Play this 4-Word Women’s Day Special Game & Win $30!

by Carol Lee
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‘Woman’ a word that conjured many images in the mind. A world is full of emotions as selfless love. She is an epitome of love, sacrifice, care and the ability to nurture.

The woman of today is free to take her own decisions, not bound by the conforming to what society or protocols are. She defines herself at every stage of life. The essence of being a woman is way more than a beautiful face and body. Every woman is intricately wrapped in multiple layers of qualities making her unique.

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Setting new benchmarks in different walks of life, women have managed to conquer new horizons. They make amazing wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, and aunts. The beauty from within speaks, it invites, nourishes, comforts and inspires.

Ready to celebrate differently?

Have you geared up for this year’s International Women’s Day celebrations? This month and particularly on 8th March is the time to appreciate and honor the women in our lives and all that they have done.

Innovation and technology offer unprecedented opportunities.

Thankfully the Internet has helped celebrate the day in many unique ways.

Well, we know how much you love our daily crossword puzzles so, on the account of this special day, we have launched Women’s Day theme based crossword.

Hey, are you thinking of the cash reward? Play the Women’s Special Game and Win $30.

Woohoo! Excited to play this special game and win money?

The four-word online crossword puzzle will hardly take 5-10 minutes from your hectic schedule to solve.

Play the game, win cash reward and have fun!

Go visit the salon. Get a beauty treatment done. Eat your favorite cuisine in a gourmet restaurant or whatever you like. Spend the winning amount and pamper yourself.

The day is yours, enjoy to the fullest!

It’s great to have a special day for women when everyone appreciates and honors them. Celebrate the awesomeness of being a woman as you break stereotypes and the conventional molds while managing things single-handedly.

Play the game and embrace womanhood at the best!

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