Wealth Wealth: Meet the Online Crossword Puzzle App that lets you Learn & Earn

by Max Fragar
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After the successful 3 years of journey, Wealth Words has its app live on Google and Apple Playstore. 

The real money earning game has been the talk of crossword enthusiasts as well as for online gamers from all over the world. 

The rules are simple and the objective is clear – “The Players Play & Wealth Words Pay.” 

Wealth Words, an online crossword puzzle game has been buzzing the brainiacs, and people are crazy to play the daily challenges which comprise of – Crosswords, Poems, and Stories.

But with the app being launched, there are new things that have been introduced to keep the fun alive.

Keeping in mind the player’s entertainment and excitement for the game, the app has everything to keep up the player’s expectations.]

What’s new in the Wealth Words App?

Number 1 – Levels

The game has levels – Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced & each level has 3 Groups. 

After completing one group, the other group gets unlocked automatically.

Number 2 – Jackpot Game

It is worth playing this one, because it offers the prize pool that no other game has. It’s the highest prize pool game. 

Number 3 – Winner and LeaderBoard

WinnerBoard – Displaying the names of winners who have won along with their winnings. 

LeaderBoard – Displaying the names of players who are currently playing.

Are you new to the Game?

Now, if you have never played any game on our app then let us tell you how to play this real money game. 

How to Play the Game on Wealth Words App:

Step 1Download the App from Google or Apple Playstore.

Step 2 – Complete the Registration Process.

Step 3 – You will find the WW Pro Games, which has 3 levels:

  1. Beginner Level
  2. Intermediate Level
  3. Advanced Level

Now, each level has various Groups. Let’s say you choose to play Beginner Level.

Step 4 – Click Play to Enter into the Beginner Level.

Note: If you have Tokens you can enter the level, else you need to buy the tokens first. Click here to know: How to Buy Tokens

Step 5 – The Beginner Level has 3 Groups. You can enter Group 1 and Start Playing.

Step 6 – Read the Clue and fill the grid with the best possible answer. 

Step 7 – Once you fill the answer, click on ‘SUBMIT’.

Step 8 – As soon as you Submit the game, the next group will be unlocked for you. 

Point to Remember: Each puzzle has a specific prize pool and in order to win the prize pool you need to complete all the groups of that level.

Once you complete the Beginner Level you can proceed for Intermediate Level. The rules are the same for all the levels and you can play the rest of the two levels to win big! 

How to Buy Tokens? 

Now, if you want to play any level and you directly enter into the one, you will find the following message popping out:

  • Click on ‘GET TOKENS’ and you will be redirected to Tokens Page. 
  • Choose from the following. You need a minimum of 4 tokens to play Beginner Level.
  • Click on ‘GET TOKEN’. Add the Paypal Account details and then click on ‘MAKE PAYMENT’

Once your payment is done you can access the Levels to play puzzles. 

How to Check Results of a Game?

Step 1 – Go to ‘My Account’.  

Step 2 – Click on ‘My Games’.

Step 3 – You will see the number of Games who have played so far along with their Status.

Note: the results will be out only if the game ends. If the game is active, instead of ‘VIEW RESULTS’ you will find ‘COMING SOON’.

Step 4 – Click on ‘VIEW RESULTS’ and you will see your entries. The Green ones would be correct answers and red ones the wrong answers. You can click on ‘VIEW ANSWERS’ to know the correct entry.

How to Play More Puzzle Games?

Wealth Words has unlimited puzzles to halt your craving for exciting brain teasers. After playing WW Pro games, you can play more puzzles. 

Step 1 – Click on ‘Explore Games’.

Step 2 – You will find a couple of more games. There might be few games where no token would be required. This means you can play that game for free!

Step 3 – Click on ‘PLAY’ and start puzzling. 

How to Cashout the Winnings?

As we said in the beginning this is a real money game where you actually get the money straight into your account. 

Want to cash out your winnings?

It’s quite simple. 

Step 1 – Go to ‘My Account’. 

Step 2 – Click on ‘Cashout’

Step 3 – Fill in the necessary information to proceed.

Note: You can cash out only if you have $30 in your Wealth Words account. 

What’s in the Leaderboard?

Players all over the world participate in our daily challenges and win real money with their brain skills.

To know who else is playing apart from you, check out our leaderboard. 

You will find all the players who are actively playing various puzzles on our app. 

The Champions are on WinnerBoard!

Thinking does someone really win and how much money does they earn? Well, that’s why we have Winnerboard.

You can check the winners and the amount they have won so far, by playing our real money games. 

So, when you have known the rules thoroughly, how about giving this game a shot?

Make this your lucky day by earning some money and thank us later.  Get Started Now. 

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