Solving Online Crosswords the Easy Way: Few Smart Techniques

by Carol Lee
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Crosswords have been a source of fun and entertainment since 1913 when they were first published by Arthur Wynne.

In the 1920s, the phenomenon of the crossword quiz picked up its speed and this further resulted in a huge rise in the sales of the dictionary.

In addition to this, there were crossword patterned clothes, jewelry and there was even a skit about sanitorium for all crossword lovers.

Even today, there are 50 million US crossword solvers alone who have the habit of solving the crossword every day.

Are you someone who has never even tried solving word games with no download? Seriously?

If that is there, you are missing a lot of fun.

Although every crossword puzzle looks very challenging at first but with practice, you understand how to solve them. 

Here are the few tactics that will help you get started. Also, there is an explanation of a few of the basic rules and conventions that crossword constructors follow. 

Pick the right crossword puzzle

The very basic step to successfully solve a crossword is to select the right kind of a puzzle.

Every crossword has a different level of difficulty. They range from simple to mind-numbing difficulty.

Well, there are some games that require some kind of specialized knowledge like pop culture, music, movies or hipster slang.

Puzzles vary according to their respective constructor. This is because every constructor has his own way of making puzzles.

There are a few constructors that involve pun clues while others will ensure you have knowledge about trivia.

Some of them have constructed clues which are very definitional. You will understand what is what only when you practice.

So, it is always good to play free word games online without downloading.

The black and white grid

There are a few conventions developed by the crossword grids as the years have passed.

Although, there are a few exceptions to the rule, here is what a standard crossword requires.

The black block depicting the beginning and end of words should have a rational symmetry which means, they keep a similar kind of pattern when rotated to an angle of 180 degrees.

The minimum word length of every word in the puzzle should be at least 3 letters. No two-letter words are allowed in the crossword puzzle.

Sometimes there is a maximum number of blocks allowed within the grid of the google crossword game that encourages wide puzzles with longer words.

Many constructors have a maximum word count that the future necessitates the design of the grid with a minimum 3-letter word.

You must be feeling these rules are restrictive but they have a wide variety of puzzles grid designs. And some of them are actually aesthetically pleasing.

A common alternative to the block-style grid.

The rules are the same but the only difference is that the grids are separated by thick bars despite the solid block.

This simply means that every block in the grid is filled by a letter and the entry words look squished together.

One major benefit of this type of pattern is that none of the grid blocks can take the space for more content.

The puzzle is solved in the same manner but the only difference is the visual appearance.

If you know it, try it

There is no rule in the crossword that says you have to start the puzzle with the very first clue.

IF you know it, that’s great but it is always good to start with gimmes-the answers of those you are very sure about.

They are very different for everybody. For example, you are a great fan of sports, so you should try the sports theme-based crossword puzzle.

The best way to successfully and quickly solve the grid is, go through the clue list and see what you can spot. Give attention to fill in the blank clues.

Once you are done with all the gimmes, start browsing at the less obvious ones in the word hunt game online.

Now, don’t look at the length of the answer only but what words you have already filled in the puzzle.

Sometimes, there is a clue that doesn’t look obvious but it is correct in the puzzle.

Uncommon Words

Once you have filled a few words in the word games for seniors online, the best trick is to look at the uncommon letters.

There are fewer words with ‘Q, Z, X’. So, when there is a crossword entry which has any of these letters, you get a leg up on making a guess.

Inspect the Complete Grid

When you feel you are exhausted by filling everything that you know, the trick is to go back and forth between Across and Down Clues.

If you are able to identify and solve new words by filling letters, its good but there may be chances that you can’t.

Don’t lose heart! Move on. Keep moving with each pair of letters and see if you are able to figure out the crossing entry.

English Rules

Do you know some basic rules of English in the word games online with no download?

For example, many plurals end with S, so every plural clue is likely to have an answer that ends in a S.

Have a look at the crossing word if that works (Before S there is usually E).

If you pre-think what suffixes and prefixes are used in the answer, it can help a lot.

Example, if there is a clue about the reversal of a kind, the answer starts with Re- or UN-. On the other hand, the past tense clue has the answer ending with ED.

Other common prefixes are DE, DIS, EN, IN, MIS and Pre.

The common suffixes include  -ING, -ER, -OR, -ISM, -IST, -TION, -ABLE, -LESS, -LY and –Y. All these will have a possibility of whether it is a prefix or suffix.

Know the Lingo

Once you have completed a few of crosswords, you will find there are a few words that are common than others like ALOE, OREO and more.

Remember these common words that keep repeating and note them down somewhere.

Clue and Answer Agreement

Both the clue and its answer should make sense grammatically.

For example, if the clue is plural, then the answer will also be plural. Plural answer end with an ‘S’ and filling that helps you in figuring out the crossing word.

For example, the clue is, ‘People who prepare food’. The answer can be: CHEFS, COOKS but it will not be a FRYER or BAKER.

Now, what are you waiting for, register for daily word games and start playing interesting puzzles today!

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