have something for everyone. The platform is designed to help you win free $100 PayPal cash just by using your problem-solving abilities.

Some of the crossword puzzles are updated daily, while some are event-based so that you can win mountains of green.

In case you are looking for crossword puzzles that are quick, fun, and help you make real cash- Wealth Words is the place for you.

Do check the Quick Games, Crossword Puzzles if you want to earn small but regularly.

Our puzzles are perfect for those who love challenging their mind, as crossword is a new challenge each day and every day!

We also offer crosswords with different difficulty levels you can for. Thus, you can practice to graph up from easy to hard.

What are you waiting for?

Register with us today!!

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