Word Up: Improve Your Vocabulary To be a Winner at Wealth Words

by Max Fragar
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“Vocabulary is a matter of word-building as well as word-using.- David Crystal”

Words are the building blocks of any language. Whereas vocabulary is the source that highlights the education level, social status, and profession of a person. Yet, most of us struggle to enhance our vocabulary effectively. It is because there is a never-ending list of words to learn from.  

No, the reason is not that we have difficulties grasping new words when we come across them. Instead, we all, at some point, struggle to recall the words when we have the opportunity to use them, or even worse when we forget to use them for our own good.  

Moving a little forward!!

Words tend to define the shape and scope of our knowledge. Learn words like Aglet, which is the plastic end to a shoelace, and you will be better able to understand and enjoy familiar and unremarkable.

Learn the word tarantism- it is a disorder that is characterized by the obstinate urge to dance. Now, it will make you gain the ability to recognize and define a trait of your friend. 

There is no doubt in saying that such words are simply fun to learn.  Now, considering the other side, learning vocabulary can be tricky as well.

It is definitely not as easy as playing games for cash!

If you do not know the best way to retain or learn new words, you can easily forget words you have already learned.  But what we forget is that our mind is just like a garden and every new word we learn starts life as a seed. It requires to take the roots or else it will die. Especially if you are unable to give the attention, it needs to flourish.

In this way, expanding your knowledge by learning vocab is a long-term activity. It depends on the good habits as well as the sensible practices that you must go for. 

Keeping that in mind, We at Wealth Words decided to share some tips for expanding your vocabulary to play crosswords with us (we know how eagerly you guys want to make a win-win!)

But, before we share the tips, let us start by sharing the basics of our platform- the Wealth Words!

What is Wealth Words?

Wealth Words follows the structure of a traditional crossword. The goal here is to solve puzzles for money by solving the clue. 

Wealth Words is the perfect way to play online games that win real money.

It also keeps you occupied during your day, and you can practice your English by just playing crossword puzzles.

There are thousands of puzzle levels on Wealth Words you can play. 

How does it work?

Working with Wealth Words is quite simple. All you need to do is to register and solve the crosswords.

There are various types of crosswords you can choose from on the platform, and they are:

You can choose as per your convenience and play crosswords to expand your vocabulary. But the list doesn’t end here. You can play to win instant real money.

Please Note: You may need to buy a few tokens to play puzzles as well. If you also want to win PayPal money and expand your vocabulary, you can buy them accordingly. 

Now that you know about the basics of Wealth Words and word puzzle types, let’s now move forward to the tips we promised you. 

Here are a few tips that will help you to not only expand your Vocabulary by you can also win oodles of money on Wealth Words. 

So, let’s get started

a) Learn in Small Chunks

The first thumb rule of learning is doing by taking baby steps.  Shorts and frequent bursts are far better than a single yet long blast.

When learning in small chunks, your brain absorbs new connections. It also builds up the curiosity to learn more. 

To start with, learning three words a day is a good number to aim for as per your busy schedule.

It is best to learn words from reading. Add the new word to your word book and use it in your day-to-day life.        

b) Find the Connections to Master Crosswords

The most important thing that you must remember is that memories are the connections.

While adding a new word to your vocabulary, make sure it paves your pathway with the ones you already know. 

Tarantism – What does this word remind you of?  

Tarantula??? Tarantelle??Tarantino? or Tara your friend?

Here, the link does not matter, building one matter!

Let’s explain it to you in a better way!

For instance, take the other two words that you may not have heard before:

Nival & Callipygian 

Now, before you start looking for the meanings using your dictionary. Think of what these words resemble?

Or what comes to your mind while reading these words? We can bet, most of you might want to break the word Callipygian into several parts. 

c) Build Visual Connection

In this step, you need to connect the word sound to the meaning. It is best done by creating a visual image inside your head. Here, a strong image tends to stick with you for a longer time. 

For instance, connect TARANTISM to its meaning and imagine Tarantino dancing happily.

This image will effectively last long to the concept of manic dancing.

Nival sounds like Nivea. So, to memorize it, you could imagine a bottle of hand cream.

Also, the meaning of Callipygian means having well-shaped buttocks somehow, it may sound like CALL A PIGEON. 

See, easy to remember, right?

d) Active Practice and Usage

Remember, the more memory you use, the more it will endure. Our last tip is to manage and engage active usage and repetition.

This is where you get to play with the new words.  Additionally, the next time you dance, think of Tarantino dancing with you and your Tarantism.

It is fine and recommended to over-use the word. Just abuse your brain and knowledge!!

They are Nival of George W Bush. 

Don’t worry, just tarantism coming on. 

And suddenly, you see someone trying to tie their shoelace, compliment them- Hey, Nice Aglets!


Aglet, callipygian, and nivial few among many words you will find in solving crosswords with Wealth Words.

You can learn and remember them online. It will help you to learn and memorize these words in a friendly way.

Remember to take baby steps and implement the same in your day-to-day lives, and you will emerge with a refreshing sense of beauty and fun around the world. 


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