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by Max Fragar
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“Rule No.1: Never Lose Money

Rule No.2: Never Forget Rule No.1”

Quote by none other than the master investor and world’s third richest man – Warren Buffett. He doesn’t need an introduction. Many young entrepreneurs owe their success to Warren Buffett’s teachings. You must be wondering what does his reference has to do with games like an online crossword puzzle or others to make money online.

Well, his reference might not go well with playing games, but we are sure it’s right for earning money. And, the games we are listing out here, has a lot more to do than having fun. Go through the list and at the end we will tell you which money making game is our favorite.

Forget about Losing Money, we are here to tell you about Winning Some!

These games are here to fill your pockets with extra cash to manage your extra expenses. And, what do they ask in return? A few puzzles to solve – a few words to guess. We are sure you can do that. In short – it’s easy money! And who doesn’t want that?

  1. Bingo!

Being ozone is a website that offers live Bingo games for its users. Games start every few minutes and prize money begins at $1 and increases until there’s one winner. Register on the website for free – Start playing Bingo – Start Earning Cash.

If you are not a Bingo guy, we have another thing coming for you.

How about an online crossword puzzle?

  1. WealthWords

You Learn and Earn in one go with WealthWords. It’s a standard crossword puzzle – which makes it easy. But, with every puzzle solved you can earn up to $2999 – which makes it interesting.

You can start with the free online puzzles available on the website. Once you know can kill it, head to the games that need the tokens.

The chances of winning are more here as there two divisions of winners

Div 1: When the player guesses all the 20 words in the puzzle correctly.

Div 2: When the player guesses 19 words correctly.

Have some wordgasmic pleasures along with hefty cash in your pocket with Wealthwords

  1. LalaLoot

We won’t recommend this to any newbie because you have to view ads for the first 5 days to collect tokens. Once you have the tokens, you can use them to play your favorite game as they have many. There’s a daily draw of $10,000 for the players. Try your luck, but be patient for the first 5 days. We know it’s not as easy as solving a crossword puzzle online, but LalaLoot has set the rules and we can’t ignore them.

  1. Paid Game Player

Like any other gaming website, Paid Game Player also offers to choose from 600 games and win cash. You need to 18+ to register yourself as a player on the website. There are puzzle games, arcade, online puzzle games and many more.

  1. Cash Dazzle

Dazzle yourself with cash by participating with online games on Cash Dazzle. You have a chance to earn a huge ash prize through a daily draw, if not, you can play games and each some cash

Why waste your time on playing when you can also earn cash while playing without compromising the fun. Out of the 5 options discussed, WealthWords seems worthy enough of several tries. You not only earn while playing it, but you also learn (new words) so, it’s a win-win for you in that game. It’s not luck based or winning chances based, it’s pure knowledge and vocabulary based game.

And, you don’t have to fill in the complete word. There are only one or two letters missing. And, you also have the clues to help you out.

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